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Generation Iron Kai Eating Clean

Generation Iron Kai Eating Clean

An in depth look at the off season diets of the pros.

The off season. When the average Joe hears this phrase they’re usually thinking some rest, some relaxation, some time to soak in the glorious rays of victory or perhaps time to lick your wounds and scheme for next years possible triumphs. To pro bodybuilders it’s the most important time of the year. It’s the time when they have to bulk up or work on their problem areas, to perfect their physique in order to come back next season in the best possible condition. There’s no time for laziness, no time for relaxation, not in the off season. It’s a time to have full dedication to the craft. If you’re slipping during the off season it’s a good chance you’ll be paying for it when competition season begins. Most of all, a pro has to keep their diet under strict control. There’s no room for mishaps or half steps when it comes to the fuel a bodybuilder puts into their body. Check out this off season diet plan for Big Ramy – reported by Flex Online.

Big Ramy: Diet Plan

12 egg whites
3 whole eggs
8 oz sweet potato

5 oz of rice
8 oz chicken breast

Protein shake

4 whole eggs
8 oz sweet potato

8 oz chicken breast
1 cup brown rice
1 cup sliced pineapple

10 oz salmon
1/2 cup cooked white rice

10 oz steak
Green salad

MEAL 8 (taken in the middle of the night)
Protein shake
2 tbsp peanut butter

The massive intake athletes like Big Ramy and Flex Lewis must consume on the off season is staggering. They must maintain or build their bulk and muscle without gaining fat. Eating clean is key to positive gains. You don’t gain muscle by eating McDonald’s and Burger King on the off season. It’s not only the portions, but what they choose to put in the mouths in the first place. The clean protein of eggs and steak are macros that will help build and maintain muscle mass. Just looking at the list you have to wonder how hefty that grocery bill must have been. Each of these athletes could easily end up with a bill over three hundred dollars for just a weeks worth of meals. It’s this kind of dedication to eating and supplementation that separates the pros from the amateurs. Some may scoff and say “Eating? What’s so hard about that?”. There’s plenty of difficulties with maintaining a diet of six to seven meals per day, a virtual agony for someone unaccustomed to pro level training. Here’s another pro off season diet courtesy of Flex Online.


Generation Iron Ali Quote

Float like a butterfly…

We want to start keep inspiring you. That’s why we are going to share the most motivational and inspirational quotes to help you power through your week at the gym. Today’s quote comes from boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Channel your inner champion with this quote. One day you might be on the stage, accepting a Sandow trophy, and thinking these exact same words.


Generation Iron Terminator Arnold

Generation Iron Terminator Arnold

Recent reports reveal we might see even more robot Arnold.

It’s time for bodybuilding and Arnold fans to rejoice. While it hasn’t been confirmed, it seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger will not only be in the upcoming Terminator Genisys film but also play a part in the second and third films. That’s right. Terminator is getting a new trilogy. We have already gotten confirmation that Arnold was very involved in the newest upcoming installment – but up until this point we had no clue if we’d see him as the Terminating robot again.

Jai Courtney, who will be playing Kyle Reese, dropped the bomb in a conversation with The Arnold Fans to promote his upcoming film, Unbroken, but the conversation quickly turned towards the highly anticipated Terminator film.

Suddenly the question came up, “Will Arnold be in the sequels in some capacity?” With what we can imagine as a wink and a nod, he responded:

“Hard to imagine a Terminator film without Arnold. I guess we start filming – I think the plan is do the next 2 back to back in 2016.”

– Jai Courtney to The Arnold Fans

So no, this isn’t an official confirmation from any of the higher ups – but you heard it straight from one of the stars’ mouths. Arnold will somehow be involved with the entire new Terminator trilogy.


Terminator Genisys will head out to theaters on July 1, 2015 and the two sequels are planned for May 19, 2017 and June 29, 2018. You can share all of your excitement in the comments below – or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron Nordic Pro 2014

Generation Iron Nordic Pro 2014

The superstars may be absent but it will still be one hell of a show.

Tomorrow kicks off another leg of the European bodybuilding tour. Granted, a part of the tour that many less bodybuilders are attending – but there are still a few Olympia names showing up to grab another chance at glory. Here’s the list of competitors that are expected to compete:

Men’s Pro Bodybuilding

Steve Kuclo, USA
Roelly Winklaar, Curacao
Johnnie Jackson, USA
Alexey Lesukov, Russia
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland
Robert Burneika, USA
Ronny Rockell, Germany
Vladimir Agrinskiy, Russia
Dainius Barzinskas, Lithuania
Alex Shabunia, Belorussia
Nikitas Manolakas, Greece
Oleg Emelianov, Russia
Timo Honkala, Finland
Mario Van Steenberghe, Belgium
Rudy Richards, USA
Jeno Kiss, Hungary
Alexandre Nataf, France

Pro Bikini

Anna Virmajoki, Finland
Sara Back, Finland
Margret Gnarr, Iceland
Christina Strom Fjaere, Norway
Aly Garcia, USA
Lacey DeLuca, USA
Tawna Eubanks, USA
Jessica Renee, USA
Valeria Ammirato, Saksa
Noemi Olah, Hungary
Michelle Lewin, Venezuela
Anna Larsson, Sweden

Our Predictions

At first glance you may have looked at this Nordic Pro list and wondered, “Why should I care?” Yes, it’s true that the list of mega bodybuilding stars is short in supply – but that’s also what makes it exciting. Particularly because we still have Steve Kuclo and Generation Iron alum Roelly Winklaar competing in this one.

At the Prague Pro Roelly just beat out Steve Kuclo in fourth place – making this the perfect opportunity for Kuclo to try and get some revenge. Not only that, but revenge that can bring him a 1st place win this time. Without the rest of the mega competitors in the running – there’s a very good chance that Kuclo could get his third ever IFBB pro win of his career. The fight for first place is going to be a close one and we personally love it when there isn’t a guaranteed or obvious victor. Let’s hope this one keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Our prediction? We think that Kuclo will take the first place spot – creating another fantastic back and forth rivalry between himself and Roelly. Steve Kuclo is a bodybuilder who can be a top contender one day. His rise might be slow – but we’d love to see him in the top 6 of Olympia one day. Perhaps this weekend will be another step towards that goal.


You can check out all the information you need for the Nordic Pro by visiting their website right here. Also make sure to catch the results of the competition right here and get updates via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron Phil Heath Machines

Generation Iron Phil Heath Machines

All machines are not created equal.

Your everyday gym houses a plethora of different machines and gadgets all aimed at improving the physical form, some less so than others. Some may even do you more harm than good. There are frankly some machines that you should avoid all together if you wish to avoid nagging injuries. Unsure of what those machines are? We’ve got your back and have created a comprehensive list on some of the machines to avoid at the gym.

4. Abdominal Crunch Machine

Generation Iron Ab Crunch Machine

The abdominal crunch machine, or abominable crunch machines as they should be called, are pretty useless for building adequate muscle for the abdomen. When working out the abs one must not only utilize stomach muscles but also the hip flexors as well. The abdominal crunch machine takes the hip flexors out of the argument banking on the idea that isolated the stomach muscles will provide a more intense exercise. It doesn’t.

3. Seated Shoulder Press Machine

Generation Iron Seated Shoulder Press

The seated shoulder press machine is yet another workout device that can prove not only useless but dangerous all in one. When performing the shoulder presses in such a motion it proves to put a great deal of stress on the spine and has been proven to cause back and shoulder injuries that otherwise could have been easily avoided. Using free weights instead is the way to go with this exercise; there’s less stress on the shoulders and the results are infinitely increased.

2. Smith Bench Press

Generation Iron Smith Bench Press

The smith bench press seems like a great idea in theory. Having the bar secure means less risk of injury right? I mean all you have to do if you want to incorporate heavy weights is slide on the plates to your desired weight and you’re good to go. Unfortunately things aren’t that simple. The smith bench press isolates the arms which some may see as a benefit, but in reality this isolation only proves to damage your shoulders, particularly your rotator cuffs. The whole point of benching is to not only improve your chest muscles but improve overall strength in general. In order to reap the benefits of benching you’ll need to engage multiple muscle groups and use your entire body’s strength something the smith bench doesn’t offer. Old fashioned benching works best for overall results.

1. Smith Squat Machine


Another machine worthy of your contempt is the smith squat machine. Like the smith bench the smith squat machine can prove to be more hazardous than one thinks. The isolation on the legs take the core out of the entire exercise which is essential to eliminating stress on the user’s knees. By focusing sole attention on the legs it puts too much pressure on the joints. In a freestanding squat the user’s core and lower back helps to eliminate this kind of pressure. The great thing about the smith machines are that they help with form and are great for beginners, but ultimately the price paid once you increase the weight and make steady progression just isn’t worth it. Once you learn the form it’s best to do the old fashioned freestanding squats and lift on a normal bench. Your body will thank you later.

What machines do you find to be useless at the gym? Let us know in the comments below or sound off on our official Facebook and Twitter pages.


Generation Iron Roelly lies

Generation Iron Roelly lies

by Stuart McRobert

Part 4: BIG LIES 11 through 16.

If you haven’t already, please start with Part 1 of this series.

Is your training working, and building muscle?

If it isn’t, it’s time to find out why, and then make changes.

Start by understanding the BIG LIES of bodybuilding.

The BIG LIES are described in the context of drug-free, genetically normal bodybuilders, who are the target audience for this four-part series of articles.

But some of the BIG LIES are truths in the context of bodybuilders who are drug-assisted or genetically highly gifted. Especially so for bodybuilders who are drug-assisted AND genetically highly gifted.

BIG LIE #11: To build muscle, focus on the pump

You could train specifically for a pump, using light weights, low to moderate intensity, high reps, and little rest between sets, but that won’t build much muscle for most bodybuilders, if any muscle.

When you train properly, you may get a pump (depending on you, the exercise, and the particular way you train), but the pump would be a side-effect only. It’s possible to train well and yet not experience much of a pump.

What matters is bodybuilding progress, not pump per se.

BIG LIE #12: You can reshape a muscle through training

If you have flat biceps, you can’t build muscle in just the area required to produce a peak.

If you have high calves (short calf muscle belly), you can’t build muscle in just the low area to fill out the bottom part.

And if you have a four-pack ab formation, you can’t develop a distinct six-pack.

But what you can do is develop much larger muscles of the same shape that you started with, and shed body fat so that you can see the lines of your muscle shape clearly. And that combination will transform you.

BIG LIE #13: To build muscle, instinctive training is better than structured training

Effective training — especially for drug-free, genetically normal bodybuilders — must be within a specific overall framework, or otherwise the muscle growth will be minimal or non-existent. There’s nothing instinctive about such training. You need to be properly informed.

Some super-duper responsive bodybuilders can chop and change their training routines a great deal and still make progress, but they aren’t typical of the huge majority of bodybuilders.

Even if some pros do train “instinctively,” what they do is based on their experience of what’s effective for them. But those men are so responsive that what works for them is often in a different world to what works for normal bodybuilders. Pretty much any training works for them, although some approaches work better than others.

BIG LIE #14: Some food supplements are as effective as steroids, but safe

“Works as well as steroids” is a claim that’s been used to promote some food supplements. But it’s a lie.

Only other powerful anabolic pharmaceuticals are as effective as steroids.

Absolutely no food supplement is as effective as anabolic steroids.

BIG LIE #15: A bodybuilder’s nutrition should be low in fat

A low-fat diet undermines if not prohibits muscle growth even if your caloric intake and protein consumption are adequate, and your training is done well. (Remember, though, that I’m referring to drug-free, genetically normal bodybuilders.)

The phobia of dietary fat that many bodybuilders seem to have, seriously undermines their ability to build muscle.

When you’re trying to build muscle, get about 30% of your total caloric intake from healthy dietary fats, which include saturated fats. Avoid newfangled fats (including margarine), fried food, deep fried food, and anything with trans fats or hydrogenated fats. If you check food labels, you’ll see that most processed food contains unhealthy fats.

And even if you’re cutting back on body fat, you still need to consume plenty of healthy fats. A low-fat diet is unhealthy.

BIG LIE #16: When you’re bulking, you need loads of food

On growth programs, many bodybuilders overdose on food, and then overdose on body fat. While you need a sufficient surplus of calories and nutrients to grow on, that doesn’t mean a gross excess. It means enough to permit muscle growth but without adding appreciable body fat, and it varies according to factors including age, bodyweight, and activity level.

To be successful with building muscle, most bodybuilders need to allow a small amount of body fat to accompany a larger amount of muscle growth. But many bodybuilders have overdone the bulking mentality and added far more body fat than muscle, which doesn’t yield a pleasing end result.

But no matter how ideal your caloric consumption may be, or how ideal your intake of macronutrients may be, if you’re not training effectively, the surplus of nourishment will go to waste, and just add to your waistline.

To build muscle, you need an effective training program together with sufficient nutritional surplus and lots of sleep (and rest in general).


For information on Stuart’s work, please visit hardgainer.com


Generation Iron Dorian Yates Steroids

Generation Iron Dorian Yates Steroids

Yates is, and has always been, the most open bodybuilder about steroids.

It’s no secret that the world of bodybuilding tries to actively avoid the topic of steroid use. We’ve touched on the issue before – with the exception of natural divisions, almost all bodybuilders use steroids. Bodybuilders hardly talk about it, the organizations hardly talk about it, they just plain ignore it. It’s refreshing then, when Dorian Yates is so open about steroids in bodybuilding and more specifically – the fact that he used steroids for most of his career.

Yates recently went into detail in an article with Muscular Development where he talks candidly about personal steroid use. This isn’t the first time that he has worked with MD about his past, thoughts, and attitudes about steroids. The fact is that Yates has always been very open and outgoing when it comes to talking about steroids. He was even recently featured on London Real, where he talks at length over a 90 minute interview about his experiences with steroid use. He doesn’t hold back at all. Take a look at this for example:

“Every drug has negatives but I can only speak from personal experience. I took steroids on and off from when I was competing in Amateur competitions in the British championship level up into the professional level from ’85 until ’97 when I retired. That’s 12 years of consistent use. Of course, athletes don’t use the recommended dose, they use way more than the regular dose. I can say in all that time I did get some side-effects like water retention, some acne, yes your aggression levels are higher but it depends what you do with that aggression. I took it out in the gym, I utilized it for my training.”

– Yates talking on London Real

It’s a blast of fresh air to just hear someone actually talking about it. He isn’t a radical defending steroids or sending an outcry against it. He’s just being honest and stating the facts as he knows them – through personal experience. There’s a moment in the London Real interview where Dorian Yates makes a comparison to western culture’s obsession with fast food and the documentary Super Size Me. The point he makes is a pretty valid one: there are plenty of legal things, like fast food, that are far more harmful to a person’s health. Over the counter drugs and greasy fast food are common contributions to premature deaths across the board – so why is everyone so very serious about steroids?


Well, for one, there is the idea of fairness in competitions. If a person wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, they wouldn’t be able to compete at the same level as IFBB pros as it stands now. There is also much debate as to what facts are true and which ones are over-exaggerated when it comes to the damage steroids cause to the human body – so perhaps it is incorrect to label fast food and over the counter drugs in the same category. But we’re not making a statement for or against steroid use – and neither is Dorian Yates.

To borrow another quote from the London Real, Yates puts it ever-so-simply right here:

“Personally, my advice would be, unless you’re competing, I wouldn’t really consider it.”

– Yates talking on London Real

The problem, as Yates sees it, is that in today’s society everyone is taking steroids. People who think it can be a magic cure to big muscles and don’t put in any of the work. Back when Yates was competing, it was only the serious bodybuilding competitors who even considered using steroids as a way to maximize muscle. It wasn’t a popular drug. It was a drug used by the most serious of athletes. It’s not a shortcut – it’s an enhancement.

And that has always been part of the problem. If no one is talking about steroids, then no one is going to get a good understanding about it. The over abuse of drugs is something that has existed and will probably always exist – but with bodybuilding bigger than it has ever been and pro bodybuilders being glorified by an even bigger base of fans; there needs to be an open voice to help usher in the responsible use of steroids in bodybuilding.

It’s here to stay and if more iconic greats were open about steroid use, like Dorian Yates, maybe we would be on a better path to a more responsible and serious understanding on steroids and its place in the fitness and the bodybuilding world. Perhaps Yates’ conversational article in Muscular Development magazine can be a good start.


A big shout out goes to the London Real for their wonderfully in depth interview with Dorian Yates. You can catch the whole video right here. What do you think about Dorian Yates and his open voice about steroids? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our official Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron Dr. Jacob Interview

Dr. Jacob, who appears as one the credited bodybuilding experts in the film Generation Iron, took some time to talk with us on the importance of making changes in your workout routine. This is backed by science people – so listen in to get the honest truth about what you might be doing wrong in your workouts. He has the data to back it up.

Often times bodybuilders get into a repetitive routine – either because they focus on certain workouts they love or because they get into an almost hypnotized groove after years in the gym. But in order to challenge your muscles it’s important to add variety and diversity to your routine. Earlier today, we offered up our own way of adding something new to your workout with the 5×5 workout routine.

You can get all backed up facts by watching the video interview above. And don’t forget to stop by our site this coming Monday to catch the premiere of our first original web series – Coaches Corner. You can catch up on all of our videos in the meantime right here.


Generation Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger statue

Generation Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger statue

Arnold gets pumped up in Columbus.

The bronze statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger has been placed in a new location on High Street in Columbus, Ohio. The famous statue had originally been placed outside Franklin County Veterans Memorial in 2012 until it’s recent move to it’s new home in front of the Columbus Convention Center.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to Columbus for a re-dedication of the statue. During his visit, Arnold proudly proclaimed that the famous Arnold Sports Festival would always take place in Ohio’s capital. The sports festival, which brought 175,000 visitors this past year (which is even more than the famous Mr. Olympia weekend). They predict to have over 200,000 guest this coming year.

The Arnold Sports Festival will be held at the Columbus Convention Center on March 5th to March 8th next year. So you can get a chance to see the famous Arnold Statue if you are one of the 200,000 who attend.


For more updates on everything bodybuilding, make sure to follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also leave us some love in the comments section below. Stay pumped.


Cover photo courtesy of cleveland.com


Generation Iron Vlad Yudin Interview

Generation Iron Vlad Yudin Interview

We sit down with the mastermind behind Generation Iron – Vlad Yudin.

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of Back in the Cut – where we breakdown everything that is new about the Generation Iron Extended Director’s Cut. We decided that we want to go out with a bang – so we were able to sit down with the director of Generation Iron, Vlad Yudin, and talk to him about the process of going back and adding new scenes to an already classic film.

If you haven’t seen the Director’s Cut yet, you can always grab your digital copy on iTunes or from our official store.

1. The first thing you notice when watching the DC is the new intro to the film. What was your inspiration for this new segment? Why change the opening?

Vlad Yudin (VY): I believe we achieved something untouched so far in the world of bodybuilding. Generation Iron allowed fans and viewers to see a new more personal side of their favorite athletes. The decision to expose that in the first segment of the Directors Cut seemed necessary. We wanted an intro that really hit on that personal note. 

2. What made you decide to put together a Directors Cut?

VY: One of the reasons for the success of the film is how it tunes into both the hardcore training these athletes undergo, as well as their relatable personal lives. There was tons of footage that didn’t make the first cut that we knew fans of the film would love to see. We were just sitting on it. So why not give them more?

3. Looking at the new scenes, were there any that almost made it into the original cut? Was it hard to decide what to keep and what to drop?

VY: Of course, it’s always a challenge to decide what stays and what goes in a film. That’s why the director’s cut has been such a success. It was a great opportunity to include those scenes that didn’t make the cut. Giving the fans more of what they loved from the original.

4. What would you say is your favorite new scene added to the DC?

VY: I would have to say the scene where Jim Manion gives advice to Phil Heath before the big competition. It shows how important and valuable it is to get advice from such a legend.

5. Sometimes scenes are deleted for good reason. Other times the DC turns out to be superior. What do you consider to be the “definitive” version of Generation Iron?

VY: I couldn’t say either is superior. The original version of Generation Iron made its mark in the history of bodybuilding. The director’s cut supports and enhances the historic value GI brought to the table.

6. You are also producing the broadcast of Mr. Olympia this year. Can you give any insights on what to expect during the broadcast? Any surprises in store for all the fans out there?

VY: Producing the first broadcasted Mr. Olympia on NBCSN has been an incredible opportunity. This year held some of the most impressive athletes to date. As well as what many would consider the most memorable rivalry in the history of Mr. Olympia. Viewers are up for a treat on October 18th.

7. Obviously you are still very involved with the bodybuilding community. Will there ever be a Generation Iron 2?

VY: The exciting world of Bodybuilding has only grown stronger since 2013. I wouldn’t put a Generation Iron sequel on the back burner just yet.


Well that about wraps up Back in the Cut. We hope you enjoyed the many behind-the-scenes insights we were able to dig up. Make sure to download your copy of the Generation Iron Extended Director’s Cut right now fro iTunes right here. As you now know, there’s tons of new stuff to see. Don’t miss out. Grab your copy now!