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This is the story of Bradley Martyn.

Getting noticed as a prolific figure in any sense of the word is something that a great deal yearn for, but few achieve. To be an instrument of influence and change, someone who can change the mindset of individuals and inspire them to be better than they ever thought possible, it’s truly a gift. The fitness industry seems to be filled with these types of personalities these days. Rather than simply focusing on their own glory, fitness gurus have come along in hopes of changing lives, improving on the minds and bodies of fans and clients who seek their help.

However, not every guru has the same kind of influence. There are some who are able to reach a small circle of people and effect them in positive ways, yet their reach only goes so far. And look, there’s nothing wrong with that, keeping your circle small is something that keeps the smaller unit strong. But someone interested in effecting the minds of the masses on a grand scale has to think outside of the box as well as have a personality that makes you want to stand up and pay attention. In this new era of fitness, if you want to be a recognized figure you must find a way to meaningfully reach out to your audience and truly effect their lives in a positive manner. That very fact seems to be the goal of one Bradley Martyn.

Date Of Birth: 5/22/1989

Height: 6’3’’

Weight: 245 Lbs

Bradley Martyn is a man who knows how to influence the masses. He shares himself entirely with his fan base and gives back to his clients and followers. As it stands now, the man has the appearance of someone blessed with incredible genetics and the gift of gab. While that may be true, there are other sides to Bradley Martyn that not a great deal of people know about.

Martyn didn’t always have it made, but despite that he made due with what he have. Starting his bodybuilding journey at 15 years of age, Bradley Martyn likely had no clue how high his star would rise in the fitness industry. Yet his consistent hard work has allowed him to cultivate a well muscled and powerful physique. But things weren’t always so bright and sunny for Bradley Martyn.

With his father having committed suicide when he was only 6 years old, Martyn had a great deal to contend with from a young age. Dealing with that kind of pressure and the depression, Martyn would eventually power through and force himself to find another route to success and happiness. When he eventually found bodybuilding and fitness it was simply a natural fit, one that would forever change his destiny. Through the teachings and influence of his mother and his good friend Brandon Gerdes, Bradley Martyn would persevere and change his life for the better.

Strength Wars Movie

Soon Martyn found himself not only training himself, but using the skills and knowledge he acquired over years of bodybuilding to impart what he learned to others. With a client base and the results to back it up, Bradley Martyn began to build a following, which would eventually explode into so much more.

But training wouldn’t be enough for the young Bradley Martyn. This self made young would eventually find himself in competitions on the amateur circuit for Mens’s Physique. These competitive days would only bolster his resume and prove to those following his advice that they were receiving the best kind of advice. But this was still all being conducted on a small scale. In hopes of reaching a broader audience where he could further increase his influence on the fitness community, Bradley Martyn created his YouTube channel in 2014.

With his plethora of video content, including his “Full Day of Eating” videos, Bradley Martyn’s fan base steadily increased eventually making him one of the more sought after online fitness gurus across the interwebs. Nothing happens by mistake. Though he battled through adversity in his younger years, Bradley Martyn would go on to become a self made man and the kind of individual that inspires those around him to be great.

“Inspiring others is the greatest satisfaction in life, because when your six feet deep no one is going to remember what you had, they are only going to remember how you made them feel! This is how you become legendary!”

That quote says it better than anyone else could.

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