Top 10 Multivitamins for Bodybuilding in 2020

These multivitamins are ideal for fitness-minded individuals!

Multivitamins are a beneficial aid for active people and those need more vitamins in the diets. Vitamins are important for daily life and health functions of the body.

Some people are deficient in vitamins, others supplement to replenish them after being active, and they also make for a healthy daily supplement.

Vitamins A, C, D, E, B6/12, and K, are all essential for good health and well being. And quality multivitamin products will supply all of them in generous amounts.

But, minerals are just as important and any product worthwhile will have respectable quantities.

Now, people who weight train need sufficient nutrients to support muscle growth and strength. The body is placed under stress and muscle fibers tear down during a training session. And without adequate vitamins and mineral deficiencies can occur if nutrition is not up to par…

Check out these awesome multivitamins which have everything you need to support your fitness goals!

Multivitamin Benefits

Vitamins are non-negotiable when it comes to health and since most are not made by the body, we must get them from foods.

But, sometimes we don’t get enough from foods and supplements are a beneficial aid in this case.

It’s important to understand that supplements should never be a replacement for food. Multivitamins are good only in combination with a good diet.

Supplements are never a substitute for a balanced, healthful diet, and they can be a distraction from healthy lifestyle practices that confer much greater benefits,” explained Dr. Joann Manson, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and professor of epidemiology at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Vitamin A is crucial for maintaining healthy vision. It’s also important for immune function, cell growth, heart, kidney, and lung health. (1)

Vitamin C is necessary for a healthy immune system, and it plays a role in connective tissue health (Important for wound healing). (2)

Vitamin also has antioxidant properties and is needed for protein metabolism and the biosynthesis of collagen and L-carnitine.

Vitamin D plays a big role in the absorption of calcium for bone health. But Vitamin D is also essential for cell growth modulation, immune function, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. (3)

Recent studies have also shown that Vitamin D also helps reduce inflammation and in some cases lower the risk of virus death rates. (3.5)

Vitamin E is used by the body in the form of alpha-tocopherol and it’s a vital antioxidant which protects the body against free-radical damage which can cause diseases and cancers. (4)

Vitamin E is also important for heart and skin health. (5)

Vitamin B6 is an enzyme which plays a big role in many chemical reactions in the body. B6 is essential for brain health, immune function, nervous system, and blood cell health. (6)

Vitamin B12 is vital for creating red blood cells, nerves, and DNA. Plus, it’s important for cellular energy and even mental health. (7)

B12 deficiency is a problem in a lot of adults and 20% are borderline deficient according to research.

But for people who lead a vegan lifestyle, supplementing B12 is highly recommended for health. Meat and dairy are a main source of B12 so this is something to be aware of.

Vitamin K is necessary for making proteins which support healthy bones and tissue. And K also makes proteins for blood clotting. (8)

Top 10 Multivitamins

1. Animal Pak Multivitamin

Animal came out with the “Animal Pak” in 1983 and has since evolved into a leading multivitamin manufacturer for the hardcore fitness addicts.

Their name (Animal) and packaging will no doubt hype you up before you even take your first serving, and that’s another reason “beasts” choose Animal!

With this pack (Pak), there’s no shortage of vitamins and minerals plus you’ll get a top-notch liver blend, antioxidant, and digestive enzyme complex.

Price: $30.99 for 44 servings

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2. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Optimum Nutrition is a leading brand because they have always delivered products which stood above the rest.

Now, Opti-Men is nothing incredibly special but it’s a good quality multivitamin which will meet your needs. It has a complete vitamin and mineral profile so there’s nothing to miss there. And it interestingly has a Phyto blend similar to the EVL multi with green tea extract.

The “Viri Men Blend” has some nice additional ingredients to support men’s health as well. Saw Palmetto may be beneficial for improving urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate. And Ginkgo Biloba extract is added for its antioxidant properties. (9, 10)

Price: $19 for 90 servings

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3. Performance Lab Multivitamin

The Performance Lab Multivitamin is another great option specifically formulated for bodybuilders. It is also non-GMO, as well as additive and allergen free, so if you’ve had trouble seeing results with other multivitamins in the past, this might be the right choice for you. The Performance Lab Multivitamin has 16 essential vitamins and minerals, which is double what a typical store-bought multivitamin would offer.

Price: $39.00 for 120 tablets

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4. Formutech Nutrition Fit Men’s Multivitamin

Formutech Nutrition Fit Men’s Multivitamin is definitely an essential supplement to add to your stack. A vegetarian capsule containing multiple sources of Vitamin E as well as formulated to contain BCAAs, this multivitamin will give you just the kind of boost you need if you’re looking to build quality muscle.

Price: $19.99 for 90 capsules 

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5. AllMax Nutrition VitaForm Men’s Multi-Vitamin

AllMax Nutrition for Men is an excellent multivitamin for improving athletic performance. The capsules are loaded with a powerful anti-oxidant blend that protects your heart and vascular system from the long term damage associated with tough workouts (11).

Price: $24.99 for 60 tablets

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6. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men’s Formula

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code MenGarden of Life Men’s Formula Multivitamin is another high quality multivitamin available to athletes. The biggest difference between Garden of Life and other multivitamins is its live probiotic and enzyme content. Live probiotics assist with digestion and nutrition absorption (12), boosting your body’s ability to use the food you eat. Definitely a great multivitamin for someone looking to increase their metabolism naturally.

Price: $32.19 for 120 tablets

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7. MyProtein Alpha Men Multivitamin


MyProtein Alpha Men Multivitamin is another strong contender for athletes looking for a daily vitamin supplement. The high dose of selenium has immune-boosting qualities (13), while the inclusion of calcium and biotin help prevent possible injury in the gym. Another great feature of the MyProtein Alpha Men Multivitamin is that it comes in both 120- and 240-count bottles, so you can potentially buy it and not have to worry about your multivitamin for a long time.

Price: $19.99 for 120 tablets

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8. GAT Sport Men’s Multi+Test

GAT makes hardcore supplements. And the Multivitamin plus testosterone support is ideal for the active man…

It has everything a nice spectrum of vitamins and minerals, in addition to Tribulus Terrestris (TT) which may help raise testosterone slightly in those with low test levels. (14)

However, the evidence is scant regarding TT resulting in any significant changes in body composition and strength.

Price: $39 for 150 servings

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9. Swolverine Krill Oil Omega 3 + Astaxanthin

This Krill Oil product from Swolverine isn’t actually a multivitamin supplement. However, it does have essential Omega 3s from krill, fish oils, and Asthaxanthin.

Krill oil shows promise for delivering Omega 3s to users who cannot do Omega 3 supplementation. The benefits may even be equal in comparison. (15)

Each serving has 500mg of krill oil, 100mg of phospholipids, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic) fats. Omega 3s are not made by the body so they should be consumed through foods and/or supplementation.

Omega-3s are an essential component of cell membranes and the function of cell receptor function. They’re also essential for heart health, lowering triglycerides, and reducing inflammation. (16)

Astaxanthin is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant which has benefits for skin health. (17)

Price: $30 for 60 servings

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10. Now Foods Adam Superior Men’s Multi

Now Foods is a popular health brand because they produce nothing but quality.

Each serving has more than enough vitamins and minerals with 10,000 IU of beta-carotene (Converts to Vitamin A), plus Saw Palmetto (Prostate support), the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), and CoQ10 which is also an antioxidant, that’s beneficial for heart health. (18, 19, 20)

Adam’s Superior is an incredibly high-quality multivitamin which supplies all of the essentials.

Price: $23.99 for 120 servings

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Final Words

Multivitamins are effective in replenishing lost nutrients after intense training sessions. But, they also make a good daily supplement for maintaining good health.

And of course, different products will vary in what they offer, although not significant. A good multi won’t skimp on quality and these products are a good example of that.

Now, don’t expect huge results with any nutritional supplements as they’re only an aid. A proper diet is a must and cannot be replaced.

So, choose a multivitamin which will suit your needs and budget, as there are several options you cannot go wrong with!


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