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Become a Generation Iron Personal Training franchisee.  Take the first step towards building your own legacy and giving back to the fitness community right here.


Join The Movement. Welcome to Generation Iron Personal Training Franchising.

Generation Iron has been at the center of bodybuilding ever since the release of the original film in 2013. Since then, we have grown into one of the premiere media publishers of all things bodybuilding, strength sports, and fitness. In addition to this, we have launch our very own Personal Training Fitness Center.

With Generation Iron Personal Training building up steam – we are now opening our doors to expanding our personal training facilities nationally. Using the power of our brand, wide reach, and appeal – you can now become a franchise owner of a Generation Iron PT facility.

Interested? Discover the benefits of becoming a part of the Generation Iron Personal Training movement – and how to apply for franchising – below!

Generation Iron Personal Training Facility


Global Brand

Generation Iron is a global brand known first and foremost for our bodybuilding feature film documentaries. Over the course of the past ten years, Generation Iron has grown into a multimedia entity known globally. Becoming a franchise member provides you access to the Generation Iron brand name, marketing support, and assets known by the world over. You won’t be just any training facility, you will be a part of the GI movement.

A System That Works

Generation Iron has developed a unique system that puts both the trainer and the gym member experience first. We support local business leaders with certified training licenses and provide the facilities and support to help fitness trainers and entrepreneurs. As a franchise owner, you will own the facilities and the equipment – and then rent out those facilities in up to 5 hour increments to personal trainers local to your area.

Build A Legacy

As a Generation Iron PT franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to become the pillar of the bodybuilding community in your region. Bodybuilding and fitness is more popular than ever before. As a franchise owner, you can have a direct impact in helping further that growth and support. You’ll also be an entrepreneur. As your own business owner – you will build a legacy not only for yourself but for future generations to come.

Generation Iron Personal Training Facility


You can transition your current owned and operated gym into our GI franchise program

For those who are already gym owners with an active facility, Generation Iron allows for owners to transition into the Generation Iron Gym franchise program. This process will involve a review of your current facilities, equipment, and location to determine if it will be a right fit for franchising.

Contact us directly so that we can learn more about your current owned and operated gym or training facility. And how we can adapt it into our current personal training or gym franchise model.


Become a Generation Iron Personal Training franchisee.  Take the first step towards building your own legacy and giving back to the fitness community right here.


How many sales you have credit for will determine what Level you are in.

Level 1: 0-9 sales

Level 2: 10-19 sales

Level 3: 20-99 sales

Level 4: 100+

It takes about a week before we get back to everyone. If you do not hear back from us in 1 week, please email: [email protected]

Upon being accepted as a Generation Iron brand ambassador, you will receive your very own promotional discount code. This will not only provide your followers a discount from our store – but is also a unique tracking code that allows us to track sales.

At the end of every month, the amount of sales acrewed under your unique promo discount code will be tabulated. The net amount of sales (after the applied discount) will be credited to you. You will then receive the appropriate commission based on your level.