3 Ways Cutting Your Weight Can Improve Sex Drive

Cutting Weight for Sex and Bodybuilding.

If anyone were to tell you that the act of getting in great shape had absolutely nothing to do with attracting people then most everyone would say that’s a boldface lie…at least those who are uneducated to the mindset of a bodybuilder. It’s true that many people get into building their bodies for different reasons, but it can’t be denied that trying to attract a partner is one of many core goals of individuals looking to get in shape. It can’t be denied that sex and aesthetics are linked to one another. Many guys think that shredded abs and a well built chest will attract the females, but is there a point of diminishing returns? In this post, we will detail how cutting weight and being shredded can effect your libido.

For anyone whose ever competed or tried to get as ripped as possible, you know that the best way to bring out your muscle definition is by going on a cut. Cutting water weight essentially means cutting down on your carbs and sodium intake and upping the water consumption. It can be a pretty horrible experience for the uninitiated, but you reap the benefits of having a chiseled physique. The problem is when you’re on a cut your diet changes up tremendously as well as your body fat percentage, which can directly effect your sex drive. The lowering of your body fat can mean lowering your estrogen levels and, depending on your food consumption, increase your testosterone.

Many men consider estrogen to be the enemy of their gains, but the reality is that lower estrogen levels can translate to lower libido. Testosterone is definitely needed for your sex drive to thrive, but the drastic hit you take while on a cut, including the diet change you go through, particularly the drop in fat calories, as well as the major drop in estrogen levels will do some harm when it comes to getting your engines running in the bedroom. So what are some things you can try to ensure your libido stays strong through a cut?

1. High Quality Proteins and Fats

Generation Iron Chicken

A great way to maintain your testosterone levels and have a balanced diet is by having high quality animal protein and fats. Chicken, steak, eggs, and dairy products are all great for maintain healthy protein and fat levels. Having some avocados or cheese with lean protein like chicken are sure to keep up your energy levels and keep everything balanced while on a cut.

Austin Letorney
Austin Letorney is a writer, actor, and fitness enthusiast. As a former rower, he has shifted his focus to sharing his knowledge of the fitness world and strength sports with others.