Predator#10. PREDATOR (JOHN MCTIERNAN, 1987)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven time and time again that he can out muscle and defeat any human opponent in his path. So Predator takes things to the next logical level. Pit Arnold against a ruthless alien hunter.

The original script put Arnold alone against the alien for the entire story. But Arnold had bigger plans. He pulled together an entire team of massive actors to play commandos. Between Arnold, Carl Weathers, and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura – this movie has muscles on top of muscles.

An interesting piece of trivia: Van Damme was originally cast to play the alien predator. The director hoped that his martial arts skills would make the alien an agile ninja-like hunter. But compared to the commando team and their massive bodybuilding physiques, Van Damme didn’t look physically threatening enough. That’s how much muscle gets piled into this film. A master of muscle in his own right, Van Damme, looks like a tiny spring chicken.

In the end, Arnold proved to the world that he can not only defeat every man in his path – he could defeat every alien as well. Further cementing him into the annals of action history. And placing Predator #10 on our list.


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Photo courtesy of: RYMDfilm and Action Movie Freak

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