Ryan Terry submetido à cirurgia.

Nem toda ida ao hospital deve ser encarado como grave ou uma experiência horrível. Há vezes que ir ao hospital pode ser benéfico e mudar sua vida para melhor.

Enquanto as notícias de Ryan Terry podem soar como negativas, o Men’s Physique assegura que sua cirurgia é para o melhor. Ryan Terry recebeu notícias que estava com excesso de osso, o que estava pressionando seus nervos  na região do quadril exigindo uma urgência na cirurgia. O Men’s Physique e modelo fitness relatou em sua mídia social suas preocupações e acalmou seus fãs.

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Not one of my normal posts on here as I’m not a huge fan of putting this sort of thing on my social media but just thought I’d give you a quick update on where I’m at. I’ve had a lot of private messages wishing me well and how I’m doing after yesterday’s surgery, which by the way i appreciate a lot and I’m very grateful for 😊. As far as I know surgery went well, they have re stitched the labrum and shaved off some excess bone which was impinging on my nerves in my hip and making it hard for me to put pressure,of any sort on my right leg… Hopefully we are all fixed up now and it’s time for lots of rest and recovery 👍🏼😊 thanks again guys…. . Minor setback that’s all, 2019 is still going to be a big year 💪🏼

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