Dr. Testosterone breaks down the absolute most dangerous substances used in bodybuilding today.

For almost as long as modern bodybuilding has existed, there has been an ongoing conversation about substance use in the sport. It’s widely known that many competitors use steroids and other PEDs to enhance performance. What seems to be further up for debate is just how dangerous these substances really are. But beyond the standard set of steroids, bodybuilding as a whole has engaged with other substances such as insulin, diuretics, and stimulants. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dr. Testosterone details the truly most dangerous substances used in bodybuilding today.

There is no doubt that steroids and similar PEDs can lead to health issues in the long term. It’s the kind of risk that many competitive bodybuilders are willing to take to achieve a new level of greatness. While we don’t want to diminish the possible ramifications of steroids, there are far more dangerous drugs used in the sport as well. That’s why we turned to Dr. Testosterone to find out more clearly which substances are the most dangerous and what kind of effects they can have on athletes.

When asked the question, Dr. Testosterone doesn’t even pause to think. Diuretics, stimulants, and insulin are far and above the most dangerous substances used in bodybuilding today. The doctor has spoken previously with us about the ramifications of diuretics in a previous segment. He’s also gone into detail about the dangers of insulin. So in this segment Dr. Testosterone dives headfirst into stimulants, how they are used in bodybuilding, and why they are so dangerous.

While not as common as other substances, bodybuilders use stimulants to help burn fat. But the problem with stimulants is that they are essentially a direct poison to the body. Looking past the detailed medical and scientific explanations of what happens to the body – the short answer is that stimulant abuse can lead to a stroke. While not always fatal, strokes can lead to very serious life altering outcomes. It can also lead to death in some cases.

Strokes can be caused by the stimulants raising your blood pressure in the brain. But that’s not the only possible negative effect. Stimulants elevate your heart rate and in some cases can cause arrhythmia. It can also constrict blood vessels eventually leading to a heart attack.

There are also other dangers of substances in bodybuilding beyond life or death situations. Sex drive is often associated with drugs like steroids. This is because of the increased testosterone that can, initially, increase sex drive. But as we had previously discussed with The Anabolic Doc, that increased sex drive eventually gives way to a complete depletion of it. Dr. Testosterone corroborates that notion – and goes into more detail as to why it happens and the many forms it can take.

This does not only take the shape of decreased desire for sex. It can also lead to making it hard or impossible for men to achieve erections. And in some extreme cases can lead to a man not being able to ejaculate at all. While not as dire as a life or death health scenario – these kinds of sex issues can cause great psychological trauma to individuals and couples in a relationship.

In addition to this, Dr. Testosterone also speaks about the possible dangers of substances when it comes to increasing aggression, agitation, and anger. While “roid rage” is vastly over-exaggerated in pop culture media, the doctor does admit that certain substances can lead to increased aggression. His recommendation? Smoke a joint to help level out your mood.

You can watch all of Dr. Testosterone’s comments on the most dangerous drugs currently in bodybuilding by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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