Commando1#17. COMMANDO (MARK L. LESTER, 1985)

We’ve already put Rambo on this list and the same goes for Terminator. But what if the best of both worlds were combined? You would get Commando, a non stop action thrill ride staring the classic king of muscle, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This time he’s bigger, badder, and full of pitch perfect one liners. Arnold is unstoppable playing a Black Ops Commando launching a one man war against a gang of South American criminals. His daughter is kidnapped and he needs to get her back. As is with the best revenge films, Arnold is completely unhinged as John Matrix. The action starts fast and violent then ends hard and violent.

To prepare for his role, the already monumental Arnold trained with a martial arts expert. By the end of production, the trainer claimed that Schwarzenegger must have become a second degree black belt. Can you imagine someone that gigantic coming at you with a black belt skill set? Let’s just count ourselves lucky that we weren’t one of the many enemies that got in his way.

The question has been asked a thousand times before, who would win in a fight? J. Rambo or J. Matrix? But to us the answer is a simple one. Arnold is twice the size of Stallone and he “eats Green Berets for breakfast.” So we’re pretty sure it’s fair to put Commando on this list.


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