Best Multivitamins for Active Females

Best Multivitamins for Active Females

High quality multivitamins can have a major impact on your daily health and well being, making you feel more energized, happier and ready to take on your day.

Sometimes females don’t get the full range of nutrients they need from their daily diet. So a multivitamin is essential, especially for the more active woman.

When looking for a multivitamin it needs to tick these boxes:

  • Boost energy levels – Contains key minerals and vitamins that contribute to a healthy metabolism and make it easier to be active
  • Reduce stress and regulate hormones – Has ingredients that can offer help balance female hormones, helping you feel calmer and focused
  • Protect against sickness – Have a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that can give your body what it needs to fend off seasonal illness

We’ve put together a list of our favorite multivitamins to make the process of finding one that fits your needs as easy as possible. This list is comprehensive and aimed at active females in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

When searching for the best Multivitamins for active females we’ve made sure these products are dependable, effective and are leaders in terms of both their formula and market position.

Finding a top female multivitamin just got a whole lot easier!

Best Multivitamins for Active Females

#1 Drishti Arogya Multivitamin for Females

How it works:

Provides Key Vitamins and Minerals for Daily Health and Wellbeing – Arogya contains Vitamins C,E,B1,B2,B12 as well as Zinc, Magnesium and Copper (plus many more) to ensure your body gets what it needs every day.

Supports Hormone Health and Mental Wellbeing – Drishtis supplement uses a blend of key herbs to help reduce inflammation, bloating and have a positive effect on estrogen levels. Aimed to help keep you calm, comfortable and focused.

Uses a Range Immune System Boosting Ingredients – Drishti’s multivitamin also has immunity boosting powerhouse echinacea, as well as green tea, which is packed with antioxidants.

Increases Energy Levels – Green tea, black currant extract and hawthorn berries are part of a key blend to promote increased energy levels. Plus the major benefit you could feel from all the key vitamins too.

Quick Overview:

Manufactured by PFX Labs, Arogya is highly effective and surprisingly good value female multivitamin. It is a product perfect for the most active female, right down to the most sedentary.

Arogya by Drishti is a multivitamin that contains a complete and balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to boost immunity and energy levels. It also contains blends of carefully selected herbs that can positively impact female hormones.

This multivitamin uses research backed ingredients like Green tea and Echinacea to support immunity, whilst also containing ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Lutein to promote healthy estrogen levels and reduce exercise related inflammation.

Coupled with the fact it has a range of key vitamins and minerals essential for daily health, Arogya Multivitamin by Drishti is an extremely powerful product for any woman to supplement. 

Key Drishti Multivitamin Ingredients 

B Vitamins – Impact every part of you, from metabolic rate to your mental state and your energy levels. Supplementation is essential, especially for those who eat reduced meat and animal products. 

Minerals (Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium) – Minerals are crucial to overall health and many play a major role in biochemical reactions within your body. Correct amounts of minerals improve immunity, energy levels and can help control weight gain. 

Vitamin D – Lots of people are deficient in the sunshine vitamin. So much so that supplementation can have a big and fast effect. Vitamin D is more of a hormone, and helps bones absorb calcium and balance out hormones. 

Spirulina – A widely respected superfood that is actually a form of green algae and packed with vitamins. 

Green Tea – Green tea contains a huge host of antioxidants to protect your body and can play a part in helping you focus your mind and boost your metabolism in high doses. 

Saw Palmetto – A widely used ingredient to help balance hormones that can also help alleviate urinary tract infections. 


  • No hidden nasty side effects – All ingredients are safe and effective for females
  • Good value for money – An amazing set of ingredients for the price you pay. A true premium multivitamin
  • Contains everything an active woman needs for daily health and more – All ingredients are tailored towards specifically towards your health and wellbeing
  • Easy to supplement and stack alongside other products – Perfect to add to a stack of other supplements if you are an active woman
  • Works extremely quickly – Effects of Drishti’s Multivitamin can be felt quickly, especially if you have any hidden imbalances in your diet


  • Only available directly from
  • Premium pricing when compared to less effective products
  • Proprietary blends means you can’t see exact doses of some ingredients

Conclusion on Drishti Multivitamin  

Drishti is a product that has absolutely all bases covered when it comes to a top female multivitamin. And is a perfect for women who are always active and need an extra boost to their day.

Each ingredient is balanced well, and the blends are packed with goodness that can crank up your immunity and wellbeing.

Pricing might seem a little high compared to other one a day products, but you’re getting something premium for your money. And you can’t spend much better money on protecting your body and improving your day to day life.

Order Direct at Drishti Supplements

#2 Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin  

Quick Overview:

Our number 2 spot is reserved for Naturelo’s natural multivitamin. A good choice for active females, from a lesser known brand.

Naturelo ticks all the right boxes for a women’s multivitamin, but falls short with premium pricing and some missing key ingredients you find in Drishti’s Arogya.

Key Ingredients

The ingredients list in Naturelo One Day Multivitamin for females is ok, but it lacks the range of ingredients designed to impact energy levels and females hormones in the same way as Drishti’s Aroyga Multivitamin.

B-Vitamins: As we’ve said, B vitamins are essential for overall health. And this one a day multivitamin ticks those boxes perfectly when it comes to the content of B vitamins.

Spinach Extract and other Vegetables: A great natural source of iron. Naturelo doesn’t just have you covered with Spinach extract, but also contains a mix of other fruit and veg. Including their proprietary fruit and vegetable blend.

Chromium: Chromium is a mineral that can often be missing from a general diet. It’s a good way to help slightly impact hormone levels and Naturelo contains a good amount.


  • No side effects
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to use and easy to buy
  • Will have good results over time
  • Plenty of capsules per bottle


  • Missing key ingredients for female health
  • Premium pricing
  • Some under dosing

Naturelo is available here

#3 Optimum Nutrition Opti Women


Quick Overview:

Offering a huge amount of ingredients Opti Women is a top contender for a female multivitamin. It doesn’t quite win the number 1 spot for us those as some of the ingredients it contains aren’t as effective or as focused as our number #1.

Coming from industry giants Optimum Nutrition does instill trust though and this product has been around for a long time without any updates to it’s formula.

Key Ingredients

Folic Acid: Opti Woman contains a high amount of folic acid. Folic acid is crucial for everyone, and high doses can help with the development of a baby during pregnancy as well as contribute to overall health and hormones.

Riboflavin: Another contender for growth and improving your health and wellbeing, riboflavin cans your body produce energy from good and has an effect on oxygen levels in the body.

Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin, vitamin D serves every part of the body and is often something that women are deficient in due to the lack of skin exposure to sunshine. Supplementation can lead to increased energy and athletic improvements.

Pros :

  • Made by a well known company
  • Massive number of ingredients
  • Helps with daily health and wellbeing


  • Some ingredients aren’t as well known
  • Missdosed ingredients
  • Has existed for a long time so may be slightly outdated

Order Opti Women here

Multivitamins for Active Women

Essential Ingredients for a Women’s Multivitamin

B Vitamins: Essential ingredients to improve daily wellbeing, mental function and energy levels. You need any mutlivitamin you have to have a full set of B vitamins.

Being deficient in these key vitamins can lead to issues like weight gain and even depression due to their role in the creation of serotonin. [1]

Minerals: A full set of minerals can help with balancing hormones and things like blood sugar regulation. If you’re deficient in some minerals it can also lead to fatigue and a lack of motivation, not what you want with an active lifestyle!

Studies have always supported supplementation of key minerals like zinc and magnesium, showing very positive results. [2] , [3]

Immune Boosters: Make sure you are getting a product with plenty of immune boosting ingredients. This is sort of the point of taking a daily multi supplement right?  Ingredients like green tea, hawthorn berries, goldenseal root and echinacea can all help you fight off illness.

Vitamin D: So many people are deficient in this vitamin. And it can have very subtle but life changing effects if you are. Countless studies have proven that vitamin D supplementation can have a huge impact on bone health, mental health and hormone health.

Vitamin D should be near the top of your list when choosing a multivitamin to support female health.

What to Avoid When Looking for a Multivitamin

Inadequate Doses:

Make sure the doses on whatever multivitamin you buy are high enough to have some effect. There are plenty of products on the market that offer tiny trace amounts of ingredients that won’t have any impact on your health and wellbeing.

Make sure you check the supplement facts and are completely happy with what you are buying!

Limited Ingredients:

You don’t just want some half baked capsule without any substance to it. Generally cheaper products have less ingredients at lower doses. So make sure the label has everything you want from your multivitamin.

As an active woman, you want something that can support energy levels and hormones especially.

Risky Ingredients

Avoid ingredients like Synephrine (Bitter orange extract) and products with unknown chemical compounds sitting on the label. You want to maintain daily health and function better, not risk your health or your life!


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