Chris Bumstead Gives Health and Physique Update 8 Weeks Out From Olympia

Chris Bumstead gives update weeks out from the 2021 Olympia.

Chris Bumstead gives a bit of a health and physique update 8 weeks out from the 2021 Olympia. It appears that the Classic Physique Olympia champion has turned a corner as far as his health is concerned.

There’s no doubt about it, Chris Bumstead  showed exactly what kind of physique he can bring to the stage when he’s fully healthy. At the 2020 Olympia, Bumstead looked much improved over his 2019 showing. Despite capturing the Classic Physique Olympia title back in 2019, Bumstead was going through health issues. In 2018 the affects were even worse. But it appears that he got all that under control at the 2020 show.

That said, when you’ve had health issues in the past a bit of anxiety can remain. You wonder “will it creep up again?” or “have I really beat this issue?” It can be truly daunting especially if it’s effect your work. Chris Bumstead had to face the realities that water retention has affected his physique throughout his career.

Health Update

But it appears that the two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion has some good news to report. After his brother-in-law Iain Valliere picked up a victory at the Tampa Pro, Bumstead took a moment to indulge. Cheat meals have been a thing of a past for Bumstead. When he noticed that it led to affected his physique issues he nixed them. But it seems that those issues aren’t a problem for the champ these days.

Chris Bumstead took to Instagram to describe his current condition as well as a bit of a physique update.

A few years back I had some health issues that have continued to affect me physically and mentally on and off through the years. I try not to talk about it as I don’t want to put my energy on it, but this past weekend was an exciting moment for me.

A huge thing I notice in my body is inflammation and water retention, especially after any form or “cheat meal” or lots of sodium. For this reason I have been much more health conscious and strict with my diet year round and really haven’t had any cheat meals during my preps, but I still have moments of fear and anxiety that it will come back.

This last weekend after Iain’s big win we went out and I indulged in a cheat meal because my body was in a good place.

For the first time since 2017 I woke up the next morning with no water retention actually looking better than the day before and the even bigger win for me was that I wasn’t anxious about my health.

It doesn’t mean I’ll never experience it again and I’ll most certainly still get some anxiety around it, but I am extremely grateful to be where I am at right now and learning to just enjoy the present and enjoy what is rather than fear what isn’t.


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It’s good to see that Chris Bumstead is operating on all cylinders. If he continues to push himself it’s very likely that he’ll repeat as Olympia champion at the 2021 show.

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