CT Fletcher Looks Jacked and Strong as he Returns to his Former Glory

CT Fletcher is looking strong as he continues his journey back to his old greatness.

One of the most motivating individuals alive, CT Fletcher has brought himself back from the brink of death multiple times. He’s overcome multiple heart related issues in his past and has come out the other side.

That said, after his heart transplant it seemed CT Fletcher would never be the same again. But as he’s done so many times before, the former powerlifting champion has battled back.

CT Fletcher has utilized his magnificent obsession to once again make a return to form. In a recent video posted to Instagram, CT Fletcher looks motivated and strong.

As he pumps iron in his backyard, you can clearly see that his physique is getting stronger and more jacked post surgery. Take a look at the video below to see how far CT Fletcher has come after his heart transplant.

Are you impressed by CT Fletcher returning to form?

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