How This Flex Lewis Workout Can Boost Massive Muscle Growth & Gains

Join Flex Lewis and get a great pump for that massive physique you want most to see those desired gains come to life.

When it comes to getting a great workout, it can be tough to find the right exercises to do. We all know what we want, but getting there can be the biggest struggle. While many fitness influencers and other social media personalities claim to have the missing link to your bodybuilding success, there’s no better place to look than to the pros for your workout. Not only are these top athletes in the best of shape, but they are living proof of what these gains can do for your overall physique. They are also good role models for us to follow as clear examples of hard work and dedication with a good workout plan.

Lewis is a seven-time Olympia winner in the Men’s 212 Division and a real testament to hard work and sheer will in effort to be the best in the world. These workouts from Lewis will not only fire up your muscles, but they will give them no choice but to grow as you seek the best out of your bodybuilding gains. For many of us, we know how we want to look and how hard we have to work and knowing just what it takes to be that great is the key in helping us get there. While much of this relies on our will and dedication to enhancing all our gains, seeking some assistance from those who have come before us is really something to take advantage of when making our workout plan.

Let’s take a look at these workouts from this IFBB pro bodybuilder. From chest, to back, to calves, and triceps, these workouts will work to give you a great pump, see better growth, and assist in that massive physique we all know and love. You won’t be disappointed with the results after you give these monster workouts a try. Not only do these muscle groups enhance physique, but the benefits to stability and balance, as well as confidence when it comes to those bigger lifts, are all enhanced which will greatly affect training and performance as we seek only the best from our workout plan.

Flex Lewis

About Flex Lewis & His Career

James “Flex” Lewis is a Welsh IFBB pro bodybuilder who has won seven Mr. Olympia titles in the Men’s 212 Division consecutively. As a real force in the pro bodybuilding circuit, Lewis spent years perfecting his strength and power which ultimately led him to being one of the best in the world. With over 28 professional contest wins, he has become one of the greatest bodybuilders to leave the UK. While his early career saw its fair share of struggles, he made a name for himself in the UK and has since made his claim as a top bodybuilder in the world, staking his claim as a real Mr. Olympia 212 champion to date and one of the best 212 competitors to take the stage.

Flex Lewis

Flex Lewis Training Routine For Massive Muscle Growth

Lewis seeks to always change his style, never repeating workouts more than he has to with his workout plan. This is to cause muscle confusion and aid in that growth he desperately seeks. By focusing more on the weaker muscles, he is always progressing forward, and changing up exercises helps with this big time. Working with assistance exercises as well, you can target those stabilizer muscles so they aren’t overlooked, as they will provide great support for bigger lifts in the gym. Supplemental techniques like drops sets will also work deep into the muscles to make sure long lasting growth takes place, as well as mind-muscle connection with extra tension from each workout and all reps within this program as you train.

As a fan of higher reps, the weight may be a touch lighter, but that doesn’t mean less gains. If anything, it allows for greater time under tension as well as the ability to focus more on mind-muscle connection, something pivotal when it comes to those bodybuilding gains and the weight lifted. As a real proponent of paying attention to detail, Lewis never overlooks any part of his diet, supplementation or training, which has contributed to his success on the world’s biggest stage, being Mr. Olympia.


Chest For Massive Pecs

This chest workout will work to get those pecs popping so you can puff your chest out with pride and hold your body tall. These five exercises are great for seeing that desired growth, especially with higher reps and lower weight regardless of intensity.

Exercises Sets Reps
Cable Crossover 3 12
Machine Press 3 12
Incline Dumbbell Flye 3 10
Incline Dumbbell Press 3 10
Dumbbell Floor Press 3 12


Back For Those Wide Lats

Those wing-like lats will make your physique really pop and that V-shape will start to appear. Really getting a good squeeze will amplify the effects of these awesome back exercises with all reps from this program with great intensity.

Exercises Sets Reps
Close-Grip Lat Pulldown 3 12
Wide Grip Seated Cable Row 3 12
Neutral-Grip Pulldown 3 12
T-Bar Row 3 15
Low Seated Row 3 15


Flex Lewis

Calf Work For Those Solid Lower Legs

While there are a lot of calf exercises, nothing beats giving your legs that pop it deserves from big weights. While we focus on our thighs to get those tree-trunks as solid as possible, each calf muscle should never be overlooked and can be enhanced with weight and a great program or plan while you train to build lean mass like other guys competing.

Exercises Sets Reps
Leg Press Calf Raises 3 15
Calf Raises On Block 3 12
Calf Raises From Floor 3 12
Standing Machine Calf Raises 3 12
One-Leg Calf Raises 3 15
Two-Step Calf Raises On Machine 3 10
Standing Calf Raises From Floor 3 12



Triceps And That Horseshoe-Shape

Working our biceps will provide some meat to our arms, but getting those triceps popping will allow for that horseshoe-shape to take affect. This will certainly make people envious of you, especially with a great tank or tee to show those bulging arms off as you lift big weight and build mass.

Exercise Sets Reps
Seated EZ-curl Bar Extension 3 12
V-Bar Cable Pushdown 3 12
Kickbacks 3 15


Flex Lewis

Featured Supplement To Promote Gains & Recovery

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Wrap It All Up

When it comes to enhancing our bodybuilding gains and journey, looking to the pros for tips and advice will prove to be great in the long run. It can be difficult to really find the best workout routine, but these pros are living proof that it all works. IFBB pro Flex Lewis is a pro bodybuilder who knows a thing or two about how to succeed and get that massive physique we all know and love. With these chest, back, calves, and triceps workouts, your muscles will feel a burn and have no choice but to grow. With the right supplements, that desired growth will start to take affect and you will enhance recovery to bounce back much faster, giving you energy and relief from those grueling workouts that your body suffers from. Give these workouts a try and see your gains come to fruition in the gym today.

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