Review: Cellucor Whey Sport Post-Workout – Is It Best All Around?

Is Cellucor Whey Sport a good recovery supplement to take post-workout?

Cellucor is one of the leading sports nutrition brands in the world. From pre-workout to post-workout supplements, you get to choose from a variety of products in the range. You can also select one based on your stimulant tolerance level.

Cellucor Whey Sport Post-Workout Protein powder is one of the best-rated supplements to take after a workout. So, who is this supplement for? How is it different from the other post-workout supplements out there? I will give you a detailed review of this post-workout supplement here.

Post-workout supplements are crucial as they can help you recover quickly and more effectively. The speed at which you get back to your workouts often depends on the post-workout supplements you take. Your ability to focus on your regular tasks besides your intense workouts also depend on this. Whey Sport Protein powder is designed to make that recovery process post-workout more manageable.


  • Gluten-free formula
  • Delicious chocolate flavor
  • Doesn’t contain soy protein isolate
  • NSF-certified
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Contains artificial flavors
  • High sodium content

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Ingredients and nutrition information

Whey Sport contains 2g L-Glutamine along with 2.5g of creatine monohydrate, making it a powerful all in one supplement for post-workout consumption.

Besides the above two primary ingredients, it also contains 190mg of Sodium, 115mg of calcium, and 2mg Vitamin C. The presence of 30g of protein is one of the other benefits of this supplement.

This supplement contains 5g of carbohydrates that helps you keep your energy levels high. Ensure that you backup this supplement with appropriate workout sessions as it contains 160 calories per serving. This comes mainly from 2.5g of fat, 1g of saturated fat, and 3g of sugars.

This one also contains 70mg of cholesterol, and you should, therefore, keep a check on the cholesterol in the rest of your diet. All the above numbers indicate the proportion of these ingredients per serving.

Besides the main ingredients, the other ingredients include whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate blend, cellulose gum, natural and artificial flavors, xanthan gum, lactase, sucralose, protease A-S, protease, and Acesulfame potassium.

This post-workout supplement does contain a long list of ingredients each added for a specific reason. However, there are no proprietary blends or concealed ingredients to worry about, and this product comes NSF certified which is an assurance for safety.

Cellucor Whey Sports Post Workout Supplement benefits

Cellucor Whey Sports comes blended with huge selection of ingredients and this makes Cellucor one among the best post-workout supplements. The following are the real advantages of Cellucor Whey Sport as a post-workout supplement-

  1. Muscle growth

L-glutamine in this supplement helps enhance muscle growth post-workout. It is added as a primary ingredient because the natural L-glutamine levels in the body drop after workouts. This supplement can replenish that resource and help strengthen the muscles.

  1. Increased muscle energy

Creatine is part of most supplements. Post-workout is an excellent time to add creatine to the diet, and this is where it is most effective. Among the various forms of creatine available in supplements, creatine monohydrate is one of the best choices for increasing creatine levels in the muscles. Creatine phosphate in the muscles helps generate ATP molecules (adenosine triphosphate). When you train sets, these ATP molecules help increase the energy levels in muscle tissues.

  1. Faster recovery

Protein content in the Whey Sports supplement is high. Even when protein degradation occurs after training or workout, this supplement helps increase protein levels. A minimum of 10-20 g of protein would be essential in post-workout supplements. This one contains a healthy 30g of protein. A quick refill of protein levels in the body helps faster muscle rebuilding and, thus, a more reliable recovery phase.

  1. Tackle muscle soreness

Cortisol levels increase after a workout. Vitamin C present in the supplement can mitigate this effect. It helps maintain healthy levels of cortisol and thus alleviates the severity of muscle soreness.

  1. Increased bone strength

It is not just the muscles but also the bones that take the strain during a workout. Calcium levels in the body might drop when you sweat, and your bones release calcium to compensate for the loss due to sweat. Calcium in Whey Sport makes sure that your bones do not become weak or lose their calcium after a workout session.

  1. Combat loss of sodium

High-intensity workouts make you sweat, and therefore your body loses sodium. As this supplement also contains 190mg of sodium in it, it helps you to avoid the reduction in sodium levels in your body.

Is it a safe choice?

Except for pregnant and nursing mothers, men and women 18 years or older can safely take this supplement. As it comes certified for sports, sports players can depend on this supplement to increase the intensity of their practice sessions.

On the whole, this supplement is safe for consumption. Be careful if you are lactose intolerant as it contains traces of milk. Though it is free from gluten, it does contain soy, which is another common allergen. Brushing aside these allergens, the rest of the blend is pretty mild for most users.

One other aspect I would like to warn you about is its high sodium and cholesterol levels. Make sure that you compensate by reducing the sodium and cholesterol content in your everyday diet when you are on this supplement. This will help mitigate any associated side effects.

When and how to take this post-workout supplement?

A single serving consists of two full scoops of the supplement mixed in 6-10 oz of water. You can also blend it with your smoothies. The maximum dosage should not go beyond four scoops a day. The supplement mixes easily in cold water, and you can take it to post your workout session.

You can take Whey Sport soon after your workout, within a half-hour. It starts acting immediately and restores the energy you spend during your training. Muscle nourishment and strength building begin slowly, but the results are long-lasting.

My take on Cellucor Whey Sport Protein Powder

I like the fact that the manufacturer is fully transparent with displaying the ingredients. The supplement mixes easily with water. I tried adding it to other beverages and even almond milk and it was good. With its signature chocolate flavor, it tastes delectable with whatever beverage you add.

The chocolate flavor is a treat for your taste buds. The vanilla flavor in this supplement is equally delicious. Though this taste comes from the sucralose and other flavoring ingredients, it makes a refreshing beverage to consume after a strenuous workout.

Though it comes loaded with a lot of ingredients, it is gentle on the stomach. I did not notice any side effects after I started this supplement. Some users might experience slight changes in the gastrointestinal activity showing as indigestion as a side effect.

Coming to the actual results, this supplement does significantly speed up the recovery process. You do not have to worry about feeling weary all day long after working out. This supplement slowly and steadily makes you feel fresh and ready for your regular routines. Even my most intense training sessions did not stop me from hitting the gym again. I gained the confidence to push my limits and try new workouts without worrying about fatigue.

Whey Sport delivers a good muscle strength boost and helps enhance the cuts. One of the most critical benefits I observed with this supplement is that it suppresses hunger. Intense workouts make you hungry, and taking this supplement leaves you feeling full for a really long time.

The use of high-quality whey protein with a significant amount of creatine and l-glutamine is a rare composition to come by. Most supplements for consumption after workout contain only one of these ingredients in a higher proportion. This has been labeled as an all-in-one supplement. So, you do not have to worry about stacking creatine supplements or protein supplements along with the post-workout shake. It doesn’t contain sugars, and therefore you should be careful about what beverage you add this one too. When you do this and monitor your cholesterol and sodium intake as well, then this makes a safe supplement without side effects. 

What is the price?

An 18-servings jar costs $19.99. It is slightly pricey for post-workout supplements. However, with the plethora of benefits that it offers, it makes a great value purchase. The quality of the ingredients and rapid results makes the supplement worth the price. 

Overall rating

Effectiveness – 9/10

Ingredients – 8/10

Taste – 10/10

Price – 7.5/10

A final word

If you need a post-workout supplement that gives you an instant energy boost, something that speeds up recovery, then look no further. It does contain a lot of fillers, sugars, and unwanted ingredients. Therefore, many might not be a fan of this blend. However, the irresistible chocolate flavor and the muscle growth effects this one gives will keep me coming back for more.




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