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WATCH: Post Comeback – Flex Wheeler Is Still Ripped

Flex Wheeler shows off his ripped physique despite no longer competing. Flex Wheeler brought a lot of attention to himself when he made a comeback...

TBT: Arnold Schwarzenegger Trolls Kevin Levrone Shawn Ray, And Flex Wheeler, Gives Health Update

Fun and games with some of the best of the best. The Arnold Classic has featured some of the greatest bodybuilders in the sports history....
This Or That Shawn Rhoden vs Flex Wheeler Generation Ironvideo

This Or That: Shawn Rhoden Vs Flex Wheeler

A battle for perfect symmetry. THIS OR THAT WITH JESSENIA VICE – takes two highly debated fitness topics and compares them to determine the best solution...
Flex Wheeler and Branch Warren Kuwait Classic 2017 Generation Ironvideo

WATCH: Flex Wheeler And Branch Warren Kuwait Classic 2017 Hype Up Video

The Kuwait Classic and Pro are underway and we are pumped. The Kuwait Pro 2017 may not have any Open Bodybuilding division in the lineup...
Olympia 2017 Phil Heath Flex Wheeler Generation Ironvideo

Straight Facts: Olympia 2017 Breakdown – How Phil Heath Won And Flex Wheeler Lost

Jerry Brainum gives the most comprehensive post Olympia 2017 analysis you'll find anywhere. STRAIGHT FACTS WITH JERRY BRAINUM – is an in depth exploration...

Flex Wheeler Interview: Will Flex Compete Again After Olympia 2017?

What It Felt Like Returning To Stage At Olympia 2017. Flex Wheeler may not have won the Olympia Classic Physique 2017 but he certainly was...
Flex Wheeler Final Posing Olympia 2017 Generation Iron

PHOTOS: Flex Wheeler’s Finals Physique & Posing Routine At Olympia 2017

See Flex Wheeler's final physique during his emotional posing routine. You saw a sneak peek at Flex Wheeler's physique during the pre judging and call...
Flex Wheeler Olympia 2017 Generation Iron

First Look At Flex Wheeler On Stage At Olympia 2017 Classic Physique

Our very first look at Flex Wheeler's comeback physique. It's finally here. The moment many of us have been waiting for - our first look...

Flex Wheeler Gives A Preview Of His Physique A Week Before Olympia

Flex is looking ready! https://instagram.com/p/BYzJS62AvQ2/
Flex Wheeler Final Weeks Olympia 2017 Comeback Generation Ironvideo

Flex Wheeler Comeback Diaries: The Final 2 Weeks Before Olympia 2017

Flex Wheeler's last update before his comeback on stage at Mr. Olympia. FLEX WHEELER: THE COMEBACK DIARIES – is a weekly show documenting the progress...

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