Can Enhanced SLIN Supplement Turn Carbs Into Muscle?

SLIN was Formulated for One Simple Reason, to put “Carbs into Muscle”

The key to a healthy lifestyle isn’t cutting out carbs from your diet, it’s managing the body’s insulin response to carbs. SLIN was developed to lower the insulin response every time we eat carbs, to provide blood sugar management and utilize carbohydrates as fuel, preventing them from being stored as fat.

What Is Insulin and How Does it Work?

Enhanced SLIN

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Insulin is an essential hormone. Without insulin you would be dead so the preconceived notion that insulin is bad is completely incorrect. Where all the confusion comes from is how insulin functions in your body. When you have a high muscle insulin sensitivity, your muscles are sensitive to the hormone insulin and insulin shuttles carbohydrates into cells to be stored as glycogen.

This is how insulin should function.

The reverse of this is called insulin resistance. When you have insulin resistance, your muscles are resistant to the hormone insulin so instead of insulin shuttling carbohydrates into your muscle cells, they stay in the blood stream, leading to high blood glucose. Since this glucose isn’t used by your muscles it eventually gets turned into body fat. Even worse, the high blood glucose causes inflammation which promotes the development and prognosis of type 2 diabetes.

The key point in all of this is that insulin is neither good nor bad, it’s all relative to how insulin works in your body.

Muscle Insulin Sensitivity

Muscle insulin sensitivity determines if the nutrients you eat are shuttled into muscle cells or into fat cells.

Let me use some real-world examples to explain.  You know buddy at the gym who can eat whatever he wants and never puts on any body fat? He has a very high muscle insulin sensitivity. His muscles are very sensitive to the hormone insulin so the food he eats is shuttled into muscle cells instead of fat cells.

On the other end of the spectrum, know buddy at the gym who just looks at a cup of rice and seems to gain 5 pounds? He has very poor muscle insulin sensitivity (also known as being insulin resistant). Since his muscle are not very sensitive to insulin, the food he eats is shuttled into fat cells instead of muscle cells.

What is SLIN and How does it Work?

SLIN is an insulin mimetic that increases muscle insulin sensitivity and reduces the amount of insulin the pancreas secretes whenever you consume carbs. SLIN was apparently created to “shuttle carbs into muscles”. SLIN proposes that it increases muscle insulin sensitivity so the carbs you eat are shuttled into muscle cells, instead of being stored as fat and creating a state of inflammation.

SLIN Ingredients and Nutritional Information

SLIN contains multiple science backed ingredients like Berberine, Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia Linn), Berberine HCL, Cinnamon, Alpha lipoic acid, Fenugreek, Kaempferol, Myricetin, Banaba Leaf (Lagerstroemia Speciosa), Irvingia gabonesis, Fucoxanthin, and Chromium. These ingredients have been clinically shown to increase muscle insulin sensitivity, improve performance and decrease body fat.

With a 100% transparent formula, you know exactly what you are getting in each serving.

  • Berberine

Berberine is an alkaloid naturally found in several plants including European barberry, goldenseal, goldthread, Oregon grape, phellodendron, and tree turmeric.  It’s primarily used to improve muscle insulin sensitivity and improve biomarkers of type II diabetes such as fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1C. Berberine activates an enzyme called Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) while inhibiting Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B (PTP1B), thus increasing insulin sensitivity [1].

A study done for the Journal of Metabolism saw significant decreases in hemoglobin A1c, fasting blood glucose, postprandial blood glucose and plasma triglycerides when participants were given Berberine [2].

  • Bitter Melon Extract

Bitter melon is a tropical vine that belongs to the gourd family and is closely related to zucchini, squash, pumpkin, and cucumber. Bitter melon has been shown to improve several markers of long-term blood sugar control, including levels of fructosamine and hemoglobin A1c [3].

  • Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice that has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Cinnamon is loaded with powerful polyphenol antioxidants. In a study that compared the antioxidant activity of 26 spices, cinnamon wound up as the clear winner, even outranking “superfoods” like garlic and oregano [4]. In addition, studies show that this spice has potent anti-inflammatory properties [5].

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic acid is an organic compound that acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body. Your body naturally produces alpha lipoic acid, but it’s also found in a variety of foods and as a dietary supplement.

A meta-analysis of 12 studies found that people who took alpha-lipoic acid lost an average of 2.8 pounds (1.27 kg) more than those taking a placebo [6]. Another meta-analysis reported that alpha lipoic acid supplementation improved blood glucose management and lipid profiles [7].

  • Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is a popular herb commonly used in Indian dishes and often taken as a supplement. Based on evidence from clinical trials, fenugreek has benefits for lowering blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol levels, lowering inflammation, and help with appetite control [8,9].

  • Kaempferol

Kaempferol is a polyphenol antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables. Kaempferol augments the human body’s antioxidant defense against free radicals and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, especially cancer [10].

  • Myricetin

Myricetin is a flavanol naturally found in fruits, vegetables, tea, and red wine. Myricetin has the function to ameliorate insulin resistance and execute the functions of anti-inflammation, anti-oxidative stress, and anti-hyperlipidemia [11].

All of these functions may provide the contribution to the prevention of Diabetes and diabetic complications.

  • Banaba powder

Banaba is a nutraceutical extracted from the leaves of Lagerstroemia speciosa, a tree native to Southeast Asia. Rich in corosolic acid (a substance found to possess blood-sugar-lowering, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties), banaba also contains ellagitannins, a class of compounds with antioxidant effects.

A study published in the journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, reported that participants who ingested the banaba compound corosolic acid had significantly lower blood glucose levels then participant consuming a placebo [12].

  • African Mango Extract

African mango is a tree native to West Africa. It is widely touted for its weight-loss and fat-burning effects, but extracts of this tree also have antioxidant properties, lower cholesterol, and reduce blood sugar.

In a study for the journal of medicinal food, African mango extract reduced blood sugar and fat levels[13]. In another study with overweight participants, treatment with African mango seed extract decreased fasting blood glucose levels by 25% [14].

  • Fucoxanthin

Fucoxanthin is a brown seaweed pigment that is found in most brown seaweeds, as well as a few other marine sources.

Fucoxanthin supplementation reduced body weight in obese non-diabetic females [15]. Fucoxanthin also demonstrated a dose-dependent increasing of resting metabolic rate.

Is SLIN Safe?

SLIN is FDA reviewed and product in a good manufacturing practices (GMP) certified facility. SLIN has been sold on the commercial market for 4 years, with the only side effect being reported is slight gastral intesetinal distress when taking above label dosages.

How Do I use SLIN?

Take 4 capsules 1-2x daily with your highest carb meals to effectively manage blood glucose and prevent fat storage. SLIN targets a metabolism regulator called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which stimulates the uptake of carbohydrates into muscle cells, using them for energy rather than fat storage.

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