В последнее время все с большим интересом обращаешь внимание на проявление твердых личностных убеждений в бодибилдинге. Сегодня приятно порадовал спортсмен классик-физик Тави Кастро. Удивить кого-то недовольством из-за занятого места в бодибилдинге нельзя. Но тут совсем другая ситуация. Тави Кастро выступает на самом деле для себя. Он не нуждается в признании, он и так популярен: более 3 миллионов подписчиков в Инстаграм, хорошо зарабатывает и спорт для него, с его же слов, творчество. Заняв третье место на чемпионате Европы NPC Тави Кастро не столько расстроился из-за занятого места, сколько из-за того, что судьи без стеснения сказали о том, что позирование и произвольную программу они не оценивали – напомню, мы говорим о классик физик. Тави высказал свое уважение к выступающим атлетам и NPC – и был таков.

На Ваш взгляд, это заслуживающее уважение поведение или наоборот?

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ROAD TO ART ✖️➕✖️ when I came out of competitive retirement this year to compete again. I did it for a few reasons…I didn’t need it financially (competing actually costs athletes money and it never brought me any business or sponsorships) Nor did I need confirmation from a judging panel to tell me ,I have ,or don’t have the best physique on one particular day.The amazing support i receive on social media says enough.Therefore I had made a goal to reach the Olympia,but I was not attached to it.I didn’t need it. My body, my art.But it was a goal, and it forced me to commit to the iron temple which is a meditation for me, a meditation I needed greatly in one of the toughest years of my life.On this journey me and @berrydemey created so many memories traveling and making new friends and supporters alike. It would be unconscious to not be grateful for this journey so far.But after three rounds of competitions in this sport we saw and heard things we simply didn’t want to…we want to romanticize it and be proud to tell a normal person that we’re bodybuilders, or that a normal person could name the current mr Olympia instead of naming Arnold Schwarzenegger. But right now the direction that it is going is not one I feel I want to be a part of. I was crushed to hear they didn’t even judge my posing routines or presentation in classic physique.Many in this niche industry will argue that you just need to follow their criteria, but now I feel that’s that’s why the sport of bodybuilding hasn’t reached its potential.They have exchanged finding the greatest aesthetics and ambassadors to grow the sport, for quicker judging and extremes. A sport where the revenues are mainly generated by paying athletes, sponsorship money and not by public spectatorship will always suffer.Imagine full stadiums to watch the future Olympians…for now I will step back from competing with full respect to the the competing athletes and NPC .To @yanitayancheva ,my family, my classic dad ,my friends, my followers,I love you. Create your goals, fight for your ambitions.But do not attach yourself to them. Be grateful for now while striving for tommorow. I’ll be back.📸 @tayfun_ayra_timelessmediaart

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