Premiere episode: A deep dive into 2017 and a look towards our sport’s future.

THE BREAKDOWN – Is our first ever bodybuilding talk show hosted by Shawn Ray, Tifanny Urrea, and Jeff Logan. Touching upon the most controversial, entertaining, and trending topics in bodybuilding & fitness, our hosts take a deep dive and hold nothing back. These are raw and uncut debates with clashing opinions and, hopefully, a better understanding of the current state of our sport. The Breakdown airs every Wednesday.

It’s 2018. A brand new year and we here at Generation Iron are starting off with a bang. New year, new programing, and new possibilities for the future of our sport. That’s why we are back in action with the PREMIERE EPISODE of The Breakdown. Our very first bodybuilding talk show diving deep into the most current, controversial, and trending bodybuilding and fitness topics.

To celebrate the new year, our hosts look back at 2017 and reflect on the biggest moments from the year – both highs and lows. Then they turn towards the future, discussing the recent deaths in bodybuilding and how the health of our athletes will progress in the sport throughout 2018. Other topics include: is bodybuilding growing or regressing? And what the continued addition of divisions (and pro cards) means for the future of the sport and the value of being labeled as an IFBB athlete.

Watch the premiere episode above and make sure to check back every Wednesday for brand new episodes!



  1. Shawn Ray actually makes this show interesting these other two people are too self centered mtv should have hired them the girl is beautiful but to conceited hope they calm down a little for the next one

  2. I feel bad for Shawn Ray they should have added two other people that have some knowledge and at least some Charisma and some better way of communication than these two because they were trying to make it an uncut vulgar version and it really just look more ignorant where Shawn was actually saving the show by showing his knowledge and his in depth analysis than these other two where it just seemed like it was just too young people that are in their early stages of the sport and don’t really know much of what’s going on

  3. IMO, Thought this program was very amateurish. Couldn’t watch the whole thing as I thought it was so not professionally done. Very B grade quality. 2 of the 3 hosts should not be in this.

  4. Fitness now Fitless.. cmon lets face the fact that using steroids or other drug inhancer for the body cause of body failure..
    The way they talk about it its just they converting that its ok..

  5. Ok I couldn’t even watch this. Terrible host, terrible whoever the “f-bomb” guy is. Shawn Ray thinks he knows and is maybe 50% accurate about what he says. GI needs a staff overhaul if your going to get people on board. Sorry be professionals. Your not in the gym retards your so stop acting like it

  6. Man, I couldn’t get through this because of the dude with the tatts. Could not articulate a complete thought without saying “like” 10 times or using cuss words to fill in a sentence.

  7. Jeff Logan has the intelligence of a 9 year old, you gotta do better than this, I question the person who made the decision to have him on the show in the first place, you need to be able to communicate at an adult level to be on a show like this and clearly this guy can not,

  8. Thought mr tattoos was a damn idiot and how did he keep drinking when there was nuthin in his cup ☕️ confused ‍♀️ I thought the other man was very polite and spoke very well !!!!

  9. Pro Bodybuilding has reached critical mass, if you will pardon the pun. The top guys don’t look good anymore- bubble guts and loss of symmetry have ruined the sport. This is why the ‘Classic’ division will be the way forward – those guys retain an aesthetic to which the regular gym rat aspires to, and that is what sells supplements and gets the sponsorship/wider public attention.

  10. I haven’t even listened to this..but people need to just stop already. Let Dallas and Rich rest in peace. 90% of what is spoken in the media are untruths and false speculations at best…..anyway…just stop.

  11. I use to think back in the day you needed moderate to what most Doctors would call high dose..

    In the bodybuilding world it’s normal..

    They could be so much healthier if they didn’t push the dose….

    I’m a firm believer in low dose of just about everything now…

    Push the dose, risk your life…

    I don’t believe bodybuilding and steroids are health per say…

    But if these guys went easy on their doses they would most likely still be alive….

    High dose of just about any drug not good, period..

    Doesn’t matter what drug it is…

    My firm advice to anyone who thinking about using steroids for bodybuilding
    “Keep the dose as low as you can, while still getting a effect”

    Then make your you take off time..
    I don’t care if you get smaller.. fuck staying on it year around….
    Unless your a super pro.. then it’s still not healthy…

    Long term drugs destroy you body..
    Even if your using it for whatever your using it “for”
    Fill in the blank..
    Legit reason or not….

    And I would tell them “watch out”
    “FAKE DRUGS” are becoming Common because of the DEA that was Spose have made shit “safer”
    When in reality they made it EXTREMELY MORE Dangerous!!!

    I kind of get why we have a DEA..
    But they really have fucked shit up..
    Not made it anymore “Safer”

    I don’t believe the DEA should total been taken down..
    They really need to come up with some different ideas of how to
    Make this “safer” then what they have done..

    They managed to “MAKE PEOPLE WILLING to do opposite of what they wanted it to do…
    Because you are forbidden!!!!! To do “IT”
    Which makes the youth want to do it “MORE”

  12. GI please save yourself and remove Tifanny Urrea and Jeff Logan from hosting this show.
    Totally do not understand the sport and not very professional. Thanks to Shawn Ray, for being the star of your show.

  13. body building is a small exclusive club compared to the overall population, so you can’t equate these deaths in comparison to the overall population who die at higher numbers for minor things/causes let alone pharmaceutical and recreation drugs

  14. Why are these two idiots given microphones. Neither of them know anything about bodybuilding let alone how to speak. Shawn must be embarrassed to have to share a stage with them.


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