These female fitness models and bodybuilders have diced and shredded abs.

Years ago the notion that a woman needed to be skinny in order to be attractive dominated the media. Everything was about how much weight to lose, how skinny can you get, but very few sources garnered towards women focused on muscle.

These days the masses know better. While a person can be attractive no matter their current size or fitness level, the realization that being strong is also desirable has become more and more common place. Gone are the days where women believe building muscle will only make them appear more masculine. These days strong is sexy and there is no denying that.

The idea of skinny being the only way to be deemed attractive is antiquated and the women in the video below prove that point nicely. Not only are they all in tremendous physical condition, showing great athleticism, but they are strong, shredded and attractive all in one. In particular, these female fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts have some diced abs. Whether man or woman, most people have thought about carving out a nice set of abs at least at one point in their life. These female fitness athletes have accomplished that goal in spades. Take a look at the video above courtesy of the YouTube channel Bodybuilding Babes.

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