Take a Look at Brandon Curry’s 12 Week Transformation That Destroyed Dallas McCarver

Turning into a monster.

Heading into the Arnold Classic 2017 it was clear that some of the best in the world would be absent from the prestigious show. But while fans criticism may have been harsh, the reality is that the show was a great preview as to what the future of bodybuilding will look like. Cedric McMillan brought a classic style to the stage with his Arnold Classic win while Dallas McCarver showed off his mass monster gains to great effect. But it appears that there’s another bodybuilder who is making a move towards the top with a tremendous amount of improvement and major gains.

Brandon Curry may not have placed in the top three at the Arnold Classic this year, but his big win at the New Zealand Pro is already turning heads. While many have doubted in the up and comer, it’s been apparent to all those paying attention that Brandon Curry would be a force to be reckoned with. Ever since he began training in Kuwait, Curry has shown some massive improvements in his physique, so much so that his true potential is beginning to be realized.

Dallas McCarver may have come in second place at the Arnold Classic, but Brandon Curry was able to close the gap with a major win over the weekend. Curry went from being out of reach of McCarver to overcoming the fellow bodybuilding stand out in twelve weeks. That’s right. Brandon Curry was able to transform himself in twelve weeks and it only leaves the door open to speculation as to how far he can go heading into future competitions. Take a look at the twelve weeks progression of Brandon Curry

Curry in July 2016 vs curry in march 2017 after 12 week of mirror gain ?

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