BREAKING: Dallas McCarver Has Reportedly Passed Away

Early rumors and reports claim that Dallas McCarver has died. Awaiting updates.

According to several anonymous sources, we are sad to report that Dallas McCarver has passed away. At the moment writing this there has been no confirmed statement made other than second hand reports from other media channels and social media. Generation Iron is waiting for further details and reaching out to get an update on the story. No other details have been reported as to how and why this may have happened but the Generation Iron Fitness Network will be updating the site as more information becomes available.

For now we would like to send out our thoughts and condolences to Dallas McCarver and his family. We hope that perhaps these early reports are false – but for the time being we will send our best well wishes. You can also send your prayers and support in the comments below.

Early reports of this news come from luimarco, Williams Fitness, among others.



    • I remember seeing in the news…and they even showed a video where this one can be seen…that yet another body builder, think the one I’m talking was from South Africa…also died of a really unfortunate accident; man was at a competition I think, he got so excited, I don’t know if it was because he’d won the competition, can’t seem to remember very well the reason he was that much excited, but the thing is the man jumped up at one point of that, he tried to make a flip maneuver when he jumped and it just turned out the poor guy landed the wrong way, right on his head on the solid floor and there you have it…he was dead, right there, the impact on his head when he fell killed him. I don’t know anything about Dallas McCarver, which obviously means I’m by no means a fan of him, I don’t even know who the guy truly was aside of the mere fact he was a body builder, but either way it’s truly sad what happened to him. I always wanted to get in the body building business myself, to be honest, I’ve always admired and I’m inspired by other legendary names in the business…names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferigno, Charles Atlas, and a few others are only among my all time favorites…but every life is precious and valuable, so my respects to the man and his family…R.I.P. And no, I don’t think steroids and other related drugs are always the cause of death of people like him…accidents like what happened to that South African guy and others can happen, sad and tragic as they may be…but unfortunately, they happen. But well, you always gonna have people speculating on the cause of death and jumping to conclusions without making sure if their speculations are true.

    • I’ve seen mate, madness isn’t it! Supposedly choked on food..not sure the truth behind it but I think it’s amazing how you see all these ignorant cunts jumping to conclusions jumping straight on the gear wagon??

  1. To those who say its fake , Jeremy Buendia’s IG page has post confirming this to , im sure others will come out and confirm it to. R.I.P Dallas , you were a great human being. I feel very sorry for his family and his girl Ash

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