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New Year Shred Stack Review

Inno Supps New Years Stack Review

The Ultimate Stack From Inno Supps to Help you get Shredded

The New Year has arrived; 2023 is well underway. This means that winter bulk is coming to an end soon, and you may want to start planning ahead to the summer shred, as well as focus on your overall health. Cardio, training, and diet are a must — but do not forget supplementation. Proper supplementation can go a long way, and in an oversaturated supplement market, it may be hard to choose which products will help you get ripped. However, Inno Supps provides a New Year Shred Stack that contains the top products to get you beach ready.

So pound down that protein shake, sit back, and let’s dive into the New Year Shred Stack.

Importance of Supplements

You may be thinking, “I don’t need supplements, I will just eat clean and train hard.” Good diet and training certainly do go a long way, and supplements are not meant to replace these things, but rather take your results a step further. They are used for assistance in making sure you get the proper amounts of nutrients, to maintain and improve your overall health or appearance. 

For example, you have things like pre-workouts to help you have better pumps, focus, and energy during your workouts. Then you have creatine supplements to help your size and strength. There are also things like joint supplements, collagens, and testosterone boosters, as well as multivitamins that all play a role in how you feel, look, and perform, both in and out of the gym. 

So, as we get deeper into the new year and you are looking at your fitness goals, do not rule out the usage of supplements. And remember, you get what you pay for. Quality supplements are not going to be the lowest price, and this means buying everything you need separately can get extremely expensive. 

As stated above, Inno Supps provides quality supplements all around, and they offer stacks like the New Year Shred Stack, which includes just about everything you need to accelerate your progress toward that summer body and healthier lifestyle.

New Year Shred Stack Overview

Supercharge your metabolism around the clock while experiencing a total body detox with the New Year Shred Stack!

First, flush out toxic waste buildup to dramatically improve your digestion and you’ll feel lighter and healthier overall. Then it’s time to SHRED! Feel the AM/PM BURN and watch the pounds melt away while building lean muscle mass.

The New Year Shred Stack will help you burn that stubborn belly fat, boost metabolism and supercharge your energy, relieve bloating and constipation, as well as aid in sleep and immune support. The New Year Shred Stack is aimed to not only get your ripped, but also improve your all-around health.

What is in the New Year Shred Stack

Let’s dive into exactly what is in this stack. There are five top-quality supplements included to help you shred down and get healthy in the New Year. They are as follows:

Let’s break it down even further and take a look at what each addition to the stack can do for you.

INNO SHRED + VOLCARN 2000 + CLA 1200 Ultimate AM Burn

Inno Shred is a thermogenic fat burner that dramatically speeds up metabolism and allows your body to continuously burn calories even AFTER you exercise.

Volcarn 2000 is a highly efficient thermogenic carnitine that provides a metabolism boost while helping your body burn stored fat and convert it into energy.

CLA 1200 is a nature-based muscle growth and weight loss aid that amplifies fat-burning to help your body burn more calories and sustain lean muscle mass.


With this selection, you can choose whichever formula suits your needs better. Let’s look at what each one does. 

Night Shred maximizes the quantity and quality of your sleep while priming your body to accelerate the fat-burning process. A sense of relaxation comes quickly and the onset of REM sleep comes much faster.

Night Shred Black contains the most revolutionary and cutting-edge sleep-inducing ingredient, Zylaria™, along with powerful metabolism-boosting ingredients to curb nighttime cravings and accelerate the fat-burning process.

INNO CLEANSE Total Body Detox

Inno Cleanse is a gentle, but powerful, detox that will safely flush out built-up toxins from your gut and intestines with natural ingredients that also soothe the stomach, relieve bloating and constipation, and improve overall digestive health.


Price is a key factor when it comes to purchasing supplements. You do not want to overpay, nor do you want to get bogus supplements that don’t live up to their expectations. Luckily, Inno Supps products are high quality and fairly priced. There are a few pricing options for the New Year Shred Stack.

One Month- $139.99

Three Months- $389.97

Inno Supps also offers a “Subscribe and Save” option that allows you to subscribe to a delivery every 30 or 90 days and save 20%.

New Year Shred Stack Reviews

If the price and overview are not enough to convince you to pull the trigger on the purchase, let’s examine the reviews on Inno Supps’ site for the New Year Shred Stack.

With over 16,000 total reviews and counting, over 14,000 of those reviews are 5/5 stars. That is 14,000 people that back this product 100% of the way. Many of the reviews claim that the New Year Shred Stack “works like a charm” or is “the real deal.” With reviews like that, how can you not at least give the stack a try?

Why Buy the Stack?

You can buy each of these products individually. So what is the reason for buying them all together? Well, when Inno Supps puts these products together and sells them as a stack you are not only saving money, but you have the ability to try them all. Then, going forward you will know which products you enjoy the most.

They also are a good combination of products that will help you achieve a certain goal. The New Year Shred Stack is made up of products that are aimed at getting you healthy and shedding off that excess fat.

New Year Shred Stack Wrap Up

Overall, the new year has come and gone and that means that summer is right around the corner. When it comes to getting healthy and beach-ready, Inno Supps has released the perfect stack to get you there. The New Year Shred Stack put together the best products with natural ingredients that are designed to help you burn fat, boost your metabolism, increase your energy, sleep better, stop bloating, and overall feel better. The New Year Shred Stack is geared toward making you look and feel better.

Five different products work together to help you get that dream body, all for the price of $139.99 a month or $389.97 for three months. You really cannot beat that deal. 

Will you be giving the New Year Shred Stack a try?

Dennis James Speaks On If Big Ramy Can Get Back To 100%: “I Don’t See Why He Shouldn’t Win The Arnold

Dennis James

Dennis James believes Big Ramy has a chance if he can get back to what he was five days out of the Olympia.

The 2023 Arnold Classic is quickly approaching and the lineup has turned into one that will surely excite. Big Ramy is part of the roster and might be the biggest name to watch. During a recent rendition of The Menace PodcastDennis James spoke on how the former Olympia champ cold return to the top.

During the 2022 Olympia competition, Ramy did not put on his best performance. It was clear during prejudging that he fell a bit behind. James was initially surprised by this considering the shape he was in just one week out from the show. He later admitted that Ramy looked flat.

Big Ramy decided to join the Arnold Classic lineup and get back on stage against some of the other top athletes in the sport. The question remains, what shape will he show up in?

Big Ramy 2023 Arnold Classic

Dennis James Details Matchup Between Big Ramy And Nick Walker

The Arnold Classic prize jumped to $300,000, which is the highest of all-time. After the announcement, competitors began to join and this includes the likes of Nick Walker and Andrew Jacked.

The lineup, while small, is extremely deep. Samson Dauda is another name that is gaining traction as a dark-horse winner. Despite the performance in December, Dennis James believes Big Ramy can win the Arnold if he shows up 100%.

“All I’m saying if he’s going to look like he looked leading up to the Olympia five days out. I don’t see why he shouldn’t win the Arnold.

If he can put that weight back on and he fills out like he was and the conditioning is right. He’s battling with one guy then and that’s Samson Dauda. I gave you my opinion what it was. I thought he was flat and because he was flat, his condition was off.”

Samson Dauda seemed to take a step forward during the Olympia and is ready for a big 2023 season. Nick Walker is a former champion of the event and some consider him the favorite, including Jay Cutler.

“People still want to see a freak show. Right now, we got to deal with what we have. And when we look at the Open today, and I know, because Ramy jumped in, a lot of people said, ‘oh he’s not going to beat these guys.’ Listen, I’ll say this and this is all I’m going to say. I heard it just like you did that he was going to jump in. I didn’t know he was going to jump in.”

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Blessing Awodibu Injures Quad in Recent Leg Day Training

Blessing Awodibu appears to have injured his quad during leg day training.

Popular bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu appears to have suffered an injury during a recent leg day. Blessing apparently may have injured his quad while performing hack squats.

The injury bug is something every athlete wishes to avoid like the plague. It’s the one thing that every professional athlete fears the most. It can be detrimental to an athlete’s progress if they are injured in or out of competition. The former is much preferred to the latter seeing as how you can still earn money from competing. If you’re injured in training it can feel like a significant blow. Now Blessing Awodibu is facing an injury of his own when he hoped to make progress in the off season.

After placing outside the top fifteen at the 2022 Olympia, Blessing Awodibu had to go back to the drawing board. With a less than satisfying performance, Blessing even chose to skip the 2023 Arnold Classic. His hope was to build in the off season, make improvements to both his strengths and weaknesses, then make a triumphant return in another show later in the year. That still appears to be the plan, but unfortunately a recent hiccup in leg day training could prove to slow Blessing’s progress a bit.

In a recent training session Blessing Awodibu injured his quad during a rep on the hack squat.

Blessing Gives Update

While the injury appeared to be excruciatingly painful, it appears that the bodybuilder is in good spirits. Blessing Awodibu made a follow up post stating that the injury wasn’t as severe as we may have thought.

Lil accident using the hack squat yesterday but thank God nothing serious 🙏🏾

Lil update: 4 weeks in 290 , another 3 months of growing before prep.

Pushing insane amount of food rn & the progress is lit.

Taking this physique to a whole other level this year. Stay tuned.

It’s heartening to see that Blessing Awodibu is in good spirits. The Generation Iron team is wishing Blessing a full and fast recovery.

What do you think of Blessing Awodibu and his potential?

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Chris Bumstead Profile & Stats

The biography, life, and accomplishments of Chris Bumstead

Chris Jonathan Bumstead is a Canadian IFBB Classic Physique professional bodybuilder born on February 2, 1995 in Ottawa, Ontario. He is the current and 4x Classic Physique Olympia champion earning first place in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 consecutively. He was also a featured athlete in the feature film documentary Generation Iron 2.

Below is a complete breakdown of Chris Bumstead’s profile, stats, biography, training and diet regimens.

Full Name: Chris Bumstead (Classic Physique Bodybuilder)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
215-220 lbs 6’1″ 2/2/1995
Division Era Nationality
Classic Physique 2010s, 2020s Canadian



Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead Biography

Chris Bumstead was born 1995 in Ontario, Canada. Growing up, he played multiple sports where he learned that in order to be the best, he had to train on his personal time. By going to the gym to perfect his craft, he learned valuable lessons in health and fitness that have transitioned into his bodybuilding career. Chris spent hours working out in the gym and ever since, he has been in love with it.

Chris Bumstead has been working out for years and thought he started to develop what he thought was a “good physique” It wasn’t until he met his sister’s boyfriend, Iain Valliere, that stuff started to change for him. Ian told Chris that he could compete and become a great competitor.

“He was and still is a huge mentor to me. Iain inspired me to step on stage and coached me through the process.”

Chris Bumstead stepped on stage for the first time as a bodybuilding in 2014. He was hooked after his first bodybuilding competition. He knew he found his niche at that point, knowing that he had what it took to compete at the highest of levels.

In 2016, Chris Bumstead earned his pro card after winning the IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championship trophy at only 21 years old. Ever since then, he has continued to be a force in the Classic Physique division. As time went on, Chris saw himself walking the Olympia stage amongst the best competitors in the world. After a runner-up finish in 2017 and 2018, Bumstead was determined to take home the top prize.

And so, he did. Bumstead is now a four-time Olympia winner, having taken home the title in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. As the defending champion, it is his title to lose, but he is certain to not let that happen. By developing a serious training routine, effective nutrition plan, and efficient supplementation, Chris is more than ready to defend his title and continue his bodybuilding dominance.

A lot of Chris Bumstead’s inspiration comes from golden age bodybuilders. He makes sure to keep his waist and core tight with lean muscle mass. He hopes to replicate their legacy one day and this path he is on certainly lends credence to his hopes.

chris bumstead

Chris Bumstead Competition History

  • 2022 Mr. Olympia, 1st place
  • 2021 Mr. Olympia, 1st place
  • 2020 Mr. Olympia, 1st place
  • 2019 Mr. Olympia, 1st place
  • 2018 Mr. Olympia, 2nd place
  • 2017 Mr. Olympia, 2nd place
  • 2017 Toronto Pro, 1st place
  • 2016 IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships, 1st place
  • 2016 CBBF Bodybuilding Championships Open Heavyweight Division, 2nd place
  • 2015 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship Men’s Junior Division, 1st place

Chris Bumstead

Training of Chris Bumstead

The training routine of Chris Bumstead is typically 5 days a week. During these days, he trains his back, chest, hamstrings/glutes, quads and shoulders.

Day 1: Back

Day 2: Chest/Biceps

Day 3: Hamstrings/Glutes

Day 4 Shoulders/Triceps

  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3 x 15
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Superset) 3 x 12
  •  Barbell front raise 3 x 12
  • Single Arm Cable (Rear Delts) 4 x 20/15/12/12
  • Upright Rows (Superset) 3 x 15/12/12
  • Rope Face Pulls 3 x 15/12/12
  • Machine Lateral Raises 3 x 15
  • Bench Dips (Superset) 4 x 12-15
  • EZ-Bar Skull Crushers 4 x 12-15
  • Reverse Grip Barbell Skull Crushers 4 x 8-10
  • Single Arm Cable Kickbacks 3 x 12/10/8

Day 5: Quads

Here are some of Chris Bumstead’s favorite workouts:

  1. Barbell Squats: 100% are number one. I believe they are an invaluable exercise for not only leg development, but also the core. Squats are my favorite exercise because I can really push my limits and see just how much weight I can move.
  2. Incline Dumbbell Press: The incline press is a much more natural movement for my body compared to the flat press. I also personally am looking to achieve a much larger and fuller upper chest, as an upper chest pops more in poses such as the side chest. If restricted to three exercises you want to work as many muscles as possible, for example, chest, shoulders, and triceps. I prefer dumbbells to barbells because the unilateral movement allows you to focus on each side of your body and build a more even and symmetrical physique.
  3. Bent-Over Barbell Rows: They would be my final pick. It’s extremely important for me to keep my back as strong as possible, not only for proportional reasons but for overall spine health. I like rows because they also work secondary muscles missed by the previous two exercises such as biceps and rear delts.

Chris Bumstead


Chris Bumstead is very particular and precise when it comes to his diet, He eats the same 6 meal a day leading up to a competition for multiple months and only makes minor changes. This helps him to determine what his body may need so he can make his small changes to achieve his goal.

He utilizes daily supplements for his Fat Burners, Whey Protein, Testosterone, Creatine, BCAA and Super Greens support. Chris Bumstead says that it’s key to not add in new foods when close to a competition because he is not sure of the effects it can have on his body.

During off-season, he is more relaxed when it comes to his diet. He increases his calorie intake, but still stays away from fatty foods. He also shares that he will eat muffins and snacks that have carbs before his workout sometimes if he does not get the calories he needed throughout the day.

  • Meal 1: 1 ½ cup Egg Whites, 2 Whole Eggs and 1 cup Oats
  • Meal 2: 8 ounces Chicken, 1 cup Jasmine Rice and 11 ounces Mixed Vegetables
  • Meal 3: 8 ounces White Fish, 7 ounces Sweet Potato and 11 ounces Mixed Vegetables
  • Meal 4: (Pre workout) 7 ounces White Fish and 2 cups Jasmine Rice
  • Meal 5: (Post Workout Shake) 50g 100% Whey Isolate mixed in Water
  • Meal 6: 8 ounces Chicken, 6 ounces Sweet Potato, 2 ounces Broccoli and 2 ounces Asparagus
  • Meal 7: 2 ½ cups Egg Whites, 3 Whole Eggs and 11 ounces Mixed Vegetables

Chris Bumstead Personal Life

Aside from being an accomplished bodybuilder and athlete, Chris Bumstead is very active on social media and has over 14 million followers on Instagram and almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube. On both accounts, followers can see his training, nutrition, competition photos, and how Chris lives his life outside of sport. Sponsored by a host of companies, he also runs a podcast and does online coaching so others can learn from his techniques to better their lives and physiques. With a continued mission to be great, it will be exciting to see what’s next for Chris Bumstead.

Generation Iron Director Defends IFBB Pro Judges Under Media Scrutiny

IFBB Pro Judges

GI director Vlad Yudin joined the news program to discuss bodybuilding and steroids.

The issue of steroids in bodybuilding has become a hot topic over the previous year or so. Competitors in the IFBB Pro League, specifically in Men’s Open, have been doing what it takes to build insane mass in hopes of ultimately taking home the Olympia title. Is this bodybuilders attempting to keep up with the sport or have judges been asking more of competitors?

Recently, Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin joined The Why on Scripps News to discuss the state of bodybuilding and defended the judges’ approach to competition.

“When it comes to judges and coaches, ultimately the judges have to judge what’s in front of them every year. So, I don’t think it’s necessarily the judges who are responsible for the bodybuilding to be an extreme sport. I think basically it’s evolution. what happened since the 70s through the 80s and 90s until where it is right now.”

READ MORE: Bodybuilders Are Dying: An Investigation Into Modern Bodybuilding, Health, & PED Use

2022 Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan vs Derek Lunsford
photo credit courtesy of @dotsenko_gi

Bodybuilding Has Evolved: Should Leagues Be Testing?

The sport of bodybuilding has evolved over the years and competitors have focused on mass more than ever.

“I think it has been evolving over they years. The physiques have grown a lot since the beginning of bodybuilding but that’s because bodybuilding is an extreme sport. Ultimately, it’s health and fitness. When it comes to competitive bodybuilding, they want to take the physiques to the next level.”

You can watch Generation Iron Persia on all major digital platforms right here.

Beginning last year, there was an unfortunate string of deaths in the sport of bodybuilding that have put many on notice of steroids and PEDs. George Peterson and Shawn Rhoden tragically passed away at the end of 2021. In April, Cedric McMillan passed away due to a heart issue.

This raised flags and began conversations about steroids in bodybuilding. While there are many natural organizations that do test, the IFBB Pro League does not.

“There are quite a few organizations in bodybuilding that actually test. They call themselves drug-free organizations and they impose testing on their competitions. One of the biggest organizations, which is the IFBB Pro, they have a gray area basically where the promoters will decide whether or not the show will be tested or not tested.”

Vlad Yudin continued to discuss the process of testing for steroids and other PEDs in bodybuilding.

“Ultimately the promoters, they don’t want to take that away from the audience so they choose not to do the testing.”

“There’s two things. First of all, testing is an expensive procedure so many promoters choose not to do it. Secondly, in many ways the audience of bodybuilding, they decide what they want to see on the stage. If they see “freakshow,” which is physiques that are taken to the next level and are unattainable by most people. That is attractive to that audience.”

Despite any scrutiny that IFBB Pro League judges have been under, they are required to judge what they see on stage regardless of prep coming into the show.

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What Is The Carnivore Diet & Is It Effective For Weight Loss & Gains?

carnivore diet

Does this all-meat diet really work?

Most of us enjoy eating plenty of meat and the carnivore diet can give us just that. When it comes to seeing great gains, we love to eat those protein sources that fill us up and encourage muscle growth, for not only does that benefit our gains and aesthetic, but also our overall quality of life. The carnivore diet is an interesting idea and one that may just help you out.

Like all diets, the carnivore diet may work for some and not for others. Knowing what to look for in both the advantages and disadvantages can greatly improve all your goals and give you just what you need to succeed.

Let’s jump into the carnivore diet and see what it’s all about. As something brought to even more attention by Joe Rogan, by the end, you may just want to give it a try or you may politely pass on it for something else.

carnivore diet

What Is The Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet consists of eating animal products only. This zero-carb diet leaves no room for fruit, grains, or plant-based foods (1). The idea comes from our ancestors only eating meat as a source of nutrition and takes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains out of the equation. While this diet sounds great for meat lovers, like anything, it has its pros and cons to consider before diving right in.

What You Can Eat & What You Can’t

For the carnivore diet, there are those foods that you can and cannot eat. Knowing your food list and how best to structure this diet will better prepare you for what is coming if you choose to follow this meat loving diet.

Foods You Can Eat

Foods you can eat on this diet include red meat (beef, lamb, etc.), white meat (turkey, chicken, fish, etc.), eggs, dairy products (butter, cheese, etc.), and organ meat. These do have nutrients you need and can provide those essentials that some people think you do miss from other food groups.

Food You Cannot Eat

For the carnivore diet, there are of course those foods you cannot eat that you should definitely know about. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, sugar, processed foods, and certain beverages (sodas, energy drinks, among others).

carnivore diet

Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet

Benefits of the carnivore diet include certain areas where you wish to improve your health, training, performance, and lifestyle. For those interested in this diet, it is important to know the benefits before you dive right in.

Benefits of this diet include:

  • Weight loss: Through increased satiety and increased body fat metabolism, you work to lose weight and see those desired body composition changes (2).
  • Gut health: With the right approach to the carnivore diet you may improve gut health with glutamine, omega-3 fatty acids, and collagen to help strengthen your gut.
  • Inflammation: By lowering insulin levels and supporting gut health, you may decrease inflammation.
  • Cognitive function: With key nutrients, you can improve cognitive functioning and mental clarity while enhancing neuroprotective benefits (3).

Downsides Of This Diet

While these are great benefits, like anything, there are downsides that are also worth noting. Some of the disadvantages of the carnivore diet include:

  • Nutrient deficiency: Without plant-based foods in your diet, you leave room for certain deficiencies in your diet that can unfortunately play a role
  • Lack of fiber: When it comes to fiber, you severely lack it from food on the carnivore diet and fiber supplementation is something to heavily consider.
  • High in cholesterol and fat: This diet tends to be high in cholesterol and fat so keeping your levels in check may be something of a challenge.
  • No phytonutrients: Phytonutrients are found in certain plants and can be beneficial for preventing diseases and boosting overall health, but with this diet and the lack of plants, you miss out on them (4).

carnivore diet

Is This An Effective Diet For Gains?

The carnivore diet can be an effective diet for gains, however, there are those unfortunate drawbacks. For athletes looking to build muscle, you certainly get plenty of protein to do so. With the increased protein, satiety increases and the idea around weight loss is something to heavily consider as well. For its ability to provide fuel and mental focus and clarity, it is also something athletes can benefit from when it comes to boosting training and performance.

However, to think of not eating plants can limit the amount of nutrients one takes in, thus leading to a potential deficiency that you just don’t want or need. High in fat and cholesterol may cause problems down the line as well.

The carnivore diet can be effective for some but definitely not all. If you are someone encouraged to try the carnivore diet, supplementing with a multivitamin is something to heavily consider so you don’t suffer any nutrient deficiencies. Ultimately, deciding on the carnivore diet is up to you but consulting a nutritionist or expert is a good idea as well.

Other Potential Diets To Consider For Results

Aside from the carnivore diet, there are many other diets and approaches to weight loss that can help you see gains. While some may not work for you, others will, and it just takes finding the best option to see those gains you want most.

Other diets to try include:

  • High Protein Diet– Higher protein with less carbs and sugar.
  • Keto– Low carb with calories coming from protein and fat
  • Intermittent Fasting– Timing your eating cycle through eating and fasting throughout the day.
  • Vegan– Sticking to those plant-based foods.
  • Paleo– Eat mainly protein, fruits and veggies, and nuts and seeds
  • Mediterranean– Foods from the countries of the Mediterranean Sea including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, among others.

Wrap Up

The carnivore diet has the ability to work for you in many ways, but it has its disadvantages as well. Knowing what you’re looking for can be of great help and working towards your goals is something to consider as well. When all is said and done, knowing what the carnivore diet can and cannot do for you will help you make a better decision for those gains.

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*Images courtesy of Envato


  1. O’Hearn, A. (2020). “Can a carnivore diet provide all essential nutrients?”. (source)
  2. Leidy, H.; et al. (2015). “The role of protein in weight loss and maintenance”. (source)
  3. Koh, F.; et al. (2015). “Role of Dietary Protein and Thiamine Intakes on Cognitive Function in Healthy Older People: A Systematic Review”. (source)
  4. Gupta, C.; et al. (2014). “Phytonutrients as therapeutic agents”. (source)

Cold v Heat: Which is Better for Recovery

Cold v Heat: which is better for recovery.

After a heavy ass workout recovery is crucial so you can hit your next workout with the same high intensity. So with that said, what is the best way to aid recovery.

Obviously supplements such as l glutamine, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), l arginine, creatine, protein, cannabidol (CBD), and omega 3 fish oils can go a long way in aiding recovery (among other supplements).

But I’m talking about something more simplistic, directly from Mother Nature, it’s Cold versus Heat, so which one is more beneficial for muscle recovery?

Benefits of letting your muscles recover:

This may sound silly but what are the benefits of allowing your muscles to recover properly?

Well, when you train this actually creates micro tears in the muscle tissue. And during your rest period these micro tears repairs are repaired via the cell referred to as fibroblasts, once they locate the damaged area of tissue, fibroblasts migrate to that particular area and deposit new collagen allowing the healing process to begin and once repaired your muscles should in turn increase in strength and size.

And studies have shown that ‘skeletal muscle fibroblasts play an important role in maintaining muscle mechanical and biological health.’

So what should you do directly after a workout?

The key here should be to try and repair the muscles in time for your next training session.

In order to do this you need to get oxygen to the muscles and flush out any waste such as lactic acid.

Lactic Acid:

Lactic acid is made when the body is low on oxygen and it helps convert glucose into ATP (energy).

Buildup of this can result in muscle fatigue, muscle pain and even cramps, so this needs to be flushed out asap.

So back to Cold v Heat, what are the benefits of cold therapy.

Cryotherapy/ Ice Baths:

Jumping in an ice bath or actual cryotherapy chamber can help reduce blood flow to the inflamed areas, and it reduces inflammation, and less inflammation will result in less soreness.

A study published in 2012 suggested that ‘there was some evidence that cold‐water immersion reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), after exercise compared with passive interventions involving rest or no intervention.’

During the study ‘the temperature, duration and frequency of cold‐water immersion varied between the different trials as did the exercises and settings. There was some evidence that cold‐water immersion reduces muscle soreness at 24, 48, 72 and even at 96 hours after exercise compared with ‘passive’ treatment.’

However an article from 2019 suggested that ‘cold‐water immersion during recovery from resistance‐type exercise lowers the capacity of the muscle to take up and/or direct dietary protein‐derived amino acids towards de novo myofibrillar protein accretion. In addition, cold‐water immersion during recovery from resistance‐type exercise lowers myofibrillar protein synthesis rates during prolonged resistance‐type exercise training.’

So to make it clearer, cold therapy could hamper the generation of new protein in your muscles after resistance training.


Thermotherapy/Heat therapy:

Now heat is great at dilating blood vessels, so it helps promote blood flow to the muscles in question. So heat is great at relaxing muscles and helps improve circulation and delivers more oxygen.

It is also beneficial in helping alleviate sprains, strains, pains in the tendons and helps with stiffness.

Now there are less studies on heat therapy and DOMS, but one study found that the application of heat packs may help prevent DOMS.

‘Results also revealed that the greatest pain reduction was shown after immediate application of moist heat. Never the less, immediate application of dry heat had a similar effect but to a lesser extent.’

In some case moist heat was also shown to have ‘enhanced benefits, and with only 25% of the time of application of the dry heat’.

One study from 2006 did find that heat therapy can reduce DOMS.the study concluded that the ‘continuous low-level heat wrap therapy was of significant benefit in the prevention and early phase treatment of low back DOMS’ and this was based on the 24 hours post exercise

So let’s conclude: for:

Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) – there are studies for both cold and heat but a direct quote from a study suggests that ‘although cold is commonly used after heavy exercise to reduce soreness, heat applied just after exercise seems very effective in reducing soreness. Unlike cold, it increases flexibility of tissue and tissue blood flow. For joints, it is still probably better to use cold to reduce swelling.’

Ice – is great for immediate relief and cold therapy seems to be particularly effective at treating swollen or inflamed joints, and helps block pain.

Heat- is great for increasing blood flow, and heat is particularly effective when applied to an area to relax the muscles and increase flexibility

What if you combine the two?

Contrast Water Therapy:

CWT is when you utilise both cold and heat, and you alternate between very warm to very cold water. CWT essentially uses the contrasting temperatures to allow the blood vessels to alternate between vasodilation (heat – dilates) and vasoconstriction (cold – constricts blood flow). This blood vessels opening and closing acts like a pump.

When you rapidly alternate between hot-water and cold-water immersions, your blood vessels open and close in a pulsing, pump-like motion. Some proponents think this pumping action can help relieve various injury symptoms.
A 2017 study found that this kind of therapy helped sports players recover from fatigue 24-48 hours after the game

But another study from 2013 concluded that ‘there seems to be little difference in recovery outcome when CWT is compared to other popular recovery interventions such as cold water immersion, warm water immersion, compression, active recovery and stretching.’

So weather you pick cold, heat or both make sure you select one when recovering as it’s better than doing nothing at all.
















Before & After Using TRT: Pros & Cons Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy | GI Podcast

Victor Martinez tells all on TRT, aka Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and how it differs from using steroids for performance enhancement.

Over the past few years, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, often shortened to TRT, has blown up in the public consciousness of the fitness world. It is a perfectly legal therapy that is often misunderstood. Some consider it to be a form of performance enhancement drug – providing an edge to athletes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why on this week’s episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, Victor Martinez talks in-detail with the GI crew about TRT, the pros, the cons, how to know if you need it, and which myths need to be debunked.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, TRT is a form of testosterone enhancement. It is a therapy provided by a medical professional to raise your testosterone levels. However, this therapy is used as a medical tool to help those who suffer from natural low testosterone. TRT, in essence, is only used to bring your body to normal levels of testosterone for your age. It is not used for performance enhancement, it’s perfectly legal, and is often allowed by athletes in professional sports.

Victor Martinez, having lived an entire career as a pro bodybuilder, is very familiar with TRT, the pros, the cons, and how to know when you may need it. Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been in many headlines over the past few years. This is due to a new openness about talking about the procedure. Most notably, bodybuilding and strength sport influencers Larry Wheels and Liver King have announced and been publicly chronicling their use of TRT.

Unfortunately, due to the increased exposure of this treatment, there has been quite a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding TRT. It should be noted that Victor Martinez nor any of the GI team are medical professionals. But with Martinez’s experience in the sport – he feels the need to address the TRT trend so that others can better understand the treatment. Let’s jump into it.

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How to know if you need TRT

As we age, our bodies change. It is not uncommon for a person in middle age to start producing less natural testosterone. This is for many reasons. It is partly an unavoidable part of the aging process – our body’s natural decay. Low testosterone is also caused by our lifestyle choices as we age. An entire childhood and young adulthood of poor dieting, poor exercise, and sedentary lifestyles can lead to low testosterone production later in life.

In bodybuilding and other high level pro sports, low natural testosterone can also be caused by long term steroid and PED use. After taking large amounts of steroids consistently for a long time – your body will lose its ability to naturally produce testosterone. This is why many pro bodybuilders and strength athletes have been open about their use of TRT. This includes the likes of Dorian Yates, Larry Wheels, Liver King, and many more.

Low testosterone can lead to many side effects, some of which can cause an individual much pain and suffering throughout late adulthood. Common symptoms of low testosterone are:

  • Low sex drive and sperm count.
  • Sleep problems such as insomnia.
  • Decrease in muscle size and strength.
  • Bone loss.
  • Increase in body fat.
  • Depression.
  • Fatigue.

As you can see, some of these symptoms can be very life altering. It can put your entire perspective into a more challenging and negative headspace. Not only that, but the physical side effects, such as weight gain, can have a long term affect on your health.

If you are an individual who is 40 years or older and suffer from these symptoms, it might be a good idea to consult a doctor. TRT can be a treatment prescribed after a thorough examination. This includes a full panel blood test to determine if low testosterone is the cause of your symptoms.

It must also be noted that a doctor will also require other aspects of your health are in good condition in order to use TRT. Often a doctor will determine if your liver function, prostate function, and blood pressure are in proper order. If not – those conditions may need to first be addressed before beginning TRT.

The pros and cons of TRT

If it is determined that you are a good fit for TRT, then the treatment can begin in earnest. Keep in mind that this therapy is meant to be done consistently and is often required for the rest of your life. This treatment should not be used as a legal form of performance enhancement. Nor should it be seen this way by the general public. It is a medical therapy, completely legal, that helps make lives healthier and better.

That being said, there are also cons that come with the use of TRT alongside the pros. Let’s break it down:


The pros of TRT often reflect fixing the ailments that you experiencing from low testosterone. This leads to an overall healthier sense of self.

  • Increased positive mood and sense of well-being.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • increased sex drive and function.
  • Leaner body mass.
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Some benefits to cardiovascular risk factors


The cons of TRT are often slighter and similar to the stereotypical side effects you associate with steroid use. Ultimately, you are still taking an increased dose of testosterone – which will have some side effects on your body.

  • Acne or oily skin.
  • Hair loss.
  • Swelling or tenderness of breasts.
  • Swelling of the ankles (fluid retention)
  • A decrease in the stream or frequency of urination.
  • High blood cell counts (which could increase the risk of blood clots)
  • Sleep apnea or worsening of sleep apnea (difficulty breathing during sleep)

Debunking TRT myths

In the sporting world, TRT is sometimes misconstrued as being a form of performance enhancement. If an athlete is using TRT and competition in a pro sport – it can be frowned upon by those who don’t understand the treatment. Some even believe that it is an unhealthy grift of a procedure. These negative associations often come from the general taboo around steroid use.

Often times, a person who needs TRT is 40 years old or over. Due to this, you don’t see too many athletes who are using TRT while active in their career. However, there are some choice cases. Often times in this kind of situation, the athlete will work with the league or agency to ensure no cheating is occurring.

Victor emphasizes that low natural testosterone is a form of illness. It can lead to some serious suffering in adult lives. If a you or a person you know are recommended TRT by a doctor after detailed tests – it should not be something to be afraid of or avoid. Ultimately, TRT is a treatment that helps make lives better and healthier. It has stopped suffering for many middle aged men and women alike.

So when the topic of “natty or not” comes up. When debating if an athlete or person is natural or enhanced – TRT should not be in the conversation.

Wrap Up

Victor Martinez and the GI team go into great detail while discussing Testosterone Replacement Therapy. While none of our podcast hosts are medical professionals – they provide some valuable insight and real world experience in the hopes that the taboo around TRT can be reduced. If you believe that you might be suffering from low testosterone – always consult a doctor first.

You can watch Victor Martinez and the GI crew’s full comments on TRT in the latest episode of the Generation Iron Podcast above. Make sure to check back every Tuesday for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

Tony Huge Reacts To Death Of Fitness Star Leo Rex


Tony Huge made a video reacting to the death of Leo Rex.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Fitness YouTuber Leo Rex passed away in the home of Tony Huge in Pattaya, Thailand. After the new circulated, Huge took to YouTube to make a video reacting to the situation.

“I’m trying to be so open, honest, and transparent about everything,” Tony Huge said.

Tony Huge and Leo Longevity have been featured in each other’s YouTube videos in the past to discuss many aspects of the fitness and health industry. On Tuesday morning, Huge released a video explaining his perspective of the event.


Tony Huge Reacts To Recent News

Tony Huge began his video by sharing any information he could about the death of Leo Rex.

“Yes, it is true that Leo Longevity has passed away. We think that he passed away around Friday at 11:30 A.M. or thereabouts. I didn’t find the body until Monday, which is yesterday. I didn’t check on him because I thought he either took a sleeping pill and was just sleeping for 24 hours and then I just got more suspicious as time went on.

It wasn’t until I knocked on his door and checked around back of the glass slider and I saw the room looked kind of torn up. So, I opened the slider door, his bedroom door was locked but the slider door was open on the size. Opened his bathroom door, and the bathroom door wouldn’t open because his body was blocking the door.”

Leo Rex was found wearing a black T-shirt with blood coming from his nose and mouth. Upon arrival, there was thoughts that the room could have been ransacked because of the mess that was there. According to Tony Huge, he believes it is impossible for someone else to have been there.

“It would have been impossible for someone else to have caused this on him. The way that the door was, the inside of the bathroom. There’s no possible way there was someone in the bathroom with him. He also didn’t die from anything sudden or acute.”

Tony Huge continues to speak on the “emotional state” of Leo Rex, who was one of his friends. He explains how Leo Rex was “the happiest he had seen him before he passed away.”

The investigation is still ongoing as Pattaya Police sent Leo Rex’s body for an autopsy to learn the actual cause of death.

“As best as I can tell and the police can tell, this is what we’ve all come up with so far.

“The police have done a lot of forensics work and a lot of photos and a lot of interviews and hopefully they’ll find more information but it’s a really confusing situation. Without giving a lot of the graphic details, it’s just not possible anyone else was involved. And again, not a sudden death from any kind of drug.”

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Calum Von Moger Sets Sights on Downsizing Physique in 2023, Smashes Leg Workout

calum von moger leg workout
Image via Instagram @calumvonmoger and YouTube @Calum von Moger

Despite some legal battles, Calum Von Moger is motivated to train and improve his physique. 

Calum Von Moger, the 32-year-old bodybuilding star best known for portraying a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in Bigger and his life story biography documentary Calum von Moger Unbroken. Despite recent legal issues, Calum Von Moger appears determined to turn things around and shared an intense leg day workout on YouTube with fans—setting goals to shrink down over the next few months. 

With excellent training knowledge and shredded muscle mass preceding him, many were initially excited about what was yet to come from Von Moger—but only time will tell how far this Mr. Universe champion can go!

Calum Von Moger had to take on a challenging custody battle, but he wasn’t done with legal drama. A road rage incident resulted in him being accused of slashing an individual’s tires—and when police investigated the situation, they found quite an arsenal inside his vehicle: brass knuckles for added punch power, a tomahawk for close-quarters combat situations, and even a hunting knife!

Moreover, in May last year, Australian bodybuilder Calum Von Moger took an unexpected and unfortunate dive out a two-story window. After being hospitalized for several days in a coma, much to the medical staff’s surprise, he made a full recovery despite initial predictions. 

Although his situation was far from ideal, as authorities were waiting on him at court due to past events, Von Moger bravely pulled through! While still en route down the path of healing and rehabilitation earlier this week, he returned to his YouTube channel determined more than ever with plans set on slimming down for upcoming competitions coming soon!

Full Name: Calum Von Moger
Weight Height Date Of Birth
245-255 lbs. 6’2’’ 06/09/1990
Profession Era Nationality
Bodybuilder, Actor 2010 Australian

Calum Von Moger Leg Workout


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A post shared by @calumvonmoger

Below, we’ll overview the exercises Calum Von Moger included in his leg workout. 

Smith Machine Squats 

Performing smith machine squats is an excellent way to add strength and tone to your lower body. This exercise is great for those new to the gym, as it provides more stability than a traditional free weight squat. With this type of squat, the vertical path of the barbell is constrained by the smith machine, which eliminates many variables associated with traditional squats like balance, coordination, and stabilization. 

Additionally, smith machine squats help target different areas of the body, such as the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, while allowing you to lift heavier weights with greater ease than other squats. 

Leg Press 

The leg press machine is instrumental in building leg strength. It’s a safe and effective way to strengthen leg muscles, especially those that make up the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. 

Using leg presses correctly with proper form can safely increase your leg strength without the risk of injuring yourself. It also allows you to work on different muscles within your legs while decreasing the strain on other parts of your body since leg presses can be done in a seated position. 

Barbell Hack Squats 

Barbell hack squats are an effective exercise for building strength and muscle. This exercise is excellent for sculpting your quads. Barbell hack squats put less stress on the back than standard barbell squats, allowing you to target specific muscle groups more intensely. 

Stiff Leg Deadlifts 

The stiff leg deadlift is incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to increase their muscular strength and stability. This multi-joint, compound movement targets the major muscles of the lower body, including your glutes, hamstrings, adductors, and calves. Stiff leg deadlifts are also a great way to strengthen your lower back and strengthen the stabilizing muscles of your spine. 

Furthermore, stiff leg deadlifts will give you better overall balance and coordination since they involve simultaneously working both sides of your body. 

Leg Curls 

Leg curls are a great way to isolate the leg muscles, particularly the hamstrings, and strengthen them. Doing leg curls regularly can provide many benefits that other leg exercises don’t offer. Not only are leg curls effective in building muscle while increasing strength, but they also help prevent lower body injury and improve athletic performance. 

Leg Extensions 

Leg extensions are a great way to strengthen the quadriceps and build muscle in the legs. Not only that, leg extensions improve your overall knee stability by strengthening leg muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Leg Exercises


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Smith Machine Squats
Leg Press 
Barbell Hack Squats 
Stiff Leg Deadlifts 
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions 

Calum Von Moger said that the workout focused on higher reps, fewer sets, and more exercises. Moger stated:

“Leg day — just training quads, hamstrings, calves. It’s day two of this split I’m doing. So, and it’s like a high-intensity workout, so not a lot of volume but high reps, fewer sets, more exercises. Starting on the Smith Machine squats, I’m out of breath. Then, we’re going to do leg press for three sets. Then, I’m thinking of doing these barbell hack squats and then, maybe some stiff leg deadlifts, a leg curl… and see how much gas we have left in the tank after that. 

Maybe some calves and leg extensions after. I want to keep it under an hour. If there’s some room for some calf stretching at the end, then we’ll get that in too. It’s a good one. It’s a nice solid leg workout. Leg press now, let’s stretch it a little bit; we’ll do this one now, the barbell hack squat.” 

He said he’s cutting his volume down because he doesn’t want to get too big. Moger expressed:

“I heard that if you do too many reps, you won’t get as big, and I don’t want to get as big. I’m actually trying to downsize,” says Von Moger. “The hour of power is finished. We just finished a good, little juicy leg workout. It’s been a while since I did a shitty vlog. We got a little pump on.” 

After an apology to make amends for his actions last year, Calum Von Moger is determined to stay healthy and active and encourage anyone struggling with drug or alcohol problems. Although it’s still unclear if we’ll see him step on stage again as a professional bodybuilder, the future certainly looks brighter!

You can watch Calum Von Moger’s leg day training video below:

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