Легендарный Ли Прист, ушедший из IFBB PRO League еще в 2006 году и пустившийся во все тяжкие, похоже, повзрослел и начал исправлять ошибки молодости. А именно – сводить безобразные татуировки с лица. Дело это весьма хлопотное и неприятное, но обязательное. Татуировки имеют неприятное свойство расползаться, тускнеть и т.д.

Ли Прист поделился со своими подписчиками процессом избавления от татуировок. Напомним, что Влад Юдин скоро начнет снимать новый фильм о Ли Присте. Так что на экранах мы увидим Ли с новым лицом, а может – просто с давно забытым старым.

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#Repost @vampcosmeticclinic with @get_repost ・・・ Here it is! The process of @leeapriest PicoWay face tattoo removal. He took it like a true champ, this man is made of steel! 💪🏻 All tattoo removal is uncomfortable but the PicoWay fires thousands of times faster than other lasers, using a pressure wave rather than heat to shatter the ink molecules. Less heat means less disruption to the skin, less downtime, faster healing, therefore removal sessions can be scheduled closer together for faster tattoo removal. It’s difficult to say how many sessions it will take to remove as we want to treat cautiously on the face but he’ll likely be sitting for at least 8 treatments. ✔️ Cost (large tattoo)- PAYG $350 prepaid packages of 8 treatments available for $2100 ✔️ Topical compounded numbing + entonox gas is on offer for increased comfort ✔️ takes around 30-45 minutes with numbing ✔️ 3-4 weeks between treatments ✔️ downtime – much less than other lasers but Lee can expect some pinpoint bleeding, tenderness and textural changes to the skin ✔️ to answer the question everyone’s been asking, no – we can not treat over Lees eye to remove the tattoo, not with this laser and not even with corneal shields, it may damage his sight. Go to our website for more information and pricing. To book call the clinic 40411514 or book online. Consultations are complimentary and you can proceed same day. We’re trying not to get too excited about seeing Lee again, he’s inspired us all to work out! 💪🏻😌♥️ IMAGES – REPOST @leeapriest

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