Acusações chocantes envolvem o nome de Jeremy Buendia

A comunidade do bodybuilding está em choque. Depois das acusações sofridas pelo atual Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden de estupro e abuso sexual. Mais um Mr. Olympia se envolve em escândalo sem tamanho.

As acusações tomaram forma depois de Amaral comparecer em uma entrevista no youtube contando toda a história, mostrando fotos e alegando ter testemunhas do fato. Depois ela postou as fotos da agressão em sua página pessoal.


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For those who haven’t watched @realkennyko YouTube interview I advice you to do so and connect the dots if you haven’t already. Meanwhile I’ll just leave this here to have the proof of the abuse. 26 of September of 2018, Palawan @pangulasianparadise , was the day I left this beautiful island in terror. After all the verbal and physical abuse, I reach the manager of the resort to explain and show what happened and that I didn’t felt safe anymore there. All the resort employees as well as the doctor, securities and manager are witnesses of what happen and the mental condition Jeremy was… I literally after this never see him again. I just run away!!! @chadnutsch and other 2 very close friends of Jeremy were trying to help me find a solution to get out of the island URGENTLY. They were the first people reached to tell what was happening. I got out by speed boat this same day escorted by the island security and for a flight to Manila. Since Jeremy took my wallet with documents and 🇵🇭 ID (that’s a crime too btw), money and bank cards, I had nothing with me besides my passport (he threw all my things in the sand…). I couldn’t even pay the rebooking fee to have an earlier flight. A nice young men saw what was going on and even after I refused a few times and said everything was “good” he offered to pay the fee anyway (I’ll always be grateful for this random act of kindness). As you can see, this is how JEREMY BUENDIA left me!!!! For NO reason at all… And all of the intervenientes know and I have it all documented. I needed to be in places with people so he acted more normal in front of them. And after all he did I still got him a doctor to see him in Manila and help him with mental disorder and aggressive attack… because by Jeremy’s own words I’m evil and a liar 🤷🏻‍♀️ . NOW, when people ask me why I do this is bc when it happen I got “just” this bruises, but what if I got hit by an object and got killed? I don’t have anymore sympathy for someone like this! #domesticviolence #metoo #sociopath #jeremybuendia #justice #karma #abuseawareness #abusesurvivor #abusedwomen #narcissisticabusesurvivor #domesticabuse #domesticabusesurvivor #revengeporn #blackmail

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