transporter3#15. THE TRANSPORTER (COREY YUEN, 2002)

Jason Statham is pretty much a household name, having starred in a bevy of gritty martial arts and action movies. The Transporter was one of his first breakout hits, etching himself into the face of modern action – and into the minds of many fans.

Statham plays the transporter that gives the movie its name. His job is to deliver packages without asking any questions. If he does the job, he gets paid. But when he suddenly breaks his code and gets involved, complications start to arise that lead Statham down a spiraling path of explosions and knuckled fists.

It should first be noted that Statham does all of his own stunts. The driving, the fighting, and even the scuba diving sequences. He has no limits, always pushing his body to new levels in and out of the movies. He is fearless. Before his acting career, he was a skilled martial artist and spent 12 years on the British national diving team. This led him to being ranked 12th in the world as a platform diver in 1992. So it’s fair to say that Statham is a pretty fit dude. Not just on set, but consistently. It’s his life. Truly, Statham is the epitome of our motto: fitness, attitude, and lifestyle. And that’s why The Transporter is ranked #15.


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