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Generation Iron Annoying Gym People

Generation Iron Annoying Gym People

Try to stay calm as we list off the top annoying gym-goers of all time.

A while back, our guest contributor Geo Chang covered some gym etiquette 101 – those simple rules that every gym-goer should know for a pleasant and universal weightlifting experience.

But the sad truth of that matter is that there will always be people who break those rules – either because of ignorance or just plain not caring. Then there are people who go even beyond that – not just rule breakers but just plain annoying patrons. People that call attention to themselves saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m at the gym and I’m the only one who matters!”

Well we’re deciding to call those people out by listing the top seven most annoying people you see at the gym. Get ready to start clenching your teeth and fists.

Having Long Conversations at the Gym

We’ll start off with a simple one. Yes, we know that the gym is a place you visit every single day – so of course you will start to get to know people. Or maybe you go to the gym with someone you know. A friend who is your gym partner and spotter. That’s great and it’s always okay to exchange a few words with friends. What’s not okay is when someone just hangs around machines and catch up on their entire week; gabbing away with their arms leaning against the equipment like they are in some sort of coffee shop.

The gym isn’t your personal living room, a coffee shop, or the bar – it’s not a place to stand around and chit chat loudly while other people are actually trying to get work done. The truth is – you should be so tired from your workout that you don’t have enough words to speak about anyways.

Giving Workout “Trainer” Advice That Was Never Asked For

This one’s the worst. You all know the situation. You’re just working out at your machine and then some other guy casually walks over, looks right at you, and starts trying to tell you the “right” way to work out.

Of course it’s always nice if someone makes a quick observation and tries offer a quick piece of helpful advice and prevent injury – but when they sit down and start acting like your personal trainer and you didn’t even ask for it. That’s annoying. The worst part? Most of the time these people are WRONG. If you have this problem maybe you should start thinking about bringing headphones to block out all that yapping. Speaking of headphones…

Singing Out Loud to Your Music

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bringing headphones to the gym. Sometimes people just want to have their own personal music to listen to. The key word here is listen.

The problem starts when people decide to start singing out loud to their music. This isn’t American Idol or a karaoke bar – no one wants your off key singing. Worst part of all is that that singing voice is all panty from the workout – ruining your favorite song even MORE than usual.

Gym Selfies

This one is relatively new. Selfies are a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. People love to document every single place they are – no matter what. This includes the gym. “Here’s me on the treadmill! Here’s me lifting barbells! Here’s me all sweaty after a long workout!”

No one cares – so stop wasting your time and ours with this selfie nonsense. Instead of lifting that phone for a picture you could be lifting more weights.

Get a taste of the last three annoying gym habits on page 2!


Generation Iron Hugh Jackman Deadlift

Generation Iron Hugh Jackman Deadlift


Who says movie stars only rely on special effects?  Hugh Jackman is a staunch and dedicated actor who pushes himself to the limit for all of his roles. We posted his Wolverine workout some weeks back, serving as an example of the actor’s determination in building his body to match the iconic superhero’s physique.

Lately, videos have been surfacing of the Aussie actor getting prepared to play Black Beard in a new Peter Pan adaptation – and just as he did for The Wolverine, Jackman is pushing himself to the limit in order to turn himself into a figure of menacing might.

Jackman is a fan of adding Olympic lifting into his regular workout routines, one of which is the universally popular deadlift. Over the summer he posted a video of himself lifting just shy of 400 lbs. A recent video has surfaced of Jackman pushing past 400 to 435 lbs. Take a look.

Getting closer to my PB. 435 DON’T TOUCH IT!!

A video posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Jackman is in total beast mode in this clip, screaming out “Don’t touch it!” when his training partners try to offer him some help. The best part is, that’s not even his personal best. Let us know what you think of Jackman’s deadlifting prowess in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Generation Iron

Generation IronWhat Does Flexatron need to be Mr. Olympia?

Shawn Rhoden is a very complete bodybuilder. His symmetry is unmatched and his definition is something to be marveled. At the 2014 Olympia competition, Rhoden came in third place behind both Kai Greene and the reigning champion Phil Heath. Even beating out fan favorite – Dennis Wolf.  Shawn is on the cusp of greatness, yet so far out of reach. So what exactly does Mr. Rhoden need to triumph and become the Olympia champion? How can he break through that seemingly impenetrable wall that is Kai Green and Phil Heath?

More Size

For all his considerable mass, Shawn Rhoden isn’t a considerably large competitor in the open weight class. Outsized by Greene, Heath and even Dennis Wolf, Big Ramy, and Roelly Winklaar – Rhoden finds himself in a unique position. He has placed higher than the aforementioned athletes except for Greene and Heath. But it can’t be denied that gaining more size would more than likely help his bid.

Maintain Symmetry

While size should be one of Rhoden’s priorities, he shouldn’t forget to maintain his strengths. Shawn Rhoden has become synonymous with the word symmetry on the bodybuilding circuit. Though gaining more muscle and bulk is important, he has to remember what brought him to the show in the first place. If Rhoden can add size while maintaining his impressive definition he’ll become even more of a threat.


Greater Stage Presence

Having a great physique goes a long way in the sport of bodybuilding.  After all, as the name would suggest, competitors are judged on the development of their bodies. But that’s not all. When you see a champion like Phil Heath and a hungry contender in Kai Greene, you realize how big a role personality plays in taking home the crown. Phil has an air of kingly command and fearsome energy. Kai has fluid motion and an artistic approach. Both are major staples of each man’s posing routines. Their personalities bring so much more to their routines that they become hard to ignore. Shawn does have personality, a hard working, blue collar type, humble and up for the challenge. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more than work ethic to win over the judges. Having a marketable presence is key.


So what do you think it’ll take for Shawn Rhoden to surpass Kai and snatch the crown from Phil’s head? Do you think it is even possible? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron Phil Heath Seminar ESPN

Phil Heath reacts to being in Generation Iron.

It’s fair to say that Phil Heath is a celebrity in his own right – conquering Mr. Olympia four times has already put him into the bodybuilding limelight and set him on a path towards breaking the world record of eight Sandow trophies. There’s no doubt he would still be the same champion even if he was not featured in Generation Iron – but would the whole experience be different to him?

At his seminar in the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, Phil opened up about what it was like to be constantly filmed as he trained for Mr. Olympia; what it means to him now almost a year after its release; and how it changed his perspective on his career moving forward. Check it all out in the video above and be sure to check back as we release more highlights from Phil Heath’s Powerhouse seminar.

You can always take a look at all of our online exclusive by visiting our Episodes page – including our brand new show GI Weekly, your #1 source for everything bodybuilding news and entertainment. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron Juan Morel DMX

Generation Iron Juan Morel DMX

One of Juan Morel’s go to songs.

It’s the start of a new week and we’ve got a new pumped up track for you to listen to in the gym. This time brought to you by the great Juan Morel. A talented and dedicated bodybuilder on the rise – at this years Olympia he took 10th place and hopes to make a big push for next years competition. When he’s pumping iron in the gym one of Juan’s favorite songs is a throw back tune from rap artist DMX.

Released in May 1998, the Ruff Ryders Anthem was the song that put DMX on the map and a great song to psyche yourself up when you’re on the bench pressing. And then there’s the music video – between the badass shots of motorcycle tricks and prisoners pumping iron, there’s no way this won’t bring your workout to the max. Take a listen and stay tuned for next week’s favorite adrenaline fueled song from another bodybuilding pro.

What songs get you pumped up in the gym? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Cover photo courtesy of Ambal.ru & Ruff Ryders Blogspot.


Generation Iron Irongames & Iowa Pro Results

Generation Iron Irongames & Iowa Pro Results

The ultimate bikini champions.

There were two major IFBB Pro bikini competitions this weekend: the Irongames in California and the Iowa Pro Bikini competition. Well the results are in so lets find out who made the best showing at both of these events.

Irongame Championships

1. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
2. Christie Marquez
3. Tatiana Koshman
4. Iveth Carreon
5. Michelle Mein

Iowa Pro Championships

1. Narmin Assria
2. Katherine Ampolini
3. Kenea Yancey
4. Breena Martinez
5. Sheena Jayne Anderton

There you have it GI Nation. The results of the Irongames and Iowa Pro competitions. As always, we here at Generation Iron send out are biggest congratulations to everyone who competed and showed off their best stuff on stage. You can see the official score card, along with the complete results, right over at NPC News Online.


Cover photo courtesy of Ron Avidan.


Generation Iron Kentucky Muscle Pro Results

Generation Iron Kentucky Muscle Pro Results

Who reigned as champion in Kentucky?

The results from this massive competition weekend continues! In Kentucky Men’s Physique and Pro Figure fought it out for the top spots. Who made it to #1? Check out the official results below to find out.

Pro Men’s Physique

1. Michael Anderson
2. Paul Batrony
3. Andre Adams
4. George Brown
5. Michael Blevins

Pro Figure

1. Kamla Macko
2. Jennifer Brown
3. Carly Starling Horrell
4. Maria Garcia
5. Tara Ramos

A big congrats to everyone who placed in the top spots and also to everyone who competed and flexed their stuff onstage. You can see the full list of results as well as the official score sheets right over at NPC News Online. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron Eastern USA Championships Results


Generation Iron Eastern USA Championships Results

Who qualified for Nationals at Steve Weinberger’s big event?

This weekend was jam packed with bodybuilding competitions – both Pro and NPC. But one one of the biggest shows that went down was the Eastern USA Championships, where everyone competes to grab a chance to qualify for the Nationals later this month. There’s a lot of results here – we we’ll just give you a rundown of who placed first in every category:

Women’s Bodybuilding Over 35: Tischa Thomas
Women’s Physique: Andrea Gritz
Women’s Bodybuilding Open: Tischa Thomas

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Masters Champion: Michael Lynn
Bodybuilding Teen (18-19): Julian Odritt
Bodybuilding Over 35: Aaron Newman
Bodybuilding Over 40: Michael Lynn
Bodybuilding Over 50: Anthony Charles
Bodybuilding Over 60: Victor Conti
Bodybuilding Over 80: Joel Segal

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Champion: Matthiew Sharp
Bodybuilding Novice LW: NIcholas McCluskey
Bodybuilding Novice MW: Mike Dagrossa
Bodybuilding Novice LHW: Mathiew Sharp
Bodybuilding Novice HW: Jose Diaz

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Open Champion: Dominick Cardone
Bodybuilding Open BW: Robert Austin
Bodybuilding Open LW: Richard Maradola
Bodybuilding Open MW: Adam Reich
Bodybuilding Open LHW: Bobby Church
Bodybuilding Open HW: Dominick Cardone
Bodybuilding Open SHW: Jose Diaz

Fitness Champion: Gina Luciano

Overall Men’s Physique Masters Champion: Damian Butkiewicz
Men’s Physique Teen: Kirlos Abdelmessih
Men’s Physique Masters A: Keith Owens
Men’s Physique Masters B: Damian Butkiewicz

Overall Men’s Physique Open Champion: Jose Diaz
Men’s Physique Open A: Bryan Cuevas
Men’s Physique Open B: Xavier Ifill
Men’s Physique Open C: Jose Diaz
Men’s Physique Open D: Anthony Scalza
Men’s Physique Open E: Elvis Mokhan
Men’s Physique Open F: Jonathan Oliver

Overall Figure Masters Champion: Valesca Macedo
Overall Figure Novice Champion: Karli Funk
Figure Over 35 A: Rachel Donzalski
Figure Over 35 B: Valesca Macedo
Figure Over 45: Christine Bertini
Figure Novice A: Tyliah Williams
Figure Notice B: Karli Funk

Overall Figure Open Champion: Karli Funk
Figure Open A: Carmen Parnell
Figure Open B: Taylor Brandon
Figure Open C: Tyliah Williams
Figure Open D: Christine Bertini
Figure Open E: Karli Funk
Figure Open F: Valesca Macedo

Overall Bikini Masters Champion: Maya Kekahuna
Bikini Over 35 A: Maya Kekahuna
Bikini Over 35 B: Michelle Cerbone
Bikini Over 45: Cynthia Purcell

Overall Bikini Novice Champion: Madeleine Conti
Bikini Novice A: Jade Vignapiano
Bikini Novice B: Ashley Evertz
Bikini Novice C: Madeleine Conti

Overall Bikini Open Champion: Tifanny Urrea
Bikini Open A: Kristy Malczewski
Bikini Open B: Elizabeth Yisrael
Bikini Open C: Yuliya Blagova
Bikini Open D: Tifanny Urrea
Bikini Open E: Bena Ng
Bikini Open F: Jennifer Willey

Well that about does it for this competition. You can see where everyone placed and the official score sheet over at NPC News Online. Stay pumped and catch you later.


Generation Iron Dorian Yates Quote of the Week

Generation Iron Dorian Yates Quote

There is nothing in between.

Another week has passed and so another motivational quote must be shared with the masses from the all time greats. This week we bring you wise words from Dorian Yates. If you want to be a massive champion like Yates – you cannot know the meaning of in between. There is no try. Only do. If each workout hasn’t been pushed beyond the limit then you have failed. Read Yates words. Memorize them. This should be the backbone of your entire mindset when at the gym. As always, stay pumped.


Generation Iron Steve Weinberger Kai Phil

Should Phil Heath have had his seminar on Kai Greene’s regular gym?

Not too long ago, Phil Heath held a special seminar where he sat down with an intimate group of fans and let them in on who the real Phil is and how he felt about moving forward post 50th Mr. Olympia. But many were quick to point out – why have the seminar at the East Coast Mecca, Kai Greene’s gym? This is the Predator’s home turf after all. Well we were able to grab a quick interview with Steve Weinberger himself and find out from the judge and owner whether or not Phil belongs in “Kai’s gym.”

He also takes the time to share with us his thoughts on the Phil/Kai rivalry. Is this the biggest rivalry of all bodybuilding time? And how does it compare to the Pumping Iron rivalry of Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Lou Ferrigno. Find out all the answers in the video above!