Hunter Labrada Shares Best Quad Exercise, Talks Offseason: “I Have A Golden Rule, Never Turn Into A Fat F*ck”

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Hunter Labrada shared his thought on the offseason and progressive overloading.

Hunter Labrada continues to make improvements to his physique and it has shown on stage. This is due to a strict and impressive routine in the offseason. Labrada has shared many workouts and tips during the offseason and recently discuss his favorite quad exercise.

In 2022, Labrada fell to seventh on the scorecard. He was victorious during the 2023 Tampa Pro before finishing as the runner-up at the Texas Pro. Labrada hit the Olympia stage once again and finished sixth in 2023. Labrada showed off his physique once again during the NPC Western Michigan Bodybuilding Championships. He looked well-conditioned on stage. This was one of the major improvements he made during the year to prepare for the 2023 Olympia.

“For those of you that are in an extended offseason, I kind of have a golden rule of the offseason and that is, never turn into a fat f*ck and get over 12% body fat.”

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Labrada also explained how he believes progressive overloading is the key to muscle building.

“Progressive overload, in my opinion, is the main driver of hypertrophy. It’s how I’ve trained for the last eight year, if you will. It’s how mot of the guys I know are training right now.”

Hunter Labrada training split

Hunter Labrada’s Favorite Quad Exercise

There are many exercises that help bodybuilders create insane legs. Hunter Labrada picked his favorite one and was able to discuss it at length.

“If I had to pick one exercise, probably hack squats. As long as you have a good hack squat that’s biomechanically acceptable to your body, it’s not hurting you. I think the ability to load the quad, in addition to really getting your knee out over your toe and get your quad into full flexion. I think it’s the most effective compound.”

The overall safety of the exercise is one area where Labrada prefers hack squats over others. It also allows the flexion that is necessary when building monster quads.

“It really is kind of one of those you’re doing essentially the same thing on any quad compound exercise and that’s squatting…My personal preference would be the hack squat but the pendulum is a great option, a leg press with your feet low so you’re getting good knee flexion is a great option.

Heel-elevated safety bar squat, really I’m just wanting an exercise that I can load heavily and safely and get my knee out over my toe and get as much knee flexion as possible.”

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