Is The Kroc Row The Toughest Back Exercise?

Killer Kroc.

Matt Kroc, or now Janae Kroc rather, has made quite a few headlines for coming out as a transexual. But before she was getting attention for revealing this she was mostly talked about in fitness circles because of her incredible strength. Strength that she still has today. A bodybuilder that has gained a great deal of notoriety for intense workout routines. Formerly undersized in youth, Kroc would use past failures as motivation to becoming a complete powerhouse, ultimately becoming one of the strongest people to walk the Earth.

Not only has Kroc become known for amazing feats in strongman and bodybuilding competition, but also for inventing new ways to change up workouts for new challenges in the gym. For example, a 1000 rep arm workout that is sure to destroy your idea of a tough arm day in the gym. Or what about the widely known back exercise that has been coined The Kroc Row.

Like everything else Kroc does, The Kroc Row is a pretty intense variation on the usual barbell row, seeing the accomplished strongman haul more than 300 pounds in one tightly clenched fist. Since seeing is believing, take a look at the Kroc performing the infamous Kroc Row.

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