Of course Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to be on this list. We all saw that coming. To be honest, Arnold is such a jacked up action star that this won’t be the first time he shows up here. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the face of muscle movie heroes in the 90’s – and it only makes sense that he would enter into the decade with a film that has “Terminator” in the title.

This sequel doubles everything – double the cyborgs; double the Connor family; double the amount of explosions; and while Arnold takes center stage as the ripped time traveling robot, there are double the reasons why this film got onto our list.

Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, is a beast in her own right. Hamilton trained with a former Israeli commando for three hours a day, six days a week before filming. Training intensely with weights, learning judo, and practicing heavy military techniques in order to become the insanely fit character that we all saw on screen. The villainous T-1000 was nothing to scoff at either. Robert Patrick went into a rigorous running schedule in order to show zero fatigue as he chased John Connor throughout the entire film.

Everyone and everything in this film bulked up. Terminator 2 pushed the envelope for how many gunshots, explosions, car chases, and just all around destruction one film could squeeze in. And it all paid off – becoming one of the most memorable action films ever made. I mean, there’s a reason why ever single person on this planet has heard the phrase, “Hasta la vista, baby.”


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Photo courtesy of: Movie Pilot and Movie Cricket

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