Top 4 Old School Olympia Champions Who Don’t Get Enough Credit

True greats who should get their due respect.

Bodybuilding is a fairly interesting endeavor. You spend all your time training and dieting to cultivate a physique that you find to be the most aesthetically pleasing to your own eye. On the professional stage, things can be even more nuanced and complicated. You have to set the trend as well as have a supremely string routine all coupled with tremendous genetics. It’s why Olympia champions are held in such high regard. To do the things an Olympia champion must do to win the biggest bodybuilding show out there is truly daunting and taxing on the mind and body.

That said, there are Olympia champions that were truly amazing that many fans fail to remember. Here is a list of some of the most notable Olympia champions who deserve more love.

Larry Scott


The first ever Olympia winner, Larry Scott was an absolute beast back in his heyday. As far as his influence goes, Larry Scott paved the way for other bodybuilders as being not only a successful athlete, but an actor and entertainer as well. After winning the first two Olympia titles, Scott became semi-retired and headed on to other ventures.



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