Introducing: GI Bags

Always on the go? Not a problem. We’ve got you covered. GI is proud to announce our line of bags and accessories to make traveling to and from the gym easy. Whether you need to take all your gear with you or just a quick change of clothes, a GI bag will get the job done.

Gym Bag

The largest bag in our collection, the GI Gym Bag is perfect for the gym and can store everything you need for your workout. The strong, adjustable fabric handles and shoulder straps also make the Gym Bag ideal for vacation and travel.

Gym Sack

Looking to pack light? The drawstring GI Gym Sack is small enough to take with you as a carry-on bag. If you like to hit the gym as soon as you get out of work, the Gym Sack is perfect. Easily stored under a desk or in a locker, it goes wherever you go. You can also wear it as a backpack for lightweight travel, hiking and camping.

Headphones Pouch

The perfect accessory for those who need their music wherever they go. The GI Headphones Pouch keychain attaches to any backpack or gym bag so that you know you’ll always have access to your music when you need it. And each Headphones Pouch comes with a FREE pair of earbud headphones!

GI Team
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