Jeremy Buendia Announces He will Be Training In Kuwait With Oxygen Gym

Jeremy Buendia will be heading to Kuwait to train at Oxygen Gym in 2020.

Jeremy Buendia announced on Saturday, October 12 that he will be working with Abdullah Al Otaibi at Oxygen gym for his training prep in 2020. This means that Jeremy Buendia will be heading out to Kuwait to train at the Oxygen Gym – known for being a sort of new mecca for pro bodybuilders to transform their physique and often pack on much more mass monster muscle.

Jeremy Buendia made the announcement that he will be heading to Kuwait to train and reclaim his title in 2020 via an Instagram post. You can check it out below:

Kuwait and Oxygen Gym has been a popular training ground for pro bodybuilders ever since Big Ramy started gaining attention for his insane mass monster size. The most recent success story from Kuwait came in the form of Brandon Curry – who had been placing low and nearly considered retiring before deciding to train in Kuwait a few years ago. This kickstarted a transformation that turned Curry into a true threat at pro bodybuilding competitions and eventually led to his Mr. Olympia victory in 2019, making him the current Mens’ Open Mr. Olympia champion.

Brandon Curry pictured from the GI original series Offseason With The Currys.

Jeremy Buendia is a 4x Men’s Physique Olympia champion but had been facing struggles these past few years – unable to earn back his Olympia title. Will training in Kuwait give Buendia the edge he needs to reclaim his Men’s Physique Olympia crown in 2020? Only time will tell but we are excited to start seeing progress updates via his social media accounts in the coming year.



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