Generation Iron Kai Greene Arnold Classic 2016 Top 10 Tips

Arnold Classic 2016 Special – GET BIG!

Training for bodybuilding means having patience, dedication, and a true desire to want to change your physical form. That also means having a strong mental gain to go along with your physical prowess. The mental game is what sets an amateur apart from a pro. It many fields, athletic or otherwise, the mental game can be the absolute key to either victory or defeat. It’s certainly one of the most important aspects of any athletic endeavor.

But not everyone is going to have a powerful metal game right out of the gate. For many people it’s not as simple as waking up one morning with an epiphany. Sometimes it takes the wisdom of a mentor, the ideologies of a seasoned veteran to bolster your confidence and boost not only your mental game, but offer adequate knowledge to the mechanics of your physical game as well.

Well if you’re an avid bodybuilding fan then you should already know the name Kai Greene. The talented bodybuilder has a wealth of knowledge that few athletes possess and now he’s willing to share it to the masses in the hopes that it will improve everyone’s bodybuilding approach.

#1. First Things First – Mind Muscle Connection

The number one factor in training is the mind-muscle connection. Practicing your poses between sets will eventually have your mind and muscles speaking the same language. Kai used to do pushups everyday until he reached 100 a day. This method really helped him to connect his mind with the pecs because of the continuous resistance he put on the muscle group day in and day out.

The iso-tension effect of flexing the muscles between sets can help to hit the muscle fibers that a set may miss. This can help to target those muscle fibers in the next set. Posing isn’t just something you do on a stage in front of an audience. It should be part of your bodybuilding program in order to really hit all areas of a given muscle group.

Generation Iron Kai Greene


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