Blackmail Scandal Could Leave Mr. Olympia Boss Pecker Facing Federal Charges

Head of Mr. Olympia, David Pecker could be facing federal charges.

In a shocking turn of events, it seems that Mr. Olympia boss, head of American Media Incorporated (AMI) and the National Enquirer David Pecker could be facing federal charges after blackmail scandal comes to light.

Apparently the Enquirer head has an ongoing feud with Amazon CEO and owner of the Washington Post Jeff Bezos due to ongoing reporting by the national newspaper. Allegedly, in retaliation to news reports that David Pecker found to be against his and his magazines interests, the owner green lit a blackmailing scheme against Jeff Bezos and TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. A representative of the AMI head threatened to release provocative photos of both Bezos and Sanchez.

In hopes of getting ahead of the story and exposing the blackmail to the masses, Jeff Bezos has gone on record to reveal the scandal himself and demonstrate proof that he was trying to be extorted by the media company.

This report of blackmail has since gotten the AMI head in federal trouble. David Pecker faces federal charges due to this alleged act of sabotage. We don’t know yet what this could mean for the Olympia going forward, but it is certainly a very alarming case.

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