Сегодня, заходя в интернет, все больше переживаешь за то, чтобы не прочесть очередной некролог. Люди уходят как никогда часто: сегодня ушел из жизни в возрасте 36 лет (по естественным причинам) спортсмен-колясочник Джошуа Фостер. А на днях умерла в возрасте всего 23 лет Микеле Кингмэн, чемпионка по бодифитнесу турнира Джей Катлер Классик

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So overwhelmed with love and support! So much running through my head right now I still can't grasp the thought that I'm taking home two overalls and three first place trophies for each class I entered! I want to thank everyone, without you all believing in me and pushing me past my limits I wouldn't be standing here right now. So many people to thank from family to friends, you've all motivated me to be the best me! And of course my coach @justin_randall91 from telling me from week one that if I was willing to suffer I would stun a lot of people. He pushed me past my limits and never gave up on me, thank you for being there with me these past 17 weeks, can't wait for the next journey to start! Also thank you @kennywallach for perfecting my poses on that stage! Thank you @saleylasuits for the beautiful suit! I couldn't do it without all of you! I appreciate all the support and love… but it's time for some pizza🙌🏽🍕💕💪🏽

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