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An all natural guide to blasting your triceps.

Anyone who endeavors to improve their physique usually does so for a specific reason. Everyone is motivated in different ways. Whether it’s a bad break up or with the intentions of competing in a competition, a bodybuilder always has a reason for pursuing a more aesthetic physical form. For some bodybuilders the motivation can be pretty simple. A lagging body part or muscle group can be as big a motivation as any to want to eventually improve your entire physique. After all it makes no sense to improve your biceps if your chest is going to be lacking or having well developed hamstrings with under developed calves. Proportion is the name of the game in bodybuilding. Still, you have to start somewhere.

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Arms are made up a number of different muscle groups, each of them important to build up in order to bring everything together nicely. Many people have trouble building up their forearms, while too many bodybuilders focus all their attention on developing mountainous biceps. The truth of the matter is that though these two muscle groups are definitely important to building up the aesthetics of your arm, without the triceps then you can’t bring everything together.

The triceps are the biggest muscle group of the arm and to neglect them would be like wanting to have some awesome wheels without building up the quads. It would make no sense whatsoever. So if you’re arms are lagging and you want to see some major improvements then the best place to start may be the largest muscle group of the body part.

Natural bodybuilder Rob Riches has his own program for building up his triceps, one that any bodybuilder should find beneficial to their endeavor of making considerable arm gains.

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