Just two words for you: Damme vs. Lundgren. It doesn’t get much better than seeing the Muscles from Brussels take on Dolph “Drago” Lundgren in one of the most explosive action packed movies of the 90s.

Both of these heavy hitters were already stars in their own right. Van Damme literally kicked ass in Bloodsport and Lundgren nearly beat Stallone to death in Rocky IV – making this film the ultimate crossover of muscle bound action stars. With gunfights, fistfights, and explosions around every corner, this is an action lover’s dream. Van Damme is in great shape for this film delivering some impressive high kicks in every direction. And Lundgren carries such a domineering presence that you think he might punch right through the screen.

The competition between these two powerhouses was so intense that they actually got into a shoving match at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Sure, Dolph later admitted it was a publicity stunt, but deep down we all know that they just love the competition.  And that’s what we are all here to see anyway. Like we already said – Damme vs. Lundgren. It’s just a plain joy to see two competitors of different stature and fighting styles duke it out for ninety minutes.


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Photo courtesy of: Brian Orndorf

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