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Eye on the prize.

Being the number one person in the world for anything means being obsessed. Sounds crazy, perhaps it is a bit crazy, but it’s true. If you wish to accomplish the goal of being superior to all others in your field then it means taking your mind and body beyond the limits of what you imagined was possible. It’s the kind of attitude you need if you wish to become a champion.

There are many people out there that doubt Kai Greene’s chances of winning the 51st Mr. Olympia competition. We’ve voiced concerns on whether or not “The Predator” would be able to topple his long time foe Phil Heath. It’s certainly a tall task to handle, but it’s not one that’s necessarily impossible. After all, Kai has placed higher than Phil a number of times before – so the possibility is always there for a major upset.


But beating Phil Heath will take more than just hopes and dreams. Kai is going to have to work himself harder than ever before to beat the number one bodybuilder in the world. It’s a given that hard work and dedication is required to get to the top of any sport. But if Kai is looking to pull off the upset then it’s going to take more than hard work. He’s going to have to be a man possessed.

Well leave it to the Predator to prove he’s the man to upend Phil Heath. Recently Kai gave the world an inside look into the training he’s been undergoing for the 2015 Olympia competition. If the video is any indication at all, then it looks like Kai is filled with that fiery obsession needed to defeat the reigning champion. Take a look at his hardcore workout session.

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