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Get back into the gym faster.

It’s a risk we all take when we head into the gym. The one thing we hope to avoid in at all costs. The dreaded idea of getting an injury during training can sometimes hamper your exercise. We hope to dodge the injury bullet, though many times it’s just not realistic. When you wish to make improvements to your physical form then it’s going to have to be a risk you’re willing to take.

Any injury, big or small, can be a nuisance that can keep you out of the gym and away from hard training. But no matter how much you fight it, the inevitable will eventually come to pass. Injuries will rack your body, one of them in particular, the dreaded muscle pull or tear. It’s something that can hinder your progress. Lifting heavy with a torn muscle can truly be a devastating thing. Once that muscle tears you’re likely to be looking for a way to heal up as quick as possible and get back to training. Well, try out a few of these supplement and nutrition tips to help speed your recovery along.

Vitamin C

Generation Iron Vitamin C

This vitamin can do more for you than just heighten your immune system to fend off sickness. Vitamin C can be a key ingredient to rebuilding the torn muscle tissue in the body. The antioxidants within vitamin C are great for boosting your recovery. Taken an above average dose can help speed up the healing process.

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