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Drop Sets and Supersets are the two key techniques for breaking through plateaus.

Let us know if this sounds familiar. You’re kicking your ass at the gym day after day trying to make a better body for yourself. You put in the work; you push hard; but you suddenly stop making progress. You’re stuck. You’ve hit a plateau.

This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of bodybuilding. You feel like you lost control. No matter what you do, you aren’t seeing the change that you so desperately desire. What do you do?

Well we have two methods that can help you bust through that plateau and start giving you those awesome gains again: dropsets and supersets. We’re sure you’ve heard of these techniques before. They aren’t mind blowing new tricks – but they are an important part of a bodybuilder’s arsenal when you find yourself stuck.

Below we breakdown the importance that these two techniques bring to your workout and why you should start incorporating them now.



So let’s say you can’t seem to move up in weight anymore. You push and push but always seem to hit failure within a work set. What do you do? Drop sets are a great way to keep stressing your muscles and increasing your strength.

Dropsets are a technique where you drop weight after you reach failure during a particular exercise and continue to add reps to the workout. For example, let’s say you hit failure with dumbbell shoulder presses at 10 reps. Drop some weight and then do 10 more reps. Then after that, drop a few more pounds and do another 10 reps.

This way, even if you hit your limit, you can keep pushing further and further until even the slightest amount of weight is killing you. This way you can continue to push yourself without sacrificing form – keeping your workout safe and allowing you to continue to grow.

There is no specific or magic number to drop when you perform this technique. The key is to be able to drop enough weight so you can complete another set to the point of almost failure – constantly pushing yourself; constantly stressing your muscles; and hopefully constantly breaking past that plateau.


Does your workout consist of a traditional body part training split? Are you starting to hit that wall? Then maybe it’s time to start incorporating supersets into your routine. A superset consists of pairing two movements that normally work opposing muscles (deadlifts and squats for example) – completing one set of each exercise one after the other without rest to create one “superset.”

Supersets are nothing new and anyone familiar with hardcore exercising should already know what it is. But maybe you aren’t including them in your workout. If you’re stuck, maybe you should reconsider.

Supersets are great at getting a pump, when your muscle tissue becomes so filled with blood that your muscles literally look like they are about to explode. All bodybuilders want to gain that pump and a superset is the perfect way to get it.

A superset will get every last bit out of your muscles in a workout. It will take you to new levels and hopefully push you past the limits that have been preventing you from making progress in the gym.


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