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2022 Empro Classic Pro Spain Results


Fabian Mayr wins Classic Physique at the 2022 Empro Classic Pro Spain!

The bodybuilding season continued over the weekend with the 2022 Empro Classic Pro Spain. This was another chance for competitors from six divisions to earn qualification to the 2022 Olympia. In the end, Fabian Mayr highlighted the show with a victory in Classic Physique.

This was a show that did not include a Men’s Open division but there were plenty of other elite competitors on stage from all around the sport. Mayr outshined the others in Classic Physique while Ayat Baghri was victorious in Men’s 212. On the women’s side, Ivanna Escandar won Bikini while Lena Ramstiner took home hold in Figure.

The full results from the show have been announced. Below, checkout a full breakdown of the event along with official score cards!

2022 Empro Classic Pro Spain: All Division Winners

  • Classic Physique: Fabian Mayr
  • Men’s 212: Ayat Baghri
  • Men’s Physique: Ali Balil
  • Bikini: Ivanna Escandar
  • Figure: Lena Ramstiner
  • Wellness: Synara Santana

2022 Empro Classic Pro Spain Breakdown 

Classic Physique

  • First Place – Fabian Mayr
  • Second Place – Marco Ruz
  • Third Place – Mehmet Emin Baydilli
  • Fourth Place – Julian Castano
  • Fifth Place – Siem Goossens
  • Sixth Place – Jhon Duque

Men’s 212

  • First Place – Ayat Baghri
  • Second Place – Daniel Sticco
  • Third Place – Steve Benthin
  • Fourth Place – Pasquale D’Angelo
  • Fifth Place – Marco Cardona
  • Sixth Place – Michael Shneider

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Ali Balil
  • Second Place – Furkan Er
  • Third Place – Youcef Joudi
  • Fourth Place – Burak King
  • Fifth Place – Leonardo Vecchiato
  • Sixth Place – Ali Jaffar


  • First Place – Ivanna Escandar
  • Second Place – Kristina Brunauer
  • Third Place – Stine Hansen
  • Fourth Place – Eszter Oczella
  • Fifth Place – Anna Setlak
  • Sixth Place – Solidea Bellia


  • First Place – Lena Ramstiner
  • Second Place – Adela Ondrejovicova
  • Third Place – Manon Dutilly
  • Fourth Place – Rejoice Godwin
  • Fifth Place – Nadine Claudia Huber
  • Sixth Place – Bahar Ayra


  • First Place – Synara Santana
  • Second Place – Leonida Ciobu
  • Third Place – Nerilde Garcia Strey
  • Fourth Place – Catarina de Souza
  • Fifth Place – Lisa Meinswinkel
  • Sixth Place – Jessica Basso

2022 Empro Classic Pro Spain Official Score Cards

Coming soon!

Generation Iron wishes to congratulate all the great athletes who earned a win at the IFBB Empro Classic Pro Spain 2022. Make sure to check out our full IFBB Pro results page from this year and previous years right here to catch up on any action you may have missed!

Iranian Hulk vs. Kazakh Titan Boxing Match Announced: All You Need To Know


Iranian Hulk will make his debut in the ring against Kazakh Titan.

It has been two months since the fight between Iranian Hulk and Martyn Ford fell through. Now, Sajad Gharibi will make his debut in the ring against Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich later this month.

Iranian Hulk and Bakhytovich, known as Kazakh Titan, have been going back and forth on social media in recent weeks. Now, the two will be able to step in the ring on July 31 at the P7 Arena in the Media One Hotel in Dubai.

Gharibi was originally slated to settle his differences with Ford in the ring before it was called off. There was concern coming from Ford’s camp about Iranian Hulk’s mental health following an interview that surfaced showing Gharibi emotionally discussing his family. They were allegedly disappointed following a stare down between the two men.

Iranian Hulk has been back in the gym training for a fight and will now prepare for another personal bout with Kazakh Titan.


Iranian Hulk vs. Kazakh Titan Background

Iranian Hulk has been unable to get in the ring to this point but has had plenty of chances. Prior to signing his deal to take on Ford, Gharibi was initially going to make his debut in 2020 with Bare Knuckle FC. 

At 6-foot-2, weighing over 175kg, Iranian Hulk has built a massive following on social media because of his unique physique. During his prep, Gharibi has shown off some insane methods to build strength in the different ways. This has allowed him to lose over 30 pounds, adding both a bit of speed and agility. 

Like Iranian Hulk, Kazakh Titan is also a bodybuilder who has made his mark as an influencer. He is a champion in his home country, along with making many appearances on television. 

Kazakh Titan may stand just 5-foot-7 but he weighs 115kg and is incredibly strong. He is able to bench press 150kg while deadlifting almost three times his bodyweight. Despite not competing in the ring, Kazakh Titan claims that he is an MMA master and has been waiting to make his debut. He has been calling out Iranian Hulk for quite some time now and the two seem prepared to do battle.

When a fight is made personal like this one, there is always some extra motivation for each side. The fact that each fighter will be making his debut is another element that can make this a must-see event.

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Larry Wheels Hints at Competing in Classic Physique Division

Larry Wheels to compete in the Classic Physique division?

Strength athlete Larry Wheels recently hinted at competing in the Classic Physique division. Having competed in the Open division prior, it appears that the popular powerlifter and bodybuilder is looking not only to return to the posing stage, but in a different division to boot.

Always known for challenging himself and breaking personal records, Larry Wheels is always experimenting with competing in different strength sports. With a pretty well developed physique it was natural for Larry to try his hand at bodybuilding. His foray into bodybuilding saw him competing in the Men’s Open division. While he put in a decent showing, it was quite clear that he lacked the kind of size to put the division on notice.

Larry Wheels is heavily muscled compared to the average athlete. That said, he doesn’t have nearly enough size to be truly competitive in the Open division. But while he may not be a mass monster, Larry is discovering more and more that his frame fits another category rather smoothly.

A Big Move

The Classic Physique division appears to be an ideal category for Larry Wheels. It possesses athletes that are well muscled, but nowhere near the hulking beasts in the Open division. Larry has the kind of frame that would fit nicely.

In a recent post to Instagram Larry Wheels admitted that he’s flirting with the idea of competing in the Classic Physique division.

I would like to try classic bodybuilding poses. I think my physique suits that division much better then open bodybuilding poses.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels)

Larry Wheels is looking pretty impressive currently. If he did decide to try his hand in the Classic Physique division, all signs point to him doing pretty well. While he may still have to shore up certain parts of his physique, Larry has the musculature to make some waves.

Do you think Larry Wheels would be competitive in the Classic Physique division?

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News and Editorial Writer at Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.

Best Ab Exercises You’re Not Doing

Best Ab Exercises You’re Not Doing

The Most Underrated Ab Exercises You Should Be Doing

Abs are the unsexiest thing ever, said no one ever. Go around and ask people around you if they want abs. Most people will answer in a yes if they’re being honest. Over the years, a ripped set of abs has become the symbol of fitness.

Abs are one of the most desired muscles, and yet only a few people have the classic dashboard abs. Adding a few ab exercises to your arsenal can take your abdominal gains to the next level.

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are the opposite of the orthodox crunches. The reverse crunches work the lower abs and can help you shed the lower belly fat and tone up the muscles. Lie down on an exercise mat with your torso facing the roof.

Place your hands under your hips and place your feet flat on the floor by bending your legs at the knees. Breathe in, lift your legs off the floor and bring your knees to your chest. Return to the starting position while exhaling and contracting your abdomen.

Landmine Twists

The obliques are one of the most overlooked muscles when it comes to ab training. The obliques are the fish gill-like muscles on the side of your abs. A set of abs can’t be deemed complete without a pair of chiseled obliques.

Place one end of a barbell in a corner so that it doesn’t move as you perform the exercise. Grab the other end with both your hands and hold it in front of your chest. While keeping your elbows locked in a position, twist your torso to your right side without turning your lower body. Return to the starting position and repeat on your left side.

Ab Wheel

Ab wheel is one of the most insane ab exercises and will set your abdomen on fire. The key to having a six pack is to have a strong core and the ab wheel can help you achieve a rock-solid midriff.

Get in position by kneeling down on the floor and holding the ab wheel with both your hands. Bend over and place the wheel on the floor so your arms are perpendicular to the floor. While keeping your core tight, roll the wheel forward until your arms and torso are fully stretched out. Return to the starting position and repeat for the recommended reps.

Decline Bench Crunches

Most people treat their ab training like accessory work and thrown in a few sets of crunches at the end of their workouts. If you want a shredded abdomen, you’ll have to prioritize ab training and add new exercises to your arsenal.

Decline bench crunches can prove brutal for your upper abs and can help unwrap the abs from underneath the fat. Sit on a decline bench, take a deep breath and go down until your back touches the bench. Return to the starting position while breathing out and repeat for the recommended reps.

TRX Knee Tucks

If you haven’t tried the TRX knee tucks, you are leaving a lot of ab gains on the table. The TRX helps in improving core stability, strength, and conditioning. We should also acknowledge the fact using the TRX looks completely badass.

Get into a planking position on the floor and place your feet inside the TRX loops. Get the help of a spotter if you’re a beginner. Your body should be in a straight line at the starting position. While keeping your core tight, bring your knees to your chest. Return to the starting position while breathing out and contracting your abs.

Header image courtesy of Envato Elements

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Busting Age-Old Fitness Myths (Long Overdue)

Fitness myths

Fitness Myths That Need To Die

Myths have been around ever since Homo sapiens learned to communicate. While some folklore can kindle the human spirit and keep communities together, others can cause trouble. The role of myths in fitness circles is no different. Fitness myths can slow down progress, make you hit a plateau, and can even cause injuries.

Fitness myths have reached a stage where they have gained souvenir status and are passed from one generation to another. The unsuspecting fitness rookies fall for these shiny souvenirs and end up wasting a lot of time and energy following advice that does not work.

1. Rule #1 – No Pain, No Gain

Most people fail to differentiate between pain and pumps. Muscle pumps are great as they are a sign of muscles being flooded with lactic acid and blood. On the other hand, tendon, muscle, and joint pains signal that you’re doing something wrong.

An exercise should not hurt while you are doing it. If you ever feel like you’ll pop something during a workout, it is your body telling you to stop, and you better listen. In this instance, living by the Muhammad Ali quote “I only start counting when it starts hurting” can lead you to some serious damage. 

2. Fasted Workouts Help Burn Fat Faster

If we got a dollar every time we heard this claim in the gym, we would be driving the Tesla truck by now. Many people assume working out on an empty stomach burns body fat as the body will utilize the stored fat as a source of energy.

But in reality, fasted training can be counterproductive. Studies have found that working out on an empty stomach can cause the body to break down muscle to burn glycogen as fuel. 

Apart from this, working out on an empty stomach can negatively impact your performance. If you don’t have enough macros in your body, you’ll run out of gas before you can do anything meaningful during an intense workout. 

3. If You Are Not Sore, You Are Not Training Hard Enough

Many people measure the effectiveness of their workouts by the degree of muscle soreness they experience over the next couple of days after a workout. These people try to train to failure in every workout and won’t leave the gym until they have a muscle-ripping pump.

You break down muscle tissues when you lift weights. Inflicting soreness-inducing damage on your muscles every time you train isn’t a good idea. 

It is time you stop assessing your workout intensity through the severeness of your DOMS. Some people even use sweat as a yardstick. They will not consider a workout complete until they are drenched in sweat. Following a customized training plan is a better way of ensuring workout effectiveness. Put in the work and be patient. You can’t rush to your dream physique. Good things take time, and this is one of them. 

4. Stretching Prevents Injury

Ask anyone trying to touch their toes before a workout why they are doing what they are doing, and they’ll probably tell you that stretching before a workout reduces the chances of an injury. 

If research is to be believed, static stretching before a training session can cause an injury. A study at the University of Nevada found that static stretching can weaken your muscles by as much as 30 percent because they act like typical resistance exercises where you put your muscles under constant tension for the duration of a set.

You should, instead, focus on warm-ups that increase both body heat and blood flow to the muscles. Dynamic stretching is a better option for getting your body ready for your workouts. Dynamic warm-ups include aerobic activities that mimic the movements you would do in an exercise. 


5. Resistance Training Can Make Women Look Masculine

Women getting masculine through weight training is one of the oldest myths that refuses to die. The origin of this myth is ambivalent, but there are two possible sources:

  1. Insecure men who couldn’t see women getting stronger than them.
  2. Petite and delicate are a couple of adjectives that are associated with an ideal woman. Women who lift weights contradict this image. 

The truth is that the male hormone called testosterone is responsible for muscle gain in men. Women don’t produce testosterone in enough quantities as their male counterparts to get as big as them. On the other hand, lifting weights can help women tone their muscles. Something doing cardio alone can never do. 

6. Isolation Exercises Are Safe

Compound (multi-joint) exercises have earned a bad name for being too risky. Newbies, the elderly, and people recovering from injuries are often asked to use machines. They are told that isolation (single-joint) exercises can’t cause injuries.

Most people assume that an exercise machine automatically puts their body in the correct position and helps them do the movement correctly with the right form. This assumption is only true if the machine is adjusted for your height and weight. 

Since isolation exercises put all the tension on a single muscle, a small mistake while using heavier weights can cause an injury. In the case of compound exercises, supporting muscles step in and share the load when the going gets tough. 


7. Crunches Can Help Burn Fat

Late-night infomercials have made people believe that they can spot-reduce their belly fat by using a particular ab machine or a sauna belt. The belief that you can reduce tummy fat by doing a few crunches comes from the same school of thought. 

While performing crunches might help strengthen the muscles around your midsection and improve your posture, they don’t do much in reducing your overall body fat percentage. Building six pack abs takes consistent work and a variety of routines. 

Let’s talk numbers for a second. You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat, and doing 50 odd crunches won’t come close to burning that much fat. 

If spot reduction worked, we would be the first to tell you about it. 

8. Lifting Weight Can Turn Fat Into Muscles

If you have been around the fitness scene long enough, chances are you know someone who is overweight but lifts more than most buff dudes in your gym and gulps down protein shakes by the gallons in hopes of turning his fat into muscles. 

Muscles and fat are two different types of tissues in your body. One type of tissue cannot turn into another. Exercise solely can only improve your muscle tone. You need a personalized diet, training, and recovery program to undergo a successful transformation.

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Secrets To Getting Shredded Like A True American!

Forget the gurus. Here’s tips from a jacked all American war vet.

Weight loss can be a tricky thing to manage. For bodybuilders who are more concerned with building muscle than anything else, fat loss is a bit less of an issue. But nevertheless, if you want to show off all you muscle and hard work then eventually you’ll have to drop your body fat percentage a bit. When it comes to losing fat, most people scour the internet looking for experts and gurus that can help in their mission to rid themselves of their pesky love handles.

Truth be told, sometimes you don’t want to deal with the hassle of reading a 20 page breakdown about what you should or should not eat, how you should be hitting the weights, what percentages of carbs, fats, and proteins your should consume. Sometimes you need a straight forward approach that will get you the info you seek ASAP.

Well, it seems like Derek Weida has the same idea about reaching your weight loss goals. Weida, a veteran of the United States Army, was wounded during service and lost his leg as a result of his injuries. Despite all that, the man is still a total bad ass that’s taken his loss and used it to fuel his motivation to become the best version of himself he could possibly be. Derek doesn’t have any use for excuses and neither should you. He’s an American hero and is proud to flaunt that fact, and why the hell not? The man is an inspiration and he’s looking to be the same for others looking to improve themselves.

Sometimes some good old bro-science can be the key to all your weight loss troubles. The best part? He hasn’t lost any of his sense of humor either. Sometimes bodybuilding can get so serious – but take a listen to Mr. Weida’s over-the-top red, white, and blue advice to reap the benefits of some straight forward knowledge.

All joking aside – those last moments of the video show Derek’s true colors. It’s all about finding ways to stay consistent and better yourself. It’s not about today – it’s about the tomorrow you want. Derek might crack jokes and be blunt – but maybe taking the seriousness out of dieting and lifting can help other people get more comfortable and confident about leading a fitter lifestyle.

What do you think of Derek Weida’s approach to bodybuilding and weight loss? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

THROWBACK: Flex Lewis Tells His Story – “The American Dream Was Put In Front of Me”

Inside the mind of Flex Lewis.

UPDATE: In celebration of Independence Day – we are republishing our article from 2018 detailing Flex Lewis’ journey to America and becoming arguably the single greatest Men’s 212 champion in pro bodybuilding. Below is the original article.

James ‘Flex’ Lewis won his sixth straight 212 Mr Olympia title in 2017, tying the record set by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now the 34-year-old legend lives and trains in Florida, but still holds close to his Welsh roots. He sat down with WalesOnline to talk about his life- past present and future.

Flex said that rugby and gymnastics gave him a fantastic frame for bodybuilding. In fact his nickname “Flex” was from rugby, long before his bodybuilding days. When he did start training in a local gym, they had a massive poster of Mr Wales up and the gym owner said he would give Lewis a free membership if he competed in the show. Lewis agreed, won the show, and it’s head judge, Niel Hill, still coaches Lewis to this day.

“He advised me at the time to go for Olympic junior under-21 weightlifting. I won that show. Pictures from that show ended up on the internet, which was still relatively new at the time, and it made its way to the owner of the famous Gold’s Gym in America. The next thing I knew, he was requesting I fly out to LA.”

On his first-ever trip to America, Lewis was having dinner with guys like Hulk Hogan and Jean-Claude van Damme. He sees himself as a poster boy from the American dream, attributing all his success to hard work and dedication.

“I wasn’t given any blueprint of how to be a bodybuilder; I just decided to give it my all.”

Lewis also commented on his rigorous training mentality.

“I see it as a job. You don’t want to go to work sometimes, but that’s why I’ve given my body that mental break…I never cheat, I never miss training sessions and I’ve never missed a cardio session in the years. Even when I’ve had injuries, I’ve still altered my cardio and training to get around the injuries.”

Though he still stays in excellent shape, Lewis is now pursuing opportunities outside of bodybuilding. He has developed many contacts in entertainment though he says the work can be less than exciting,

“Up until this year, I’ve never been presented or entertained anything to do with acting,” he said. “I’ve done some stuff with Paris Hilton when I lived in LA, but I found it incredibly boring standing on set all day long and eating from a food truck.”

No matter if he decides to dive into acting, Lewis says he is proud of what he’s created for himself and his family.

“The investments I’ve made ten years ago are now doing very well, and I’ve got other businesses in the process of being bought out. I pride myself in knowing what I’ve gone through, my family will never have to go through. They’ll be financially secure for life.”

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Top 4 Foods To Keep You Shredded Through The Summer

Use these summer foods to keep yourself in lean shape.

If you’ve started planning to get into summer shape then we’ve got news for you: you missed the boat pal. While you were busy relaxing in the winter and spring, you were missing the perfect opportunities to start getting yourself in the best shape possible for the summer. We all have times that we’re a bit bloated, especially after the winter and some of spring. That’s why we advocate working out year round so that when the time comes to start cutting down a bit for summer you’ll already be halfway there by the end of spring.

It’s Independence Day and the summer is here – but does that mean you should just give up on your fitness goals and stuff your face with cheeseburgers this weekend? Not a chance in hell. In fact, you should be considering some last minute diet options that could end up doing you some good during the summer. Who knows, maybe you can start seeing some progress before summers end. But whether you’ve been working out hard all year round or if you’re just starting now, we’ve got some summer foods, particularly fruits, that will help you get to your shredded best, hopefully, by fall.

You can also check out our list of the best fat burners on the market in 2022 right here. 


This is a great fruit for anyone that’s pushing themselves hard in the gym. Watermelons are packed with nutrients and can be a great post workout treat that does a number of beneficial things for your body. One, it’s great for hydration after a tough workout. Two, it can greatly help your muscle recovery. Also, it’s the perfect melon to crush in between your legs… if you’re strong enough.


Generation Iron Blue Berries

Another great summer food, blueberries should be your best friend. If you’re looking to thrash your muscles in the gym then you’re going to want your muscles to hold up to the task and this fruit can help greatly. Besides it’s great antioxidant properties, blueberries are great for helping with muscle fatigue.


Generation Iron Pineapples

Pineapples should be your best friends. For a bodybuilder who’s looking to gain a ton of muscle, protein will be a necessity. In order to get the most out of your protein intake, digesting protein and fats are essential. Pineapples are great for digesting these nutrients, provide carbs, and are packed with vitamin a, vitamin c, phosphorous, and potassium to aide in strong bone development.

Tart Cherries

Generation Iron Cherries

If you’re looking to drop some fat during the summer then you should definitely have some tart cherries in your diet. Besides being pretty damn tasty, this fruit can do a great deal to aide in burning fat as well as promoting lower fat storage within the body.

Which summer foods do you have in your diet? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

Benefits Of Lunges & Variations To Challenge You


Lunges are great exercises to promote muscle growth, balance, and even weight loss and should be a staple in your leg day routine.

Leg day can be challenging for a number of reasons. Too often do we want to work those big vanity muscles that make our physique really pop, but the dread of knowing we need to do leg day forces us to do so. Once we start, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the same old exercise that we have always done and while they are great to perform, choosing the right exercises to challenge ourselves can be difficult to find. With so many exercises out there, and so many voices telling us which ones to perform, it can be easy to get wrapped up in our own heads.

Lunges are a great lower body exercise with plenty of benefits that we should absolutely include in our workouts. Athletes of all sports rely on lunges to enhance their goals and work to power their training so that desired leg growth, as well as added balance and support, are there to advance every goal we seek to fulfill.

This resistance exercise is awesome for us to strengthen many muscle groups while giving us the satisfaction of knowing we’ve done everything we can to advance our goals and make the most out of what could have been a dreaded leg day.

Let’s take a closer look at lunges to see just how great this lower body exercise really is. Whether you choose to use added weight or not, lunges have great benefits and variations to really challenge you to be better than the day before.

Muscle Worked By Lunges

Lunges work all of the major muscle groups of your lower body, while enhancing the smaller stabilizer muscles that are often overlooked. The main muscles worked by lunges include your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves to give you a great sculpt from the waist down.

It should also be noted that your back and hips get extra work done, as well as upper body muscle if you choose to use a weight like a dumbbell or kettlebell.


Benefits Of Lunges

Muscle Growth For Strength & Size

Working your lower body leg muscles in an effective way, you will start to see that desired growth really become reality (1). Not only will this promote strength and size but will also lower your risk of injury, both in your legs and in your back. Since this relies on your core for that added support, especially on one leg, you start to see great gains in your core for the desired six-pack aesthetic.

Weight Loss For A Desired Physique

Lunges can work to raise your heart rate to really get your metabolism going which allows for increase calorie burn and a reduction in body fat. Of course, a well balanced diet and all-around solid workout plan is needed, but lunges provide that extra boost to help you lose weight and see that desired physique (2).

Balance & Stability For Added Support

As a unilateral exercise, lunges will enhance overall balance and stability which will come in handy for those big lifts as you seek to put up monster weight (3). By working one leg only, you become less stable, but over time this will change especially as more muscle is packed on.

Simple & Convenient To Do Anywhere

Able to do as a bodyweight exercise, lunges are simple and convenient and can be done anywhere at anytime for that optimal output you desire most. Easy to learn and adapt to with variations, you will start to love what a lunge can do for you.


How To Do A Traditional Bodyweight Lunge

The traditional lunge is a basic exercise to really enhance your overall training and performance goals. Start in an upright and strong, stable position. Step one foot forward in front of you and bend the knee to a 90-degree angle. Your thigh will be parallel to the ground and your knee on the extended foot should not go past the foot of that same leg. Drive through the ground and lift up to the starting position. Alternate legs and perform for your desired number of reps.

Variations Of Lunges To Challenge You

Reverse Lunge

Reverse lunges are a simple variation to learn as it is a traditional lunge just done backwards. What it will do is take less pressure off your knees since the larger muscle groups will take more of the load as opposed to a traditional forward lunge. This is great for those who experience knee pain often (4).

How to: Start in the same position as the traditional lunge which is upright. Step one foot backward and bend the knee toward the ground. Your thigh will still be parallel to the ground. Driving through the ground, push your leg back to the starting position.


Jump Lunge

The jump lunge will start to get your cardio involved and is a solid plyometric exercise. This will fire up all of your leg muscles while elevating your heart rate for a great calorie burn. For those looking to add cardio into their lunges, this is a great variation to do so.

How to: With an engaged core and solid posture, step forward into a normal lunge. Drive through your foot and explode into a jump, switching legs in the air and landing with the other leg in front of you. Perform for the desired number of reps and maintain solid form throughout.

Curtsy Lunge

The curtsy lunge will challenge you in terms of movement and really work your core with an added component of extra balance. It is important to keep your upper body straight and forward as your leg crosses over.

How to: Start with your feet hip width apart. Step back with one leg, crossing it behind the other and bend both knees towards the floor. Your front leg will be at a 90-degree angle. Drive up and return to the starting position.

Wrap Up

Lunges are a great exercise to include in your daily leg routine for the many benefits and overall challenge that comes with them. Able to provide for muscle growth, calorie burn, and added balance and stability, lunges should be a staple in those leg day workouts. Adding challenging variations can be a fun way to crush the monotony of a boring leg day and enhance even more gains you wish to see. Add lunges into your workout routine and see what this exercise can do for your training and performance goals.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

*Images courtesy of Envato


  1. Jakobsen, Markus D.; Sundstrup, Emil; Andersen, Christoffer H.; Aagaard, Per; Andersen, Lars L. (2013). “Muscle activity during leg strengthening exercise using free weights and elastic resistance: Effects of ballistic vs controlled contractions”. (source)
  2. Wing, Rena R.; Phelan, Suzanne (2005). “Long-term weight loss maintenance”. (source)
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5 Reasons Why Your Transformation Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Why Your Transformation Isn’t Working

Why Your Transformation Isn’t Working

A body transformation is easier said than done. Most people get a gym membership to transform their bodies but quit soon after they don’t see results and when the motivation fades away. If you’ve not given up the hope of getting in shape, here you will learn why your transformation is not working and what you can do to change that. 

Transformations are set on some basic principles which work for every individual whether they want to lose weight or build muscle mass. If you avoid the things mentioned in the article, nothing can stop you from transforming your physique.


Many people don’t make any progress in the gym because they underestimate the discipline and commitment which is required to transform their bodies. If you want to change your physique make sure you never skip a workout, eat clean food and get enough sleep.

When you’re training, you shouldn’t engage in chatting with people or use your phone while on the cardio equipment or between sets. Plan everything in advance and execute it to the best of your abilities.

Imbalanced Diet

While most people realize the importance of a balanced diet, they make the mistake of trusting their senses to make the right food choices. If you’re serious about transforming your body, you should be tracking your calories.

Design your diet keeping your micro and macronutrients in mind. If your goal is to build muscle and lose fat, you should be following a high protein and low carb diet. If you’re on a deadline, you might have to skip the cheat meals.

Poor Training Programming

Some people take the training aspect of a transformation lightly. They think doing 3 sets of 12 repetitions of an exercise using lightweight is enough to change their physique for the better. If you want to transform your body, you need to follow advanced principles and programs.

You can’t expect to see the results a pro gets by following the program of a rookie. The right training program is one of the most underrated aspects of a transformation. In the beginning, you should focus on finding out your body type and finding a workout program which suits it.

Pushing Too Hard

When people decide on starting a transformation, some push themselves too hard. You need to remember that you break muscles in the gym and build muscle or lose fat while you’re resting.

You need to give equal importance to your recovery otherwise you run the risk of burning out. Target 6-8 hours of sleep every night to give your body enough time to recover and recuperate from your workouts.

Goal Setting

If you want to transform your physique, know what the end goal will be. Write down your goals on paper and compare your progress every week. If you want to lose weight, write down your target weight and check your progress every week.

If you want to build bigger biceps, measure your current bicep size and check how close you are to the target size once every week. If you’re on the right path, keep going otherwise make adjustments. You can’t afford to want to transform your physique and then just hope for the best.

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