Retiring for good?

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Sometimes reporting on rumors can be a bit sketchy at times, but there seems that there may be some truth to this statement. While Kevin Levrone may have looked pretty impressive at the Olympia, all things considered, the improvements he’s been making to his physique have been nothing short of amazing. So it makes it seem all the more crazy that the top veteran would consider retirement once more after only just coming back to action.

Rumor has it that if Kevin Levrone wins his next show, the 2017 Vancouver Pro Show, that the long time veteran will call it quits and will even opt out of competing at the Olympia. Why you may ask? It seems as though Levrone feels like he has nothing more to prove and that a big win at even a smaller show will set records and cement him in history. It seems as though he’s not particularly hungry in regards to his desire to compete at the Olympia once more.

So in case these rumors are true, we at Generation Iron have to say that if Kevin Levrone is thinking about retiring once more that he should reconsider. Though he may not have gotten the greatest placing in the Olympia last year, his presence has become a true inspiration to fans and avid bodybuilders. Rather than retire he should consider competing at the Arnold Classics. This would be a great way to prove his worth while at the same time capturing glory of a different kind. Maybe it’s not the Olympia, but the Arnolds are major shows with a ton of different eyes on it. That means opportunity to spread his inspiration to an even larger audience.

Do you think Kevin Levrone should hang it up with his next win?

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