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Build Traps Like Mountains with this Workout

Generation Iron Exercise Guide Traps

Build Traps Like Mountains with this Workout

Although the trapezius muscles take up a lot of real estate on your back and shoulders, most people treat them like accessory muscles. Well developed traps can make your shoulders look bigger and can add the illusion of broad shoulders and a narrow waist to your physique.

The trapezius muscle extends longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae of the spine and laterally to the spine of the scapula. It helps in moving the scapula and supports the arm.

Workout for Building Monsterous Traps

Exercise 1

Upright Row to Shoulder Press – 3 Sets 15-12-10 Reps

Since the traps are a relatively small muscle group, most people prefer training them with their shoulder or back. Since this article is all about building giant traps, we’ll focus on the trapezius muscle and the other shoulder heads.

In upright rows to shoulder press, hold the barbell with a shoulder-wide grip and let the bar rest against your quads. Pull the barbell up to your shoulders, rotate your wrists and get into the military press position. Complete a military press and slowly return to the starting position.

Exercise 2 – Superset

Face Pulls – 3 Sets 15-12-10 Reps

Trap Raises – 3 Sets 15-12-10 Reps

Face pulls work the rear delts and the trapezius muscles. Adjust the cable pulley height to your shoulder level and use a rope attachment. At the contraction point, your hands should be close to your shoulders and you should focus on flexing your shoulder blades.

For the trap raises, lie chest-down on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Retract your traps and raise your arms without bending your elbows so that your arms are parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat with a strict form.

Exercise 3

Dumbbell Shrugs – 3 Sets 20-15-12 Reps

Shrugs are a staple in a traps workout. Although shrugs are one of the easiest exercises to perform, most people screw them up by bringing in their inflated egos and lifting weights which are too heavy for them.

Grab a dumbbell in each hand and place them at the side of your quads. Lift your shoulders with a slight bend in your elbows and try touching your ears with them. Hold and contract your traps at the top of the movement.

Exercise 4

Barbell High Pulls – 3 Sets 15 Reps

Barbell high pulls are a variation of the upright rows. Hold the barbell with an overhand grip right outside the shoulder width mark. You could perform the rack-pull version of this exercise or let the bar hang in front of your quads.

The barbell high pulls are an explosive movement as compared to the upright rows. Perform an explosive upright row to lift the weights as high as you can and get on your toes as the barbell reached the top of the movement. Let gravity do its magic on the way down and don’t try to control the bar.


Exercise 5 – Superset

Front Smith Machine Shrugs – 3 Sets 20-15-12 Reps

Behind the Back Smith Machine Shrugs – 3 Sets 20-15-12 Reps

Performing the front shrugs on the smith machine engages the anterior traps, and behind the back version engage the posterior traps while the dumbbell shrugs focus on the medial trapezius muscles.

Using the smith machine also adds constant tension to your traps as it is an isolation exercise. You could use a shrugs machine if you have access to it at your gym or use the shoulder press machine if your gym doesn’t have a shrug or smith machine.

Which is your favorite traps exercise?

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Kenny KO Fires Back in Beef With Tavi Castro

Kenny KO has gotten even more mixed up in the feud between warring Body Engineers executives Tavi Castro and Peter Versluis.

Earlier today, Kenny KO released a video showing his response to Tavi Castro’s claim that he’s a fake news journalist who runs misleading stories for clicks.

Kenny KO had this to say in response to criticism that he doesn’t “show both sides” when covering negative stories: “I mean, unbeknownst to me, there’s already been two f*cking sides,” Kenny KO said. “No one had Peter’s side of the story, so I went out of my way to interview Peter. Now you have both stories.”

Well, looks like this one is best left played out in the courts. Come February, we can all make our decision about whatever it is that’s going down at Body Engineers right now. You can check out the video below:

In case you missed it, here’s a timeline of the scandal that has enveloped Body Engineers as business partners Tavi Castro and Peter Versluis fight for control of the company.


The Shot Heard Round the World

The feud began when Tavi Castro went public with his claim that Body Engineers business partner Peter Versluis was extorting him and misusing company funds. Tavi made his announcement over Instagram in December, claiming Peter had “people break into our home and our HQ” and had “rejected…peaceful resolution…including resolutions where he earns large amounts of money in exchange for our peace.” You can watch the emotional video in full below.

View this post on Instagram

COURT DATE SET FEBUARY 5 : SOON THE TRUTH🚨 Me , my family , and our employees at Body Engineers have been living in a nightmare the last 6 months under extortion attempts by Peter Versluis . He has had people break into our home and our HQ , he has rejected any peaceful resolution we have offered, including resolutions where he earns large amounts of money in exchange for our peace. We have tried to handle him with patience , compassion , and understanding , but unfortunately some people value money and ego over everything. We are afraid for our safety and we just want our company back , our peace of mind, our freedom to create , love , and to move forward. What this person has done to us , I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. We ask for your love , support , and understanding through this situation 🙏🏻 ❤️ thank you to all that know the truth now….and to those who will know the truth very soon. Court date set for late January . #BEFREE – To all our customers we will continue to process the returns and refunds . There will be no exchanges and only refunds from now until the court case has settled and we can go back online. Thank you for your understanding .

A post shared by TΛVI (@tavicastro) on

Having only heard one side of the story, the people of Instagram and Twitter of course flocked to Tavi’s aid and came down hard on Peter. But Peter fired back almost immediately, which is where Kenny KO enters the story.

Kenny KO Enters the Ring

Peter Versluis shared his experiences of working alongside Tavi Castro in an interview with Kenny KO. He basically accused Tavi of mismanaging the company, claimed he had a history of defrauding investors, and claims that he acted on a very justified belief that Tavi was defrauding investors. Kenny KO came out on Peter’s side almost immediately and shared that prior to filming the video he had reached out to many who had worked with Tavi and had negative experiences. However, most of them were too fearful to be named, and only Peter would speak out about these alleged shady business deals.

“I have a very good friend Rico. He is a world-champion kickboxer and I know Tavi only because of him. At the time, Rico was trying to work with Tavi Castro and invested more than $78,000 but lost all his money. Rico never got any shares or even the money back,” Peter explained of Tavi’s managerial style in an interview with Dankanator.com.

Peter explained that he owns 50% of Body Engineers shares and is an official partner who only wanted to see the business prosper. After investing $1 million of his own money into the company, he became concerned with where it was headed under Tavi’s leadership.

After Tavi rejected the financial terms of Peter’s appeal, a court date was set for February of this year.

The Revenge of the Tavi Castro

Tavi Castro refuted the claims put forward by Peter Versluis in his interview with Kenny KO, and additionally claims that although he offered paperwork proving his side of the story, Kenny KO did not respond to his calls or emails. Tavi called Kenny KO a clickbait journalist who deliberately ran misleading, negative stories in order to mine clickbait.

Generation Iron sat down with Tavi Castro to discuss this interpretation of events. You can watch his interview responding to the Kenny KO/Peter Versluis interview here.

That catches us up to today with Kenny KO’s video response to Tavi Castro’s interview with Generation Iron. At this point all sides have said everything there is to say until the courts actually get involved. So we’ll be eager to see what the first court date of February 5th brings about in terms of new information.


*All images courtesy of Instagram and Twitter.

BCAA Plus Glutamine Capsules Review Your clear path to a Healthy Life

Goliath BCAA Plus Supplement Review Generation Iron

Don’t Wait to Experience instant and never before muscle recovery with Goliath By Dr. Emil BCAA Plus Glutamine Capsules…!!

Routine workout, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to happiness in life. However, this routine is frequently affected by muscle cramps and damages. Muscle Recovery takes a lot of time, and medications bring various side effects. What can be the best way to treat this issue?

Get introduced to Goliath By Dr. Emil BCAA Plus Glutamine Capsules and bring an end to every problem associated with your muscles. It is rich in nutrients and delivers the right balance between health and fitness. It has various benefits and unique in its formula.

Why does this product seem the best overall?

Branched Chain Amino Acids, (1) have loaded benefits. This product has enhanced BCAA pills along with L – Glutamine(2), which increases the metabolism rates considerably. This, in turn, facilitates fast recovery and growth stack. It also has the ideal and optimal 2:1:1 ratio of L – Leucine, L – Isoleucine, and L – Valine. This ratio helps to prevent muscle fatigue, breakdown, and even soreness. It offers extended growth and support. Comparatively, it contains a higher dosage of 3200mg in the capsule form. If you are into regular workout sessions and that you are a bodybuilder, this product is definitely a must. No matter how low you go on your health, you will undoubtedly bounce back…!!

This product also has a strong background. It is introduced by Dr. Emil, who is a renowned medical practitioner and a highly respected authority in the field of supplement research. Hence, it is backed by science and enough research. They have proven to give positive results in all the tests conducted. Apart from providing muscle growth and recovery, it is said to prevent muscle wasting and breakdown as well. It gives synergistic energy after active workout sessions.

Goliath BCAA PlusPros:

It contains herbal extracts and natural vitamins and minerals
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Non-GMO and gluten-free; free of hormones and allergens as well
Manufactured under GMP certified and FDA registered laboratory



· Very sensitive people might get stomach problems initially

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Ingredients and Nutritional Information

The suggested servings are size five capsules, and there are 30 servings available in a container. It contains 1500mg L – Glutamine, 850mg L – Leucine, 425mg L – Isoleucine, and 425mg L – Valine. Other ingredients that require mention here is the Gelatin Capsule.


Protein synthesis happens with 20 amino acids that combine differently. Out of these, nine are considered as essential amino acids and are not naturally formed in our bodies. We will have to consume it through our diet only. There are three amino acids; Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine that are called BCAAs. They have substantial benefits to support our muscles in several ways.

Muscle soreness affects all of us after a heavy training session. It happens due to muscle tearing down during the session and can be treated by BCAAs. When protein breakdown overtakes protein synthesis, degeneration of muscle tissue is the result. It is a natural process and BCAAs are effective against that. Hence, the benefits of BCAAs are beyond expectations. Let us discuss the importance of the individual Branched Chain Amino Acids in detail so that it will help you in a great way.

L – Glutamine

Glutamine is an essential amino acid that serves as the building blocks for proteins. It exists in two forms L – Glutamine is just the predominant type. It can be produced naturally in our bodies. However, in some essential cases, it is required to be consumed as supplements. It can support and improve muscle recovery after intense workout sessions. It decreases muscle soreness and fatigue to a great extent. It can enhance the immune system of our body and provide high energy. It preserves the synthesized proteins and uses it as and when required.

L – Leucine

Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid that is available in the market as a supplement for varied purposes. It has given positive results in bringing and building strong muscles and providing energy. L – Leucine is known as the natural form of this amino acid and is very useful. It has proven to reduce muscle fatigue after heavy workout sessions and even exertion after prolonged exercise. It aids in the process of synthesizing proteins and helps reduce its degradation as well. This, in turn, prevents muscle soreness and fatigue as well. Tests and scientific research conducted in many parts of the world have proven this effect to be positive. It may not give you the required energy or the strength for effective performance; however, it certainly positively reduces muscle fatigue.

L – IsoLeucine

L – Isoleucine is another Branched Chain Amino Acid and is an essential amino acid that needs to be consumed as supplements. It gives you the necessary endurance and assists in the repair and rebuilding of muscles. It is a crucial intake amongst bodybuilders as they get the vital energy and help in the muscle recovery from workout sessions as well. This particular substance is broken down within the tissues comprising the muscles. It fuels the muscles during stress and increases protein synthesis and reduces protein catabolism.

L – Valine

L – Valine is an important essential amino acid. It helps in alleviating muscle disorders and regulates the immune system as well. It allows athletes and bodybuilders for the quick recovery of the muscle tissues. It increases muscle metabolism and endurance, as well. It promotes muscle growth and gives excessive energy. It recovers muscle tissues during any kind of physical activity. It also preserves the necessary amount of nitrogen and energizes the metabolism in the body.

Is it safe to consume this product?

Dietary supplements(3) are best to be consumed by all of us. It is merely due to a busy lifestyle that we fail to concentrate on our health. We tend to get disorganized with our food and exercise patterns. It reduces the level of immunity and strength as well. To recover fast and strengthen the muscles, products like these are the best as they contain natural ingredients and backed by research.

However, it is best to consult your doctor before consuming any kind of supplements. Have a word with the doctor and consume it comfortably and as directed.

When and how to consume?

Goliath By Dr. Emil BCAA Plus Glutamine Capsules are perfect and are effective if consumed immediately after the workout. As it is available in the form of capsules, it is easy to drink. It is an instant supplement and does not require any preparation. It would be best if dissolved in any beverage or blended to have it as a shake. It can be had with a glass of water. The suggested proportion is 5 capsules per serving. Taking beyond that can bring in slight complications, so just be aware of that fact.

My Opinion

There are certain features that I look at dietary supplements. On this note, for a supplement to work as muscle recovery, I expect it to be natural with no side effects. It should be easy to consume. It should be nutritious and support a healthy lifestyle. The hygienic manufacturing process is also a big factor that I always want to focus on as manufacturing processes highly impacts the quality of the product. Goliath By Dr. Emil BCAA Plus Glutamine Capsules fulfill these requirements in the best possible manner, and I suggest entirely to rely on it for a faster muscle recovery process.

How much does it cost?

This product costs $23 for 150 capsules. It is moderately priced and affordable for everyone. On average, this product costs around $13 – $50. However, the most important fact is that it is so valuable for the money you spend on it.

My Overall Rating Of Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey Protein

Effectiveness – 9/10 Stars
Ingredients – 8.5/10 Stars
Taste – 9/10 Stars
Price – 8.5/10 Stars

Final Thoughts

If you are not into the practice of staying fit and eating healthy, your body will certainly not be able to recover from any kind of muscle fatigue. It may be challenging to stick to a healthy routine due to various personal and professional commitments. Accumulating such a health condition can invite various health problems. We will have to take precautionary steps to keep us healthy in a natural way. These products can aid you well in that regard. They are healthy, serve the purpose of providing the desired recovery, and relatively fast in action. They are safe to consume and backed up with adequate research. It has fairly received good reviews from many users across the world which gives us the necessary confidence to use this product right away!



1.     Tatpati, Laura L.; Irving, Brian A.; Tom, Andrea; Bigelow, Maureen L.; Klaus, Katherine; Short, Kevin R.; Nair, K. Sreekumaran (2010-2). “The Effect of Branched Chain Amino Acids on Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Function in Young and Elderly Adults”. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 95 (2): 894–902. doi:10.1210/jc.2009-1822. ISSN 0021-972X. PMC 2840857. PMID 20022987 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2840857/

2.      “Glutamine: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning”. –https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-878/glutamine

3.      “Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS)”. –https://ods.od.nih.gov/



Tavi Castro Interview: Are Bodybuilders Selling Out?

Are bodybuilding pros and influencers losing their credibility by cashing in on too many sponsorships?

In our latest GI Exclusive interview clip, Tavi Castro talks with Generation Iron about the importance of credibility in bodybuilders and influencers when they sponsor a brand. Are too many athletes selling out and losing audience trust?

How to earn cash in bodybuilding is changing at an increasingly rapid rate due to the extreme boom of social media and the decline of print media. Today, a bodybuilding pro or influencer is largely valued by the strength of their social media presence. It’s valued by how many followers they can reach and how engaging they make their content. But this kind of immediate access has also led to an oversaturation of supplement companies – and bodybuilders constantly switching between different brands.

At what point does this oversaturation lead to a lack of trust in the audience and consumer. If an influencer or bodybuilder keeps switching what kinds of supplements or brand they like to consume… at what point does it come across hollow? How does this effect their personal brand and their career in the long term?

Tavi Castro understands this side of the bodybuilding industry more than most as he bridges the gap as a bodybuilder, influencer, and company brand. When bodybuilders switch sponsored brands too frequently, they start to lose their selling power. This means less valued sponsorships over the long term.

Fandom can be a very powerful tool in our current internet era – but as we’ve seen across many different fields, fan opinion can change instantly and without remorse. In a world where your following is a giant indicator of your worth, are bodybuilders starting to “sell out” and bring damage to longevity in their careers? Tavi Castro shares his take. You can check it out in the GI Exclusive interview above.

The Newbie Gym Goer’s Guide to Building Muscle

Most Gym-Goer’s Aren’t Following The Golden Rules to Building Muscle

Building muscle is a common problem every newbie gym-goer will struggle with at one point or another.

You’re rushing around the gym and just don’t know where to start. Or heck, maybe you’ve been lifting weights for quite some time now, yet you aren’t seeing the results you want too.

Countless people in the gym are lifting weights for hours at a time multiple days a week yet they still aren’t building the muscle they want.

The problem is that you aren’t following the basic principles of building muscle. The formula to building muscle is simple, but if it isn’t followed you end up wasting a ton of time, overtraining, and worse of all still a frail chicken.

Don’t fret, if you follow the golden rules below, you’ll be well on your way to creating the body of your dreams!

The Golden Rules to Building Muscle

  1. Strength Training

Strength training is the first thing you should be doing to build muscle. Sounds obvious right? Of course, you should be lifting weights to build muscle! But I’m not just talking about lifting weights for the benefits of your muscles and joints, I’m talking about building bigger muscles.

You see, most people, when they lift, aren’t training for strength. They’re using lightweight and more reps which isn’t where you should start when first building muscle.

Strength training is lifting heavier weight and performing fewer reps. This is where the bulk of your muscle growth takes place.

With that in mind, there are a certain number of prescribed reps you should be doing.

2. Reps Scheme and Sets

You should be lifting weights in the 5-8 rep range when you’re building your first layer of muscle.

This rep range is the sweet spot by allowing you to lift heavy enough weight while keeping your muscles under enough tension. If you go too heavy in weight and too low in reps, the muscles aren’t under enough tension to grow and you increase your chances of injury.

Also, if the reps are too high, then you end up not using heavy enough weight that allows your primary muscle growth to take place.

You don’t need to perform any more than three sets for each exercise in this rep range to make this happen.

Now, you can’t just follow this scheme on just any old lift. You need to calibrate which exercises you do to target your largest muscles.

3. Compound Lifts

Compound lifts are the lifts you want to do to make sure you get the most out of your workouts.

These lifts are multi-joint movements that hit the larger muscles in your body. For example, squats as opposed to leg extension and bench press as opposed to skull crushers.

If you’re making the mistake to focus on isolation lifts when you’re just starting out, you’re in trouble.

Isolation lifts are great for advanced lifters to make their muscles pop and give them that final 20% of growth, but they’re not what you want to do initially to build a stout frame.

You need to focus on the big lifts that expend the most energy and hit the bigger muscles.

4. Caloric Surplus

You can’t out-train a bad diet and that’s where hitting the right amount of calories come in. When you’re trying to build muscle, you want to make sure you’re eating a caloric surplus.

That means you should be eating more calories than you burn daily.

Your muscles need fuel for growth.

When you’re trying to build muscle, you should be eating 300-500 calories above caloric maintenance.

This may sound like a lot, but this is as easy as eating a Lenny’s and Larry’s protein cookie. Yummie!

Be sure not to eat any more than a 300-500 caloric surplus each day, or you’ll gain fat.

Eating a slight caloric surplus each day combined with proper strength training will have you building muscle in no time.

You should also be eating the right amount of macronutrients.

5. Protein Intake

Proportionate macronutrients are imperative for muscle growth. Macronutrients are made up of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Protein and calorie intake are your most important nutrition targets to hit when you’re looking to build muscle.

Protein is the building block of muscle and is vital for protein synthesis to take place which builds your hard-earned muscles.

Make sure to eat 0.8g-1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

6. Progressive Overload principle

This is the most underrated principle lifters utilize. Most gym-goers lift the same weights every workout. And they wonder why they aren’t putting on any mass.

For your muscles to grow, you need to place them under more tension as often as possible. This can be done by increasing the weight or reps to each exercise every workout.

So in the 5-8 rep range, you would use heavyweight for three sets of five until you’re capable of performing three sets of eight at the same weight. Then you would increase the weight and work your way back up to the higher end of the rep range again.

7. Rest and Recovery

Muscle building doesn’t take place while you’re lifting, it takes place while you’re resting. If you’re a natural and it’s your first time in the gym, you should have several rest days during the week.

Recovery is crucial for continuous strength gains and progress!

You shouldn’t be lifting weights anymore than 3-4 days a week. Any more will only hurt you and impede muscle growth.

You can get incredible results from just 2-3 days of lifting a week if you’re following the other golden rules of building muscle listed in this guide.

8. Sleep

Last but certainly not least, you need to make sure you’re getting adequate sleep when you’re trying to build muscle.

Without proper sleep, your recovery suffers and your testosterone drops. Studies have shown that those with more testosterone build more muscle.

On top of that, proper sleep will give you the energy to lift heavier weights and push yourself harder when you’re in the gym.

Don’t skip out on shuteye!

Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep a night.


Whether you’re a newbie-goer or an experienced lifter, most people don’t follow the golden rules of lifting.

This guide is the foundation to building muscle and before you get into anything too advanced AKA pump training or negatives, you should master these first.

Follow these principles and next thing you know you’ll be making Arnold look small. 

If this was helpful, comment below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

How To Train Chest Through A Shoulder Injury


Chest has always been a favorite body part of lifters.

It’s aesthetic prominence, size and strength means that training it can be an addictive mix of lifting heavy weight and building an enormous pump. But one issue has plagued chest lifters throughout the ages – shoulder injury. It either accumulates over many years of lifting or happens in a heartbeat, either way it is almost always avoidable. One common issue is that lifters ignore obvious shoulder issues until it’s too late, because they simply don’t want to stop training chest. However, there are several excellent chest movements that can be used to rest and rehab the shoulders while straining the pecs – one such movement is the plate pinch press.

It sounds and looks a little silly: One stands upright squeezing weight plates between palms, and simply pushes outwards. On first glance this might not seem like a strong chest exercise, as the push is not directly against gravity, but the force required to keep the plates from slipping beneath the palms is more than an adequate chest workout.

Believe it or not, new age functional fitness types have actually made some valuable contributions to out understanding of the way the human body works, or has evolved to work. One of these insights, constantly declared by proponents of sandbag workouts, is that the chest primarily evolved to move and control objects in front of it, not across it. So the benefit of something like a plate pinch press or a cable crossover is that it allows for contraction of the arms downward and inward, as opposed to forward and back. This helps recruit the sterno-costal or ‘lower’ head of the pec major, and take load off the clavicular head, which reduces stress on the shoulders.

So next time you’re struggling with shoulder pain or stiffness, know that you can train chest without doing the same movements that have put wear on your shoulders. No chest movement is more iconic than the bench, but don’t be stuck in a rut if your current movements are causing setbacks.

For more news and updates, follow Generation Iron on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Dan Bilzerian Loses Estimated 1 Mil Bet on Cowboy Fight

Noted internet personality and Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian just placed (and lost) a truly epic bid on Cowboy’s fight with Conor at UFC 246.

In case you missed it, the simmering tension leading up to UFC 246 fizzled out into nothing after a left hand strike from McGregor downed Cowboy by technical knockout in the first 40 seconds of the match. The highly anticipated match proved to be something of a letdown for fans looking to see a bloody fight, but nevertheless confirmed that McGregor is still alive and kicking. McGregor previously attributed his loss to Nurmagomedov to “heavy drinking” and said his victory over Cowboy was a better measure of his talents as a fighter.

Count Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian among legions of fans disappointed by the outcome of Saturday’s fight. Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player known for high-stakes betting, shared a photo with fans over Instagram of the enormous bet he placed on Cowboy to win the fight. You can see the post in full below.

“Puttin some pocket change on @cowboycerrone who y’all got,” Bilzerian captioned the Instagram post that showed him standing nonchalantly next to a folding table stacked with cash.

The bet appears to number in the hundreds of thousands at the very least. However, several outlets have speculated that the bet meets or even exceeds the one million mark. ODDSbible also shared the following video from his story to Twitter, which gives an even better idea of the sheer physical volume of cash that was lost.

Bilzerian took the loss in stride and appeared totally unfazed by the loss of cash. Considering how much money he makes on an annual basis, it’s unlikely to have any serious impact on his quality of life. The accumulated wealth of the privileged in this country is truly repulsive.

“Haha shit, @thenotoriousmma keeps backing it up, much respect,” Bilzerian shared on Instagram after the loss, demonstrating his good spirits in the face of his loss. However, after the match concluded on Saturday evening, Bilzerian took to Twitter to document his initial reaction, which is probably something closer to what you would expect a man who just lost a million dollars to say:

Fans in the comments of Bilzerian’s tweet were quick to point out that many celebrities have donated similar amounts of money to Australian wildfire relief, since the country has been struggling in the worst fire season in generations and experienced a heartbreaking loss of biodiversity. However, the action was perfectly in character for Dan Bilzerian, a playboy poker player who loves posing with mountains of money on social media. Bilzerian is an avid weightlifter who has often identified himself as a fan of strength sports on social media. Bilzerian is also famous for his bizarre, otherworldly ads for his company Ignite CBD, most of which take place a psychedelic dubstep-soaked tropical paradise that would put Fyre Fest to shame.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram and Twitter.

Arnold Strongman USA 2020 Qualifier Results

Arnold Strongman USA 2020 Qualifier Results Generation Iron

The results are in for the Arnold Strongman USA 2020.

This weekend saw the second annual Arnold Pro Strongman USA Qualifier at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California. This Strongman competition was a big one too – as it was the last event for athletes to qualify into the Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 coming up fast on March 6-7 in Columbus, Ohio.

So of course this even brought in many of the top Strongman competitors giving their best to try and not only prove their worth as the best of the best – but to earn that qualification for even bigger rewards in the near future. There were a total of five events – ultimately bringing Martin Licis, World Strongest Man 2019 winner, to the top spot with a final score of 52.

Well known superstar Strongman Brian Shaw placed second place, which means that the 4x World’s Strongest Man champion will not be able to compete at the Arnold Classic later in March.

Check out the Arnold Strongman USA 2020 results below:

Arnold Strongman USA 2020 Finals Results

Place Competitor Points
1. Martins Licis 52
2. Brian Shaw 51
3. Maxime Bouldrealt 50.5
4. Rauno Heinla 48.5
5. Jean-Francois Caron 45.5
6. Jerry Pritchett 41
7. Jitse Kramer 31.5
8. Rob Kearney 31
9. Wesley Claborn 30.5
10 Casey Garrison 22


You can also check out some quick competition highlights of Strongman Jerry Pritchett – who will be featured in our upcoming documentary Strength Wars: The Movie as well as previously appearing in our documentary short Jerry Pritchett: Be Legendary.

Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 Qualified Competitors List

1. Hafthor Bjornsson (Iceland) – 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic USA Champion
2. Rob Kearney (USA) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Australia Champion
3. Bobby Thompson (USA) – 2019 Arnold Amateur World Champion
4. Olexii Novikov (Ukraine) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman South America Champion
5. Mateusz Kielszikowski (Poland) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Africa Runner-Up
6. Jean-Francois Caron (Canada) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Forts Warwick Champion
7. Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia) – 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Europe Fourth-Place Finisher
8. Martins Licis (USA) – 2020 Arnold Pro Strongman USA Champion

Start Your Training Right And Warm Up Like A Powerlifter


Get your training started right.

The warm up- everyone knows they should do one, and yet most people skip. One big problem with warming up is that the name – “warming up”- is vague and usually lends itself to a series of hasty absentminded movements and stretches. What should actually be accomplished with a warm up? What’s the best way accomplish do it? In a new video, powerlifter Ben Pollack describes why and how to warm up.

Ben describes his workout in four phases. The first is what most people thing of as a warm up- general movement. He recommends some sort of cardiovascular machine, like a stair-stepper, stationary bike, or prowler. The goal is to increase heart rate, warm up tissues, and prime the joints.

The second type of work is dynamic stretching. Pollack warns against static stretching before a workout, they actually inhibit the nervous system’s connection to the target muscle group. Pollack recommends that lifters focus on their problem areas. He does walking lunges and leg swings. Again, one needs to be mindful and make sure that stress is not placed in the joint, all tension should be processed through the muscle in safe ranges of motion.

Next comes an aspect that should be especially critical to bodybuilders: muscle activation. This step is highly personalized. Everyone knows their problem muscle groups. Pollack has trouble engaging his rear delts, so he starts off with some band pull-aparts. He also activates his glute medius with some banded sidesteps. For these activations, do low resistance high rep. Bands are especially effective at activation because they offer accommodating resistance which keeps tension on the muscle at all times. Machines can also be excellent tools for isolation work.

The final step is progressing in the movement that is being trained. For bodybuilding workouts, with many movements an lower weight, progressing up in weight can be done through working sets. But for powerlifters, how one approaches a maximum lift is important. He prefers to take smaller and smaller jumps up in weight as he approaches his max. the exact percentages carry for every lift. Thanks to Ben for this phenomenal and refreshingly clear approach to the vexing task of the warm up.

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The Best Protein Powders Explained

What are the differences between the best protein powders?

UPDATE: Check out our official whey protein powder guide and reviews to find out what the best protein powder fits your fitness lifestyle.

We’ve come to a time in history where the impossible is now attainable, the insurmountable odds can be not climbed but conquered, and everyone is looking to be a special and unique snowflake. As sarcastic as that may sound, there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself and become the best version who you are. In fact, if you’re not trying your best to be a special and unique snowflake then you’re just not living your life the right way. You should want to be in great health, to feel as if you could jump over someone’s head or lift someone over your head. Exercise is paramount to that as well as building quality muscle to be able to perform such acts.

If you want to take your fitness to new levels then you’re going to have to put in the work not only in the gym, but in the kitchen as well. All too often people get the wrong idea about building muscle and making gains. A great many people believe that dirty bulking is the way to put on massive size, not realizing that they’re likely to put on an immense amount of fat in the process. This making wise choices comes into play. The primary source of building and maintaining muscle is protein consumption. But sometimes getting the adequate amount of protein from food sources is just too hard.

This is where protein powders come into play.


People are always looking for the best protein powders on the market, but the reality is that in order to get exactly what you need from protein, you have to know what your choices are and what makes them the right source for you.

Whey Protein


First on the list of best protein powders is the classic whey protein. Coming from milk, whey is produced during the cheese making process, the liquid that separates from the curds. Whey is considered one of the best protein powders simply for it’s high protein content, but there are things to look out for with this particular kind of powder. It contains lactose which some people have trouble digesting.

For those who suffer from lactose intolerance whey protein powder doesn’t just come in one form. Whey protein concentrate contains some lactose elements, but whey protein isolate contains very little due to the extra breakdown during the process.

Those without a problem will find whey to be a quickly digested protein. It contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which plays a major role in both muscle growth and recovery after a hard training session. Amino acid are absorbed into the bloodstream to generate the process of muscle protein synthesis which is the creation of new muscle.

Whey is one of the best protein powders because of its ability to be digested quickly.

Casein Protein

Whey protein scoupe. Sports nutrition.
Whey protein scoupe. Sports nutrition.

Casein protein powder shares similarities with whey protein as it is derived from milk. Casein unlike whey however is a protein that is digested more slowly. Because its digested slower than whey it means that the absorption of amino acids into the bloodstream is delayed. Though whey protein may have the edge over casein in terms of increasing muscle protein synthesis and strength, casein does have specific benefits.

It is still great in terms of muscle production and maintenance, however it is best consumed when you’re trying to restrict calorie intake. It allows for muscle maintenance and fat loss during a cut. It’s also great to consume casein protein before bed for better recovery as well as combating catabolism while you sleep, preserving and rebuilding your muscle mass after a hard training session.

Pea Protein


If you’re an individual with severe allergies in regards to dairy, then utilizing a pea protein powder is one of the best alternatives. Made from the high fiber legume the yellow split pea, the protein powder contains a ton of essential amino acids save for methionine. This is perhaps the biggest knock against pea protein as it’s not giving you all of the nutrients you would want out of a protein powder.

Nevertheless, pea protein does offer a nice balance. It’s absorbed in the blood stream slower than whey protein, but faster than casein. This effect can make it a great product to use in between meals to keep you satiated. Studies have also shown the individuals who utilize pea protein powders have similar muscular development to those who use whey (Study). Other studies have also found that consuming pea protein can be beneficial for lowering blood pressure as well (Study).

So what are the best protein powders out there? Well, the answer to that question is as simple as it is complicated. The bottom line is that these options can all be used together. Each protein powder has benefits that the others don’t. Mixing and matching is the best solution to seeing overall and consistent gains.

What do you think are the best protein powders?

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