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Generation Iron GI Weekly Inspirational Bodybuilding

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The sparks that drive us.

For every bodybuilder there is always a reason why they got into the lifestyle. A spark that hit them early on and caught fire to a brand new passion – twisting and shaping their lives in a new and amazing ways. For each person it’s different but there are also some unifying things in this world that inspired many kids to grow up being huge. TV shows, sports, events, movies, comic books – some element in our culture that shoved big ripped muscles in our face and said, “Isn’t this cool as hell?” That’s why this week we’re counting down the top five musclebound things that inspired so many people to become the pro bodybuilders who push boundaries today. Check it out in our new episode above.

GI Weekly airs every Friday only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. But if you want to check out the rest of our videos with updates and news straight to your computer or phone –subscribe to our official YouTube channel today. Stay pumped.

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Generation Iron Sexiest Fitness Instagram

The best of the best.

We’re back with another week of the sexiest fit girls of Instagram showcasing their hard work in the gym with glamorous model photos. There’s no better way to start relaxing on the weekend than with the fittest and best looking fitness women on the internet. So check out our brand new gallery below:

Ainsley Rodriguez
Ainsley Rodriguez – @hardcoreainsley



Generation Iron Rich Piana Bulk

Generation Iron Rich Piana Bulk

Could 38 lbs in 9 weeks be enough for Rich Piana?

Bulking season will be coming to a close fairly soon as bodybuilders who cultivated massive physiques over the winter and are now shifting to their cutting period. There’s a reason that bodybuilders choose to either bulk up or cut down when they’re building up their bodies. Everything is about timing when it comes to bodybuilding and essentially that means you either have to choose to build up muscle or lose fat. It’s pretty much impossible for your body to do both at the same time. That means getting the physique of your dreams is going to require patience if you ever hope to see positive results.

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Rich Piana’s bulking endeavor has been well documented, the fitness personality venturing to gain thirty pounds of muscle in three months. So far it appears that Piana has indeed put on a tremendous amount of muscle and is looking the biggest he ever has. Many have called the endeavor dangerous, foolhardy, a major mistake. Seeing as how Rich was already pretty massive it seemed ill advised to pack on more pounds of muscle. But that hasn’t stopped Piana from trying his hardest to pack on the extra muscle.

But a recent post from Instagram may be showing a change of heart for the massively muscled Piana. Now it seems like the bulk that he had once thought to be a great idea is starting to backfire. Check out what Piana had to say in the post below.

New high of 314lbs!! Ok everyone I have to be honest and say I am miserable at this size and definitely not wanting to continue putting size on! I know I have more than proven my point of how easy it really is to be successful in life at whatever you choose if you are willing to do #whateverittakes and work your ass off 24/7 and #nevergiveup my total gain in muscle is 38lbs in 9 weeks and I’m at 9 meals a day and not even at the craziest part of the cycle!! Going up to 12 meals and adding the tren and anadrol in will just be insane!! Looking at this pic it’s very clear to me that I have surpassed what I would call an incredibly insane awesome bodybuilding physique! This is just to much!! My head is ready to explode!! Lol! Tell me what you guys think? I will continue the videos and always motivating the fuck out of you guys but might put the brakes on as far as myself getting any Bigger!! Continue doing “Bigger by the Day” program and definitely need those arm feeders to catch them up to my shoulders!! Just not continue packin on the size!! So everybody else keep going and We will be doing a program on getting off and maintaining all that muscle!! So keep Fucking going God Damn it!! #monstersdoexist #biggerbytheday #bigasfuck #killthatshit #nosuchthingasovertraining #loveitkillit #1dayumay #2016bringingbigback #eatbigtogetbig #nopainnogain #welcometomyworld #5percentnutrition #5150 #killit #realfood #fullasfuck #alldayumay #motivation #inspiration #monstermode

A photo posted by Rich Piana (@1dayumay) on

After all that training, eating, and cycling, one has to wonder: is Rich Piana going to stop his bulk?

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Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. Check out his Twitter to keep up with his antics.

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Generation Iron Pre Rage Elite Labs

Generation Iron Pre Rage Elite Labs

The ELITE Pre-Workout.

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FEEL the Energy

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Generation Iron Elite Labs Pre Rage

FOCUS Your Fire

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Pre-Rage™ delivers more than explosive energy. It helps you focus all of that incredible energy too, and this can help you feel a stronger mind-muscle connection and maintain a greater clarity of purpose in your training. *


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Pre-Rage™ is OutRAGEously delicious!

We believe the more you enjoy the flavor, the more you’ll love using it. And so we’ve worked with the superstars of the flavoring World to create an outrageously delicious taste that we guarantee will have you smiling from ear to ear!

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KNOW What’s Inside

There’s Nothing to Hide.

Simply look at the label and it’s easy to see. You know exactly how much of each ingredient is in every scoop you take. No proprietary blends. No tricks. And we believe that’s the way it should be.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Have questions about this ELITE pre workout supplement? Check out our official Q&A on the next page.


Generation Iron Arnold Classic Australia Figure Results 2016

Generation Iron Arnold Classic Australia Figure Results 2016

Top AU Figure results are in!

We’re off and running with (essentially) round 2 of the Arnold Classic with the Arnold Classic Australia Figure competition. Just 2 weeks after the mega sized Ohio competitions. It was another fight to the finish for our Pro Figure competitors and it seems that Latorya’s win streak continues with another first place win. Check out the full results below:

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Arnold Classic Austrlia Figure Results

1. Latorya Watts
2. Candice Lewis
3. Cydney Gillon
4. Camala Rodriguez Mcclure
5. Gennifer Strobo
6. Amanda Doherty
7. Bojana Vasiljevic
8. Asher Prior
9. Myra Rogers
10. Krystal Ricci
11. Jennifer Van Zant
12. Yvette Brown
13. Andrea Calhoun
14. Laura Keddie
15. Veronica Gallego

Stick around with the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more results coming in this Saturday on the Fitness and Men’s Open Arnold Classic Australia results. Stay pumped.

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Generation Iron Arnold Classic Australia Bikini Results

Generation Iron Arnold Classic Australia Bikini Results

Who is the 2016 bikini champion down under?

It looks like India Paulino is having one hell of a early 2016. She has now officially earned two Arnold Classic wins by taking the top spot today (this morning) in Australia. It’s a true one-two punch as these two competitions hit hard just two weeks apart. You can check out the complete and official results below:

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 Arnold Classic Australia Bikini Results

1. India Paulino
2. Janet Layug
3. Justine Munro
4. Sheena Jayne Martin
5. Courtney King
6. Stephanie Mahoe
7. Narmin Assria
8. Sara Back
9. Tatiana Debique
10. Jessica Lynn
11. Jaclyn Wilson
12. Caryn Paolini
13. Barbie Heng
14. Brie Tawhai
15. Sarah Allen
16. Elisangela Angell
16. Adriana Gonzales
16. Brandy Leaver
16. Babette Mulford
16. Kamilah Powell
16. Jessica Renee
16. Kenea Yancey

We’ll keep you posted as the Saturday results roll in tomorrow (early, early in the morning) here for us in the USA. Stay tuned on the Generation Iron Fitness Network for who makes it on top. Stay pumped.

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nate diaz conor mcgregor

And the crowd laments

According to MMA fighting and its many sources, Conor Mcgregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 may is already in the works. Sources say the UFC is close to inking  the deal for the  July 9th card and is expecting to make an announcement shortly. In case you didn’t catch the first one, Nate Diaz disposed of the super star via rear naked choke in the middle of the second round at UFC196. While many are pointing at Conor Mcgregors sudden weight jump from 145 to 170 as the culprit for the loss, the journey man Nate Diaz took the fight on 8 days notice and was on vacation when he got the call. I don’t know about the casual fans but MMA enthusiast everywhere just let out a universal grown. There’s no reason to make an immediate rematch for a non title fight in which the person who lost got hosed. Obviously Mcgregor wants his shine back and Dana is more than happy to oblige by either throwing mounds of money at Nate Diaz or just pulling the dictator card and tying up his other fights. Either way this is a fight that only diehard Mcgregor fans want to see and certainly not worthy of headlining the highly anticipated UFC 200. What do you guys think of this matchup? Rock or stock?  


hunt vs mir fighting words headerThings are gonna get heavy in Brisbane.

Fighting Words pits two of our Generation Iron MMA writers against each other in a heated debate on big fight predictions.

Jonathan Salmon: So I’m hearing from a little birdie that you actually think Frank Mir is going to take out Mark Hunt. Now, while I think it’s certainly possible, my gut’s telling me that Hunt is probably going to put a beat down on Mir with some fast and heavy hands.
Lionel Harris-Spence: You know, usually I think you’re out of your mind, but this time, I think you’ve got a point. Mark Hunt definitely has some heavy hands and his conditioning has gotten a lot better. However, I still think Frank Mir’s movement and boxing will eventually get the better of him. Not that I think he’s going to knock him out or anything, but I feel the competent boxing and foot work will keep Frank going in and out, picking his shots as well as avoiding them (most of them anyway.) I also feel Frank Mir’s ground game is far superior and that will play a part in the later rounds when Mark Hunt get tired, this is a five round fight.
JS: You’re absolutely right about the ground game, but I don’t think it plays a factor in this match up. Hunt has shifted his style for MMA to encompass more boxing combinations and less kicking in order to dig underhooks and prevent takedowns. Mir is no wrestling wizard and will be hardpressed to get Hunt to the ground. Hunt’s footwork is also very clean, it’s a matter of whether he stands tall in front of Mir to receive shots or use his distancing to get off big shots and hurt the former champ with a left hook counter.
LHS: Yeah I think Mir is going to fight a smart fight and stay on the outside, possibly trying to tire him out with some clinch game against the fence. I see Mir keeping his distance at first and then turning it up in the 3rd round. The new rested Mir seems to have way better cardio and punching power to boot, knocking out Bigfoot Silva and Todd Duffee. I think it will be a war of attrition with Mir ending up on top

Final Prediction: Mir by submission Rd. 3
JoOn the contrary, I see Mir getting more winded in this fight than Hunt. The former kickboxer is going to show everyone exactly why he was so highly regarded in K-1.
The Verdict: Hunt wins by TKO Rd. 3
Who do you think will triumph in the heavyweight main event?
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The Seven Deadly Leg Day Sins

Generation Iron Seven Deadly Leg Day Sins

There’s rules to this sh*t.

No matter what you do in life it seems there’s rules and guidelines to everything. With nothing new under the sun, in 2016 everything has been tried and tested even if it has come back in an apparently different form. Like Biggie enlightening us on the potential perils of “street pharmacy” in the classic “10 Crack Commandments”, there’s rules to the game, and bodybuilding is no different.

Whether you love it or hate it, Leg Day is an integral part of any bodybuilders diet. Whether you’re training for aesthetics or the big show, you don’t want to go out there looking like Sponge Bob. Now some of you have the greatest of intentions and some of you guys are just lazy. Either way, the result is without proper lifting technique you’re cheating yourself of massive gains as well as knowledge of the sport. With every builder having their own rituals and techniques it’s easier to get a consensus on what you’re doing wrong rather than what you’re doing right. And because of that, we’ve comprised a list of the seven deadly leg day sins. Read below to check it out.


Leaving your heels

Look around next time you’re at the gym at I bet you’ll see this: an amateur doing a leg press on tippy toes. Sure it looks cool, but you’re not optimizing the movement. Keep your heels glued to the floor on big muscle leg movements and you’ll activate more muscle groups, leaving with a stronger and well rounded physique.



Lee Haney weights in on the battle of 8x Mr. Olympia champions.

Every week, Iron Cinema will connect you with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin. Giving you unprecedented inside access to the creative process behind his the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Get a first hand look at the entire journey of taking Vlad’s creative ideas to the big screen – from stories on set of films like Generation Iron and CT Fletcher all the way to exclusive behind-the-scene looks at our newest GI news and films. This week Vlad talks with 8x undefeated Olympia champion Lee Haney about his legacy and why the bodybuilding world seems to place Ronnie Coleman above Haney.

One of the things I find the most fascinating about Lee Haney is that modern bodybuilding fans rarely talk about him with the same excitement and esteem as they do Ronnie Coleman. Both are 8x Mr. Olympia champions. In fact, Lee Haney holds the distinction over Ronnie that he’s never been defeated. Instead he retired on a high note and when he knew he was ready. In my latest Iron Cinema interview, I sit down with Lee Haney himself to pick his brain about his bodybuilding career. Watch it above.