Profile: How Jen Selter Went From Average Girl To Instagram Megastar

Jen Selter Is A Must Follow On Instagram

Instagram has rapidly grown into one of the biggest social media platforms. With its growing user base, it is no surprise Instagram got acquired by Facebook. One of the reasons Instagram has such a loyal and engaged fan following are hotties like Jen Selter.

Jennifer “Jen” Selter is a 23-year old American fitness celebrity whose shot to fame is Instagram. She has around 11 million followers on Instagram. Her belfies (butt selfies) got her a huge fan following which even she herself could not have expected.

All this began when she joined a gym as a receptionist. She got inspired and motivated by the people she saw coming to the gym every day. Jen was amazed by the transformations their bodies were going through.

“I would take inspiration from the dedicated people who would come in every day, rain or shine,” Selter told me. “I saw the changes in their bod[ies] and was determined to make changes in mine.”

Selter decided to follow this lifestyle herself. She started working out and her rear ballooned. Jen decided to share her progress with the world and about a year and a half into this, her followers on Instagram started to swell – just like her butt.

You just cannot keep the media out of action when it comes to following and publicizing hot models. This led to Selter making appearances on Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, The New York Post and New York Magazine.

Jen Selter also happens to be one of the most misspelled names on the internet. You can often find articles referring to her as “Jen Shelter” or “Setler”. Well, most of this could be credited to bad journalism or just the good old auto-correct.

Becoming a Brand

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Friday 💃🏻

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Jen is on her way to becoming a brand in the fitness industry. She often encourages people to use #seltering when referring to butt gains or transformations. Other hashtags like #fitness #lifestyle #gymlife #workouts follow.

She has an app and a website which has detailed follow-along workouts. You can never skip a workout when Jen Selter is your personal trainer. Selter uses minimum to no equipment which makes her workouts convenient to do at home or in the gym.

The fit lifestyle has helped Selter bag endorsements and sponsorships deals from nutrition and clothing companies. She quit her day job when she reached 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Done Talking

We’ve said enough. Let’s look at some smoking hot pictures of Jen Selter and admire her hard work and well-crafted physique. We would totally understand if you stopped reading and started drooling over her pictures.

Sorry dad

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A sorry should be the last thing on her mind. We thank her dad for her genetics. Actually, it is more hard work than genetics. This photo could have been shot from a better angle, but we cannot complain.

If you’re wondering what it takes to build a booty like Jen’s, watch this video. Her workouts can give you serious goals. They might appear easy but they will leave you sore for the days to come.

Happy 4th loves! ??

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This is when you know America is in good hands. Let this photo be the constant reminder that God is blessing America. We wish every day is 4th of July and Jen keeps posting pictures like these.

Who do you think is the hottest fitness celebrity on Instagram?

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