Phil Heath está monstruoso nos últimos dias.

Depois do Olympia 2018, Phil Heath declarou que vai tirar uma folga dos palcos. Assim como o Rei consagrado, também tem lutado diariamente para manter o shape e fazer seu retorno aos palcos de maneira lendária.

Enquanto muitos são rápidos em criticar e defender Shawn Rhoden, “The Gift” tem feito melhoras em seu físico em silência e com certeza para atingir seu auge quando der seu retorno.

Alguns posts recentes mostram o consagrado Olympia cada vez maior  do que fora visto antes.

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Needed to take my training up another notch so had to hit up my coach @hanyrambod to reinforce this new battle armor I got installed after the Olympia haha. Shout out to the Young One @andreideiu_ for stepping up and getting a badass arm workout in. Hany actually got it on film so hopefully you’ll all see how it went down soon! All I can say is I’m baaaaaaaaack and am eager to get even bigger and better than ever real soon!!! Shout out to all of the amazing fans in Köln Germany as you all brought tons of positivity and passion for bodybuilding that made me realize how awesome my job truly is. Thank you all for reminding me that and I will continue to keep many of you in my thoughts as I destroy these weights!!!! #PhilHeath #7xMrOlympia #FiboExpo2019 #Retribution #giftedathletics #Repost @hanyrambod ・・・ It was a pleasure being able to train 7x Mr Olympia @philheath and young Pro @andreideiu_ here in Köln Germany 🇩🇪! We missed not having @hadi_choopan at this event but he’s preparing for a show and we can’t wait to see him soon💪👑 . @fst7training #fst7training #fst7 #TheGift #TheProCreator #TheFisherMan

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