Generation Iron Death Metal AngolaThe Vladar Company takes on a new acclaimed documentary titled Death Metal Angola.

The Vladar Company just announced that it has acquired the release rights to the critically acclaimed documentary called Death Metal Angola directed by Jeremy Xido and produced by Joseph Castelo.

The film will be released on iTunes and a limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles this fall.

The documentary follows a loving Angolan couple whose love for death metal music brings hope to a small town of Huambo after a devastating war and civil unrest ripped it apart. With the Angolan people torn and broken – Sonia and Wilker dream to put on the country’s first ever national rock festival to help heal and unite their entire nation.

The documentary follows Sonia and Wilker as they try to bring together members of different Angolan hardcore bands from provinces across Angola. It’s a film that touches upon the harsh reality of Angola and sheds light onto a genre of music that is often misunderstood.

This acclaimed documentary has been winning the hearts of audiences and critics as it has been screened across the international film festival circuit. It has also grabbed up some awards such as the Grand Prize Best Documentary award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

You can check out a poster for the film below:

The Vladar Company Death Metal Angola Poster

So for all you bodybuilding and fitness buffs who loved Generation Iron – this fall you might be able to add a few new songs to your workout playlist after you check out this exciting new documentary from The Vladar Company. Rock hard. Stay pumped.


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