‘German Hodge Twins’ Make Waves With McDonalds Video

Bodybuilding comedic duo, German style.

Steve Benthin is a German bodybuilder with a Popular youtube page and growing fan base. He recently parted ways with his longtime sponsor ESN to join Matthias Busse’s new bodybuilding project RepOne.

According to Fitpedia, Kevin Wolter has departed from the team Hardgainer crew, and announced several upcoming projects. Both men are known for their eccentric personalities and dry humor. On Benthin’s youtube channel they teamed up for a video entitled “Fitness Nutrition at McDonalds.” Perhaps the two will have other upcoming projects together. Fans seem to love the two mass comedians, and in the video, Kevin suggests making joint tours at this year’s FIBO.

Many are dubbing the two the ‘German Hodge Twins’ off this video. Their massive physiques, charisma, and strange penchant for eating on camera make them surprisingly compelling online. Of course Europe has an extremely strong bodybuilding culture, and Germany in particular. However, they have significantly fewer online characters than we do in America. Any English speaker can go online and find no shortage of fitness personalities, but up until know there have been few online stars coming out of Europe – usually fans must resort to translating online articles.

Benthin has competed in bodybuilding, although not to a high level. It seems that he and Wolter are looking to make livings off their business acumen and personalities rather than competitive achievements.

Kevin also intends to discuss training theory and motivation on his channel so it won’t be all laughs. The two will be attending the FIBO fitness show and developing supplements in the future.

Wolter and Benthin, with their sheer size and camera charisma could look to be big youtube stars in the German market.

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