Mike O’Hearn sits down with Ernie Colling and Jesse Kessler of Transcend to discuss misinformation about athletic health and PEDs.

King Kamali said it best in Generation Iron 3, “Everyone is on steroids.” While this might be hyperbole, the core of his argument might not be too far from the truth. In bodybuilding and beyond, PEDs have seemingly become more prevalent and, even worse, utilized by aspiring athletes at younger and younger ages. A large part of this is due to misinformation spreading like wildfire across social media. Mike O’Hearn has practiced and preached the benefits of avoid steroids and other PEDs – but he worries that the new generation are on a path towards health destruction. In Generation Iron and Barbend’s latest episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show, Ernie Colling and Jesse Kessler discuss how they are using their company, Transcend, to combat misinformation and change healthcare in the fitness space.

When Liver King was exposed for having used steroids after repeatedly claiming he was a forever natural bodybuilder, it was a sad day in bodybuilding. Yes, the scandal was entertaining and brought eyeballs in droves. But it also brought the wrong kind of attention to bodybuilding from the mainstream media. Yet again, steroid use became the number one topic of discussion in regards to bodybuilding.

The sad truth is that steroid discussions in bodybuilding are more prevalent than ever. And while transparency and education about these banned substances is good – there is also much more misinformation and black market discussion happening right in public. By public, we are referring to social media. Online discussion has completely upended the sports industry in relation to PEDs. What used to be a secret can be easily promoted to you aspiring athletes. Many bodybuilders have gone on record stating that many young people and teens have asked them how early they can start using steroids.

That’s why Mike O’Hearn has brought Ernie Colling and Jesse Kessler onto the podcast. They own and operate the company Transcend. The company’s goal is to provide easy and thorough access to health care for fitness, age management, sexual wellness, hormone therapy, and weight-loss.

They want to bring the ease of the online world into something more fact-based and thorough – so that you don’t need to rely on some social media influencer guru (with no medical license) for supplementation advice when it comes to fitness. Let’s jump into it.


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Aspiring bodybuilders are using steroids at a younger age before they even know what is possible naturally

Mike O’Hearn is a realist. He understands that while he has stayed all natural, not everyone will follow in that path. He doesn’t even care if other people do steroids. He just wants to ensure that people know the real risks associated with using PEDs. O’Hearn has made it his mission to use his platform to inform the new generation on how to be both successful athletically while also ensuring longevity.

So it kills him when young bodybuilders start using steroids too soon. Especially knowing that there is a small percentage (and growing) that are utilizing PEDs as early as their teens.

That’s why Mike O’Hearn turned to the experts to prove once and for all – does using steroids in your teens have a real benefit towards earning success sooner? Ernie and Jesse both concur that it’s necessary. At that age, your body is already exploding with hormones. The sad truth is that many of these young people could push a lot farther and find just as much success by staying all-natural.

Even if they wanted to use steroids eventually to get to the next level – that is unnecessary to do until you have truly learned the limits of your body. And yes, that takes quite a long time. Much longer than your teens.

“You don’t realize what A full life is.”

– Mike O’Hearn talking about young And hungry athletes risking it all for success before 30.

Steroid abuse stems from short term thinking and social media enables it

Mike O’Hearn, Ernie Colling, and Jesse Kessler all agree on one thing. Yes, using steroids will help you reach new levels and possibly make you a champion. But it also will shorten your career (and possibly your life) dramatically. O’Hearn states that using steroids in your teens will certainly close down your athletic career by the time you are 30 years old.

Ernie and Jesse point out that social media and short attention cycles are exacerbating this. O’Hearn wonders why young aspiring athletes don’t simply notice how degraded their favorite stars are once they retire from years of steroid abuse. Ernie and Jesse point out that these athletes fall out of the viral eye as soon as they start to decline. They hide their faces. Meanwhile, there is always the next new young standout hopped up on steroids to gather all of the attention.

In short, no one ever sees the fallout later in life from these athletes. It’s covered up in a wave of constant new information, new and exciting young athletes, and social media feeds ask you to keep scrolling and never look back.

Ernie and Jesse are trying to use Transcend to make actual fact-based fitness healthcare as viral as social media. The ultimate goal is to squash out misinformation and make the real facts more readily available (and attention grabbing).

Transcend isn’t selling steroids or other PEDs in some loophole legal way. But they are showcasing how legal and more healthy options exist while also allowing you to reach your full potential as an athlete.

Wrap Up

Mike O’Hearn, Ernie Colling, and Jesse Kessler discuss these topics in far greater detail than described here. So make sure to check out the full episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show above. You can also learn more information about Transcend by visiting their official website – and signing up for a comprehensive blood test and evaluation.

And don’t forget – make sure to swing by every Friday for new episodes of The Mike O’Hearn Show only on Generation Iron or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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