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Generation Iron Phil Heath Weak Points

Generation Iron Phil Heath Weak Points

5 tips to help build up those weak areas.

No-body is perfect and no one knows that better than the dedicated bodybuilder. On the journey to building the ultimate body, most bodybuilders will discover their strengths and weaknesses. Even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger had weak points that he had to overcome to transform himself into a champion. In the early days Arnold’s most glaring weakness was undoubtedly his undeveloped calves. They were virtually nonexistent. The Austrian neglected the body part as it was a muscle group that wasn’t deemed a priority in the European circuit at the time. But in order to overcome this weakness Arnold had to attack the muscle group like a man possessed. So what can be done to pump up your weak points? Let’s take a look.


The first and perhaps most important rule to follow is being truthful about what you lack. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will go a long way to attacking your weak points. If you look in the mirror and think that you’re perfect, while ignoring your lowly defined triceps and puny traps, well chances are you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.


It’s best to start your workouts by focusing on your weak point. If you have underdeveloped quads then your first priority should be to attack that muscle group before training any of your other body parts. By doing this you have full concentration, strength, and effort focused on the weak point. This means you’ll be more focused on the right technique and contractions to develop the muscle.

Increase Frequency

Now hold on for a sec. Increasing the training frequency in which you work a muscle group doesn’t necessarily mean going overboard and doing 20 sets of 100 reps to develop your weak area. Simply, it means increase the volume in a reasonable fashion. If you do 3 sets of 15 reps then try increasing the sets to 4 or 5 of 15 reps. Maintaining your schedule is important to avoid overtraining. Training the same muscle everyday isn’t the best recommendation.

More Volume

Sometimes you have no other choice but to go big to get bigger results. Adding more weight to your reps will help in building up your weaker muscle groups. There’s no getting around it, if you want to build mass you can’t stick to lifting the same amount of weight. The increase in weight is the perfect way to add bulk.

Compound Sets

By using your superset to train the same muscle group you can potentially double your gains. For instance, if you want to build up your thighs you can perform squats then immediately do leg presses with no rest in between. The idea is to regulate the frequency of the workout. If you don’t give your muscles the right amount of rest, you risk overworking them and defeating the purpose.


So what weak points do you think you need to work on? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Generation Iron Western Cup 2015 Results

Generation Iron Western Cup 2015 Results

The first pro show of the year.

Can you feel it? That feeling in the air? The excitement in the pit of your stomach? That’s right boys and girls, competitions season is slowly rolling back into our lives. Yesterday was the IFBB Western Cup Physique Competition. The first Pro show of the 2015 and we’re excited to get right back into the swing of things.

Who ended up on top? Let’s take a look with our official results list:

Pro Men’s Physique

1. Frank Ortega
2. Joseph Lee
3. Patrick Fulgham
4. James Hurst
5. T.A. Martin
6. Tonnell Rodrique
7. Jonny Bernstein
8. Brandon Hendrickson
9. William Kitchen

There you have it. The first results of 2015. A major congrats to everyone who competed and especially those who got the top spots. You can keep expecting result reports from us all year – so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to never miss a bodybuilding beat. Stay pumped.


Photo courtesy of Ron Avidan & NPC News Online.

How To Get Your First Bodybuilding Sponsorship

It’s an uphill journey  – we’re going to try and help make it a little easier.

In order to become a pro bodybuilder, much time and dedication must be given towards training, dieting, and posing. It’s such a dedication, in fact, that for many it is almost impossible to maintain a job and at the same time rise up to a competitive level of Olympia standards.

How does one finance this kind of lifestyle? A lifestyle that requires a full time commitment in order to succeed? While not the ultimate cure-all answer, sponsorships provide a way to help support the working bodybuilder. It is an important part of being able to become a full fledged, full time pro bodybuilder.

But how do you get yourself a sponsor? It may seem overwhelming at first. There are hundreds of companies that are seeking the perfect athlete to become the face of their brand.

Today we are going to try and break down what it takes to get a sponsorship for your first time. We’ll provide tips, motivation, and basic guidelines to help make the first steps towards sponsorship more manageable.

The Basics

The first and most obvious way to get the attention of companies for sponsorships is to compete in shows. The bigger the show, the better. The more people at the show means the more company representatives that will be in attendance. You should be trying to get your face and muscles out there as much as possible. Absorb the entire bodybuilding circuit so people know who you are and what you stand for.

But just performing in shows is not enough. You need to be a prepared and outgoing go-getter with a unique voice that sticks you out from the crowd. Here are a few other suggestions and tips that can help get you signed for a great sponsorship deal.

Make Sure to Reach Out

Like we said, going to the shows isn’t enough. You need to make yourself known in every facet of the industry. Visit company websites and reach out to them. Many have online applications to become a member of athletes that they contact. Think of it like searching for a job. You just have to apply, apply, apply. There will be plenty of rejection. But just like any other job – it’s a combination of good luck, hard work, talent, and timing.

Be Professional and Have a Plan

This won’t be the first time we say this – but you should really treat a sponsorship like you treat a job. You don’t just blindly apply to job posts, waltz into an interview, and wing the whole thing.

You have to have a strategy. A good plan. Do research about the company, its history, and it’s product before speaking with representatives. Plan out how you are going to best sell yourself. What about your personality makes you worth signing? What makes you stand out? What makes you a better athlete than the hundreds of others who want the same thing as you.

If you can come across as professional and organized, a person who has everything together before you even speak to the company, people will take notice. Have your competition history and stats neatly organized and prepared for them. Know exactly the answers to their questions before they even ask them. Be confident, in control, as if you were born for this sponsorship.

Is it Important to Win Big Shows?

No not necessarily. Of course winning never hurts – but there are plenty of sponsored athletes that have yet to win a big show. Companies aren’t focused on how many shows you’ve won – what they are focused on is your personality and presence in the bodybuilding world. Is your name something that will draw people’s attention? That’s what is most important. Remember, you are selling yourself. Big wins are a part of that – but only a piece of the overall picture that is you.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to prove that you can be a face that draws attention. As they say with almost every profession – networking is key. And while many people may find that to mean networking with companies and other bodybuilding professionals (which is most definitely important), what you shouldn’t overlook is how important it is to network with the community through the internet.

While companies never judge your chance at a sponsorship solely on social media – it is a useful tool to prove to the higher-ups that you have a following of people who are dedicated to you and what you stand for.

Is Being Perfectly Sculpted Enough?

Generation Iron Jay Cutler PhysiqueOkay, so let’s say you have perfected your body to a level that even the pros would love – does that mean supplement and fitness companies will flock to you for sponsorship? That’s not a guarantee. It is very important for you to have a vast understanding of the product that you want to stand for. The last thing any company wants is an athlete who slips up and reveals that they really know nothing about the product line.

Remember, companies ultimately want you so they can sell their brand. If you don’t bleed the product line – why would they sign you?

Believe in the Product

This brings us to our next point. If you have to know the product inside and out; it should be a product you actually believe in. Sure, you can become a sell out and use something that you secretly hate, don’t use, or don’t believe in – but trust us when we say the whole experience will be much more pleasant (and lucrative) if you actually can stand behind the product you’re selling.

Always Be “On”

This goes for before you get signed and definitely for after you get signed: you have to always be at your A game. You can’t complain, have a bad moment, or make a negative public display. Think of this like politics. If you want to represent a company – you have to have a spotless record.

No one wants to sign someone who is hard to work with. Or who is prone to drawing bad attention. That means don’t get caught eating unhealthy food; slogging around drunk; or becoming inappropriate with other people at events. Always be at 110%. Even when you think no one is watching you.

Become A National Bodybuilding Co. Sponsored Athlete

National Bodybuilding Co. is a company with two things in mind, the first, to provide high performance supplements, with grounded yet powerful formulas. The second thing? Enable aspiring athlete the world over to progress and fulfill their dreams.

National Bodybuilding Co.’s supplements are up, selling and have been welcomed by the elite community.  After their initial launch, they are now looking to help talented athletes get what they deserve. Starting with this, our hunt for bodybuilders to sponsor and support.

What Do National Bodybuilding Co. Athletes Get?

National Bodybuilding Co. has partnered with Generation Iron to offer a full package that can help the right person progress into the world of bodybuilding.

So, in short, if you get selected to be sponsored by National Bodybuilding Co. here’s what you can expect:

  • Free monthly supplement stack from National Bodybuilding Co.
  • 5% commission on all orders made through you
  • Featured on the National Bodybuilding Co. ambassadors page
  • Training or posing videos on the Generation Iron website
  • Social Media shares to Generation Irons accounts
  • Featured athlete profile and mini Interview on the Generation Iron website
  • 20 minute personal strategy call with National Bodybuilding Co. / Generation Iron Executives

The above is just the start. If athletes are successful in their work, a paid sponsorship could be considered alongside full competition prep .

What Do Athletes Have to Do?

We don’t want much from our athletes. We mostly ask that they live and breathe their sport and discipline, as this is what will help them to grow with us.

  • Promote National Bodybuilding Co. products with bi-weekly updates
  • Support others and share their knowledge and passion

Who Can Apply?

As much as National Bodybuilding Co. would love to sponsor everyone, in every gym, they’re still in the process of growing. So we’re currently looking for athletes who are in the early stages of their bodybuilding career, or have never quite had that break they were looking for.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Active social media presence
  • Has competed within the last 2 years or is competing in the future (in any sport or discipline)
  • Confidence with appearing and speaking on camera
  • In depth knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness (qualifications are good, but not essential if you’re physique tells us you know your stuff)
  • Dreams and aspirations to go far

If you think this is you, enter below. We cannot answer every application and only have limited spaces in this round of our search. If you progress to the next stage, you’ll hear from National Bodybuilding Co. directly.


One More Thing…

The last thing we want to leave you off with is a word of warning and advice. Sponsorships are very hard to get – they aren’t just handed out. And even when you do land a sponsorship, they may not pay well at first – or even at all.

Despite how it may seem, especially with all the superstar pros in every magazine and website, sponsorships are not money trains that will drive you home to the bank. Many of these companies will sign you under a contract that provides you with a free supply of their products (which isn’t too shabby especially if it’s a supplement company).

Just don’t hold all of your financial dreams on sponsorships. They do help – but just like any other job, you have to work hard to really earn the big bucks.

In the end, if you follow these steps and work just as hard off the stage as you do on the stage – you might find yourself with you’re very first sponsorship. Keep it up and who knows where it could lead. Maybe if all the stars align you’ll be the next face of MuscleMeds.

If you already have a sponsorship and have any other advice for the newcomers out there – feel free to share your tips in our comments section below. You can also share your thoughts on our official Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron Branch Warren Quote of the Week never quit

Generation Iron Branch Quote never quit

Branch Warren never quits.

Branch Warren doesn’t know the meaning of quit and neither should you. Even thinking of giving up is accepting that there is room for failure before you even start. There will always be pain, there will always be obstacles in your path – but you can’t fail if you don’t quit. So the next time you hit the gym make sure to think about this simple and powerful line from our Generation Iron alum Branch Warren.


You can see the rest of our motivational quotes by visiting our Quote of the Week tab right here on our website. Stay motivated and stay pumped.


Generation Iron GI Weekly Top 5 Uncrowned bodybuilders

The unrewarded greats of Mr. Olympia.

It’s Friday and that means all of you are starting to pack up for a work free weekend (with the exception of hitting the gym of course). It also means we have another episode of GI Weekly for you. 2015 is blasting off to a good start with tons of bodybuilding news to report. Between Hany Rambod’s birthday, Dorian Yates talking about steroids in the latest Muscular Development, or a stupidity filled forum about how many days are in the week – we have a lot to report. We’re also counting down the top five bodybuilders who never won a Mr. Olympia competition – but are elite superstars in their own right. Check it all out in our latest episode above.


You can check out the rest of our videos by visiting our Episodes tab right here on our website. You can also subscribe to our official YouTube page and get immediate updates with every video we release. Stay pumped.


Generation Iron How Young is Too Young to Lift

Generation Iron How Young is Too Young to Lift

Should there be an age limit on bodybuilding?

If you haven’t heard of Giuliano Stroe and his brother Claudio, then you’re going to be in for a shock. Whether or not the reaction is positive or negative – there will no doubt be strong opinion either way.  These two kids are both child bodybuilders with the ripped, striated, and shredded physiques that many grown men would be envious of.  Yeah, a 10 year old kid is just as ripped as you, if not more. So the question becomes, is this a good thing?  Check out this video below and judge for yourself…



Weight training during high school is a pretty common practice. Droves of teenagers enter wrestling, basketball, football, and a slew of other sporting activities that require more than just skill to compete at a high level. It also takes strength and endurance that can’t be acquired through just training technique. Weightlifting is therefore a no-brainer for gaining such physical abilities.

So why the concern for the Stroe brothers? Well, to an extent, their young minds are still being molded as they’re raised by their parents. If their parents put some 50 lb. dumbbells in their hands, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to disobey and refuse at 10 and 7 years old. An argument could be made that a 14 year old is in no better position to make that call, but the fact that these kids are lifting heavy weight before puberty is a bit concerning. They’ve been lifting since toddlers and at that age there’s no way you could make a firm decision on what you want to do, how you want to look, and how to go about it.

[wptouch target=”mobile”]

Strength Wars Movie
[wptouch target=”non-mobile”]
Strength Wars Movie

Ultimately, the decision to lift at this extremely young age, lies with the parents and these parents are obviously all for it.  Many doctors believe that weightlifting this early is unhealthy, and could have a negative effect on the growing process.  That said, the Stroe brothers seem to look pretty happy and extremely healthy in these videos and it’s probably healthier than having your kids gain a ton of weight by eating cheeseburgers and french fries, while playing video games – so as the new Pope says, “Who are we to judge?”  In any case, when you see these extremely young boys flexing their adult-like muscles – it just doesn’t feel right.

So what’s your view on lifting heavy at a young age? Is it safe and healthy or a recipe for disaster? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.


Generation Iron Kai Greene ESPN

Generation Iron Kai Greene ESPN

Kai Greene is continuing his move into the mainstream with his next television appearance.

Update (1/12/15): Well, the Kai Greene video premiered on ESPN – and while it was short, it was definitely pretty sweet. We may not have gotten a Masterpiece Project reveal like Kai teased, but in the end we got a pretty bad ass motivational video and a bodybuilder featured on one of the biggest sports networks out there. The video is now on YouTube so we’ve linked it here for your viewing pleasure:

Original story follows:

If any of you have been paying attention to Kai Greene’s Instagram or Twitter in the last few days then you’d know that the bodybuilder is up to something big. Well, if you were wondering what the Olympia runner up has in store you can rest easy; Generation Iron has the scoop. It’s official. Kai Greene will be featured on ESPN’s; “Post Season NFL Countdown” airing on Sunday, January 11 at 10:00 AM.

Kai Greene posted a few behind the scenes shots on set in the ESPN studios. Check them out:

Generation Iron Kai Greene ESPNGeneration Iron Kai Greene ESPN gym

Generation Iron Kai Greene ESPN workout


Looks like the Generation Iron star is breaking even further into the mainstream. It just goes to show you – you never know where the world’s best bodybuilders will show up. Kai Greene being on a major cable television network, particularly on a show that is only slightly related to his sport – is an indication on just how popular bodybuilding is becoming.

It also seems like Kai will be revealing his long talked about, but little known masterpiece project. He has been teasing us with pictures and videos for weeks now, but based off of these other behind the scenes photos – it looks like we will finally get a closer look at what the big picture is for the Masterpiece Project. Check them out:

Generation Iron Kai Greene Masterpiece Project ESPN Generation Iron Kai Greene Masterpiece Project


So will you be tuning in for the Post Season NFL Countdown this weekend? Check your local listings for channels and show times and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.


Generation Iron Bodybuilders Prevent Bone Disease

Generation Iron Bodybuilders Prevent Bone Disease

Don’t let your bones deteriorate.

For those looking to gain massive size, bodybuilding is an undertaking of staggering proportions. You have to get diligent with your diet, work hard in the gym, and stay dedicated to a regimen that ensures healthy gains. But bodybuilding isn’t all about packing on muscle. That’s right, there are tons of other benefits of bodybuilding, one of them being able to build bigger, stronger bones.

Now why the hell would you care about your bone strength and composition? Well for one it helps with the prevention of a little disease called arthritis. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Hitting the weights can cut down the chances of experiencing the painful disease dramatically. It also has benefits that help to combat the bone disease osteoporosis. If you ask me, that’s reason enough to dive into weightlifting.

So how exactly do you increase that bone density in the first place? Well take a look at the tips we’ve compiled below.

Increasing Training Frequency

Who says overtraining is a bad thing anyway? If you want your bones to grow big and strong then you better get your ass to the gym and put in the work. Go to the gym three times a week you say? Get in there five times a week and let’s see the results.

Performing More Repetitions

Another great way at building muscle and bone density is by pumping out more reps during each of your sets. If higher reps aren’t doing it for you then try adding more sets to your routine and you’ll be sure to see some results.

Increasing the Intensity

That’s right. If the last two ideas weren’t enough, then I’ve got something right up your alley. Stop pushing that light weight and up the load. 300 lbs bench press? Try benching 450 lbs next time you get in the gym and thank me later. The more weight you lift int he gym the more you’ll get out of the process.


If you didn’t realize it by now, you’re not gonna be young forever and taking all this into consideration will not only help you with your continued gains but also keep you on the right track throughout your life. Stay tuned to the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more content and news coverage. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Generation Iron Triple H Chest and Back Workout

Generation Iron Triple H Chest and Back Workout

The Triple H chest workout for power.

Paul Michael Levesque, better known as Triple H, is the future of professional wrestling. Like his contemporaries The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin,Triple H has been integral in maintaining the popularity of professional wrestling through the late 90’s and 2000’s. Originally billed as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, the prolific entertainer has proven to build one of the most impressive chest and back routines in the WWE’s history.

As impressive as his stage presence and acting is, his athletic prowess should also be heavily commended. You can’t fly through the air, crash into the ground, and be hit by steel chairs without having some above average athleticism. The wrestling star wasn’t all that ripped when he first exploded onto the scene, but since then has steadily packed on mass and muscle. Now he’s more ripped than he’s ever been and we’re guessing some muscle maturity is to blame for his increased definition. In particular the wrestler’s chest and back are well built and defined. If you want your physique to look the same as Triple H then check out his chest and back workout.

[wptouch target=”mobile”]

Strength Wars Movie
[wptouch target=”non-mobile”]
Strength Wars Movie


Incline Bench Press – 4 sets, reps = 10, 8, 7, 4
Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press – 2 sets, reps = 8, 6
Hammer Strength Press – 1 set to failure
Dumbbell Flyes – 2 sets, reps = 8-10, 6-7


Pull-Up – 2 sets, reps = 10 (bodyweight), 6-7 (weighted)
Smith Machine Bent-Over Row (overhand grip) – 3 sets, reps = 10, 8, 6
One-Arm Dumbbell Row – 2 sets, reps = 10, 6 (each arm)
Hammer Strength Row – 1 set to failure
Back Extension – 2 sets, reps = 12 (bodyweight), 8-10 (45 pounds)

As the years go by it’s beginning to look more and more likely that Triple H is in line to be the face of the WWE as its potential president succeeding Vince McMahon. He has also been recently named an editorial adviser for Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Solidifying his stranglehold on pro wrestling and getting in the best shape of his life.


Take a crack at Triple H’s workout and get those chest and back gains. Let us know what you think about the wrestler’s routine and be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.


Generation Iron Gabe Moen Prep Coaches

You know your body best.

Straight from The Vault: MUTANT’s own Gabe Moen explains whether or not it’s important for an advanced bodybuilder to have a prep coach or nutrition guru. When you are 6 foot, 2 inches, over 300 lbs, and packed on with muscle – it takes a very specific and certain kind of coach who can effectively maximize your gains. Get the full details in the video above.


You can also check out our complete video catalog by hitting up our Episodes tab right here on our site. Make sure to also subscribe to our official YouTube page and get updates on all of our latest and greatest new content. Stay pumped.